Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Difference Between Retin-A and Retinol

Is there a difference between Retin-A and Retinol ?

Yes. The FDA 40 years ago approved Vitamin A, retinoids or Tretinoin under the brand name Retin-A as a prescription for acne. Dermatologists after prolonged use by patients noticed not just clearer skin, but softer ,smoother and brighter skin ( less wrinkles my friends ).

Retinol is the non-prescription or over the counter version of retinoids. While prescription protocols yield more affective results, retinol is less aggressive and may take twelve weeks or more for desired results.

Now let me dispel a common myth : retinoids will not render one's skin sun sensitive, just as an exfoliated skin is not any more vulnerable to UV rays. The ingredient itself is sensitive to sunlight which is why it should be applied at night. In fact a humid summer is an optimal time to start retinoids, because the humidity would render the drying effects less irritating. Don't forget your sunscreen.

Cheers, Miss Violet

Friday, December 27, 2013

Is Nerium AD a scam or legit?

What is Nerium AD
Being in the skin care industry we get information from friends and relatives of what they have heard is the next hot thing in skincare, and a couple people have name dropped NeriumAD.  The product says it is an anti aging wrinkle reducer that helps discoloration, uneven texture, enlarged pores and loose skin.  I took a look at the ingredients and the first, and so should also be the largest ingredient in the product is NAE-8® Proprietary Blend  which has Aloe Barbadensis Leaf  and Nerium Oleander Leaf Extract.  The resale value is $110 and is sold by a Multi - Level Marketing strategy in where the sales force earns a commission from sales and who they recruit to sell the product.

Their are three points that I state in the above explanation that I would like to chat with you on for making an informed decision about this product:

1. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, or Aloe in general is one of the cheapest skincare products on the market, which brings into question the retail price of $110.
2. Nerium Oleander Leaf is fatal if ingested, one leaf ingested can kill a child.  No other skincare product has this ingredient.
3. Multi - Level Marketing are a sales force that wants to sell the item for commission.  They are not trained Dermatologists or Estheticians.

Dermatologist Grade Skincare and the Price of Ingredients
When searching for an anti aging skincare cream it is important to go with a brand and ingredients that Dermatologists recommend and have clinical proven results.  It is also important that the price matches the ingredients in it. The third ingredient is allusive, Proprietary Protein, Collagen, Elastin, and Glycosaminoglycans.  These are not ingredients, but cells in the skin that make up the skin structure, so we have no knowledge of the ingredient that they are using to promote these 3 proteins are good or bad.  Going through the ingredients, all are very cheap, the only ones in question are the allusive proteins and the poisonous nerium oleander leaf. One ingredient is Parfum, where perfume is never recommended to help skin, it is a way to sell a product because of smell, but can also cause allergic reactions and irritation.

Nerium Oleander Leaf is a Poison
Why would you put poison on your skin?  Oleander is an old world medicine that contains glycosides that essentially slows your heartrate down, sometimes to a fatal level. All parts of the plant is poisonous, and even a small dose such as oleander nectar made into honey or smoke from burning oleander has proved to be fatal.

Test tube studies have shown that oleander extract applied to prostate cancer cells caused apoptosis (cell death).  Clinical studies with humans have shown no results. Apoptosis is a form of removing oxygen to create stress, causing cell death.  This should conclude though that it would do a similar thing to healthy skin cell, promoting aging, instead of regeneration.  Another point to make, Anti-Oxidants are big in the skincare industry for promoting health in your skin.  Removing oxygen is an Oxidant, hmmm the opposite of what is good for skin.

A group of researchers tested Nerium AD and if the topical use had any heart changes or signs of absorbtion in the blood stream.  The findings were that it did not and the oleander extract wasn't present in the blood samples or heart rate changed (
One reason why their it Nerium AD may be safe is that on their website under FAQ's they state that a child would have to ingest 400 bottles of it for it to be toxic (‎).  If this is so, and if studies have shown that it takes one leaf to kill a child, than one bottle has 1/400 th of a leaf. Since it is the first ingredient, then we wonder if it is adhering to the FDA Fair Packaging and Labeling Act that says the the ingredients with the most weight are named first (

Multi Level Marketing can Make Uninformed Salespeople

This marketing works by recruiting a person to sell the product.  If they recruit others to sell it, they get a commission from their sales as well.  It's a pyramid scheme of getting many people to sell the product under you to have a nice paycheck coming in.  The problem is, the product could be anything, the dream and desire for the marketer is to sell, not to believe in the product or care if it works. 

We at shopspaViolet sell many products and pick and choose from popularity of what Dermatologists recommend and have a proven track record of ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to be safe and effective.  We would never rely on one product to fit all skin types, all ages, ethnic backgrounds, skin problems and all purposes.  Write us any time with your skin concerns and by talking to you with our professional esthetician that has over 20 years of experience we can recommend a product for your needs.  Of course we are in the business of selling, but as you will see by our auto refill, low prices, free samples and free shipping, we are building a relationship with our customers to give a win win for both and give everyone happy skin.

Miss Violet

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Are Chemical Sunscreens Safe?

Sunscreens can be categorized as and Physical or Mineral, and Chemical or Organic. Physical sunscreens block UV rays and are ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.  Chemical sunscreens absorb the UV rays and are ingredients like avobenzone, homosalate, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene and oxybenzone.  The most widely used chemical ingredient being avobenzone.

Chemical sunscreens have had bad press about causing hormone disruption.  The ingredients have shown to break down to exposure to sunlight and must be stabilized, usually with a chemical octocrylene.  As of now, the chemical ingredients Avobenzone and Homosalate have received FDA approval.

Many of the research you will find on Avobenzone will show that it is an endocrine hormone disrupting ingredient, and therefore it is toxic and to stay away.  Although studies have shown this is correct, the reality is, this has been blown WAY out of proportion.  The levels of causing the hormone disruption is "several orders of magnitude lower than that of natural estrogens". (Source: Environment International, July 2007, pages 654–669)  Another common ingredient that has the same endocrine hormone disruptors is acetaminophen.  The effects are so small, it is not a factor, as well as topical use stays on the surface of the skin, not penetrating internally.

As for how chemical sunscreens break down under sunlight, that is correct.  However, all ingredients, physical and chemical break down, and this is why reapplication every two hours is needed on sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens can result in allergic reactions and irritations because of chemical filters, however only a small percentage of people are effected by the adverse effects.

How Chemical Sunscreens Work

Chemical sunscreens are colorless, orderless and usually runny that when applied start being effective after they have been absorbed by the skin, usually taking twenty minutes until it is effective.  Mineral sunscreen offers protection only for UVB protection, making avobenzone an important ingredient to make a broad spectrum sunscreen.  Free radical damage can occur with all sunscreens, and a Vitamin C serum to correct skin damage from free radicals should be used with sunscreen.

Here some information about each chemical ingredient:

Avobenzone - Also known as Parsol 1789 and butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, it is FDA approved and protects for UVA rays, giving a broad range to the sunscreen.

Homosalate - An FDA approved ingredient, it protects mostly for UVB rays.

Octinoxate - Also known as octyl methozycinnamate protect for UVB rays.

Octisalate - Also known as octyl salicylate protects for UVB rays.

Oxybenzone - Also known as benzophenone-3 protects from UVB and for a small amount of UVA rays.  It is used as a stabilizer to help the ingredients not break down.  Controversy for this ingredient has been found for being a hormone disrupter.  When used at the concentration allowed though it has not shown through studies to have any adverse effects.  Because Oxybenzone is in a lot of products as a preservative, it can be found in urine in most people and mothers milk, but has shown to have no hazardous effects.

Are EBAY Products Fake?

And let's widen that, how about Amazon, Overstock and other bargain or bidding websites?  The answer is, it may be real, it may not.  Here is what we at shopspaViolet do know, none of the brands we sell want their products sold on these sites.  If they know that a merchant that they are working with are selling on EBay, Amazon and other bidding websites, they will shut down those accounts.  In a way, if you buy professional dermatologist grade skincare from these sites, they are being sold like a black market.

What have we experienced with these websites? Fraud at our expense.  Criminals set up Ebay accounts and sell an item that we sell and get a customer and collect that customers money.  Then they use a stolen credit card to buy the product on our website and tell us to ship it to their customer.  When the stolen card holder calls the credit card company, we are stuck with lost product and shipping cost, and the charge back amount.  So yes, the person who purchased on Ebay got a legitimate product, but was also part of a ring of fraud.  Buyer Beware! Cheers.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gift Certificates for Skincare

Gift Certificates for Skincare

You can now get gift certificates for great skincare with free shipping so your loved ones can shop with ease and get the brands they love.  They can choose from Revision, SkinCeuticals, PCA Skin, NeoStrata, Lilash, Coola, EltaMD, Clarisonic, Exuviance and more!  You can have it sent to them, or emailed to them, and select any amount!  Great for stocking stuffers!

Eczema, What it is and Treatments

An Understanding of Eczema

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is skin that can be dry, rough, red, itchy, leathery, cracked, fluid filled blisters or inflamed.  Eczema is most seen in infants and they grow out of it as they get older.  Eczema is a very general and broad term, as it cannot describe what it looks like, how you got it, or how to treat it. Narrowing down the region of the body, how it looks, your environment and family history can begin to decide what type of eczema it is and treatment.

It is important to see a doctor when you have persistent eczema that doesn't go away.  Some people may be fine riding out the discomfort, however you need to verify that the condition isn't something worse like skin cancer.

Causes of Eczema

Sometimes eczema is an allergic reaction, like the most common atopic dermatitis. The most common form found in infants is not an allergic reaction, more dealing with the immune system not regulating itself properly yet.  Eczema is not contagious, but seasonal allergies, asthma, people with older mothers and people with food allergies have a greater risk of getting it.   The following are common causes of eczema:

- heredity (genetics)
- immune system not working properly
     - Dust and Sand
     - Mold and Pollen and Pet Dander
     - Cold, flu, or infection
- pollution, weather and environment
     - Being in extreme temperatures
     - Exposed to water for a long time
     - Hot showers and baths
     - Dry climate
     - Sweat
     - Stress
- exposure to ingredients that cause a reaction
     - Wool and Synthetic Fabrics
     - Soap and detergents
     - Perfume and Makeup
     - Chlorine and other industrial solvents
     - Cigarette Smoke
- problems with the skin barrier, cuts or scrapes

Treatment for Eczema

Moisturizers-  For dry, cracked, scaly and leathery skin a good moisturizer and refraining from taking hot baths and showers can aid in reducing the symptoms of eczema.

Hydrocortisone - If you feel it was caused by exposure to something, try over the counter hydrocortisone, if it persists you will need to see a doctor for stronger medication.

Steroids - For immune caused eczema and inflamed skin, a prescription corticosteroid can reduce inflammation by regulating skin cell growth and immune function. for bigger immune problems, especially if connected with asthma and other heredity factors, an oral corticosteroid may be necessary.

Antihistamines - Rashes and other allergic reactions can be relieved with such antihistamines such as Benadryl to reduce swelling.

If the above treatments have not worked, more drastic treatments may be needed:

Ultraviolet Light Therapy: UV light can suppress the overactive skin cells that are causing the inflammation.  Like all over exposure to light, there are risks, such as sunburns if not properly regulated, tanning and skin damage, and also leading to skin cancer.

Immunomodulators - Cream that controls inflammation and reduced immune reactions such as elidel and protopic.

Immunosupressants - Oral drugs that control the immune system such as azathioprine, cyclosporine and methotrexate as a last option.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Great results in Skincare with Linoleic Acid

Some of the ingredients in skincare sounds like going through the spice isle of a grocery store, and the reasons for putting them in your lotions can seem mysterious.  We noticed there were a lot of seed oils in some of our popular skincare products, so we investigated why.  Seed oils have linoleic acid in them, which is an unsaturated Omega 6 fatty acid.  Linoleic Acid offer the following benefits to your skin:

• For UV induced hyperpigmentation, studies have shown to reduce pigmentation and used as a lightener.

• Hydrates skin and creates a moisture barrier.

• Wound healing

• reduce acne

• reduce Eczema

• anti inflammatory

Linolic Acid, combined with  alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3) in old terms is Vitamin F, however research in 1929 found that these nutrients are composed more as an essential fatty acid ( EFA ) than a vitamin, so it is no longer known as this.

Some products that we carry that have linoleic acid are the following

Raspberry Seed Oil - Coola Sport SPF 35 Sunscreen Spray Pina Colada
Borage Seed Oil - PCA Skin ReBalance
Grape Seed Oil - PCA Skin BPO 5% Cleanser
Sesame Seed Oil - Coola MineralBaby Organic SPF 50 
Wheat Germ Oil - PCA Skin Apres Peel Hydrating Balm
Other Products:
EltaMD UV Physical SPF 41

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Benefits of Red Raspberry Seed Oil in Skincare

Smearing your favorite Berries on your Skin !?

Red Raspberry Seed Oil can boost your sunscreen benefits to make your wild summer days be nonstop and long.  The decadent summer fruit offers an SPF sunscreen protection of around 30 when applied to the skin, which compliments in a sunscreen well to ad protection.  This is a top shelf summer ingredient for many other reasons that promote comfort and skin health.

Rich in alpha linolenic, raspberry seed oil is a great anti inflammatory which can help soothe and comfort sunburns.  Vitamins E and A as well as Omega 3 and 6 are packed in this nourishing oil which may make it sound like we are talking about a healthy food recipe and making you hungry.  Your skin though can reap the same benefits to ad antioxidant to aid in skin repair, and prevention of skin disease.  Omega 3 and 6 also protect against UV rays and retain moisture to keep skin from flaking and drying out.

Raspberry Seed Oil can be used in full strength or added to quality sunscreens to nourish while protecting the skin from the sun.  A treatment for eczema, rashes and wounds for the anti-inflammatory, hydrating and nourishing properties.  Coola Sport Spray SPF 35 is an organic sunscreen that has raspberry seed oil giving a full day in the sun be comfortable and feel like you didn't over do it.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What is Elastin Anyway?!

 Where can I buy Elastin?

I have felt compelled to write about Elastin from viewing continuous marketing ads plastered on my Facebook by skincare gimmicks.  Their message is about famous movie stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford and Kelly Ripa and many other movie stars finding the fountain of youth in this particular skincare.  Let me just put the secret right out to you that they are trying to say, the ingredients Elastin and Vitamin C are what all the award winning movie stars use to stay young.  There's just one problem, Elastin isn't an ingredient!

What is Elastin?

Elastin is a protein fiber in the skin that is the connective tissue to make your skin elastic, tight, retain a youthful form and prevents wrinkles.  As we age, our body produces less of this connective tissue and the wrinkles start appearing to reveal our age.  Elastin is in the skin but also in internal organs, helping circulation, elasticity and function of organs.

What Stimulates Elastin?

The ad explained above is partly correct, Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid, an ingredient needed in the body to contribute to maintaining elastin in the body.  Vitamin C has many more benefits above this as it helps reduce sunburns, antioxidant to combat free radical damage, increase circulation in the skin for a collagen boost, and reduce hyper-pigmentation to name a few benefits. Don't buy the cheapest version of Vitamin C, all brands have different percentages, and some are manufactured for optimal stabilization and PH values that may make them very effective, or a waste of time from trying to get a bargain.

Vitamin K helps reduce the calcification to elastin fibers that can cause them to become stiff and rigid.  Vitamin K works in conjuntion with Vitamin A and C to be more easily absorbed and become effective.

Elastin is a protein, and eating a diet where you get a healthy amount of good protein will stimulate elastin growth.  Beans, fish, nuts, lean meat are to name a few things to make sure you have a couple servings of every day.

A good Exfoliating Cream helps to remove the dead skin cells and restore proper function of the healthy skin cells for circulation and promoting collagen and elastin growth.

Blueberry Extract helps slow down the degradation of glycation, a process in the skin that makes the fibers of the skin more rigid as we age.  This ingredient is a great product to correct previous aging.

Acupuncture is a great alternative medicine treatment to increase circulation in the body and can be used to increase skin function.  By increasing the circulation the health of the skin can improve and promote elastin growth.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hyaluronic Acid in Skincare

Hyaluronic Acid (HA), is naturally found in the human body, predominately in the eyes and joints.  Hyaluronic Acid is what gives skin volume an fullness, making a youthful skin look tight healthy and wrinkle free.  The HA that is used as medicine or in skin care products is usually extracts from kelp, rooster comb or bacteria.

Hyaluronic Acid helps collagen production, being an integral part of anti aging.  Collagen is rich in the amino acids of hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline.  Lysine and proline are acquired from diet, and is converted into the amino acids with Vitamin C.  Hyaluronic works in conjunction with Vitamin C to form collagen and elastin bindings, repairing and replenishing collagen.

Topical Hyaluronic Acid occurs in the forms of gels and serums but is efficacy is limited. As an extremely capable humectant HA can hold hundreds of times its weight in water and is utilized in many moisturizers as a key ingredient for hydration.  The smaller the molecule the more effective in penetrating the skin.  There is some controversy whether undiluted HA should be used especially in dry climates. The conjecture is when humidity in the air is very low, being that HA's ability to pull moisture from the air.  It might in fact pull moisture from ones skin instead.  More research is required, but in the meantime do not use pure Hyaluronic Acid in dry environments or simply as a general rule, use a HA combination product.

in the body Hyaluronic Acid works as a cushion and lubricant in our joints and other tissues.  Also known as Restylane, it is used by plastic surgeons as a filler for facial wrinkles, folds and lip augmentation.  The nature of HA is to attract and bind water to allow fullness in where it applied. Approved by the FDA in 2003 it may last up to six months or longer as a filler.

Hyaluronic Acid is touted as the large glass of water our skin is craving, and by all means, satisfy the craving for healthier skin!

Miss Violet

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Amazing Results with Permanent Makeup

After 2 1/2 hours of cosmetically tattooing my darling Greek client the other day (except to sit her up for symmetry checks) she said,” That was a great nap.” See, I told you it doesn’t hurt that much! And by the way, her brows are awesome and she is coming back for eyeliner…
Permanent Makeup by Dale Hall.

The Long Road to Simple (well, my version of simple)…

Okay, okay although I often tout the “Long Road to Simple,” the other day, my client/friend and I were cracking up talking about all the things we do to seem like we DON’T do anything to look this good! Alright ladies, so it’s finally time to get honest…for the most part, I’d say the majority of us want to look “natural” – right? But do you know what natural actually takes as we age?  Here you go: Monthly brow shaping, regular skin treatments,  derma-planing, peels and arm waxing (by the way, I am convinced it makes my arms look more toned …I am from the ‘big arm’ family), not to mention Botox (not the ‘frozen face’ look, but the natural ‘Wow I am 48 and have no lines on my forehead’ look) and fillers (so I look fresh and rested).
Though my skincare regime will always be simple (according to me) I do use AHA’s, AM and PM eye cream, AM and PM hydroquinone and Retin-A (when I remember of course), sunscreen in the AM and Li Lash in the PM (for long, long lashes that look like I was born with long, long lashes). If I forget PM regimen on anything, I simply whisk it on AM after I brush my teeth. Even a 15% AHA body lotion in the AM and Nectifirm on my stomach, d├ęcolletage and knees in the AM works like a charm! (but maintenance and regimen on THOSE regions is a whole other Blog entry – so stay tuned ladies).

Looking Out for Botox Signs

Beware the “Botox Sign”. A common place to have Botox is the glaballa or lines between your eyes. Watch when someone who insists they never have had Botox smiles (ya right) ,check out the “bunny lines” on their nose. Solution: have your doc treat that spot as well. All in check with all the things we do to look like we don’t do anything.
Even Kicole needs to look out for the "Botox Sign"

To Wax or Not to Wax

Alright ladies I am going to dispel the urban legend that waxing or dermaplaning increases growth, thickness, amount or darkness of hair. Hair removal does not stimulate the hair follicle. Believe me if it did a lot of men out there would be waxing their heads. I have been waxing Nancy’s lip for over 10 years and the hair is almost gone. Continually waxing will eventually kill the hair follicle. I bet Dear Abby started this rumor. Cheers,

The Price We Pay

As my client is in for her eyeliner touch-up, derma planing , brow wax and brow tint , we were cracking up on all the time, energy and money we spend to look like we do not spend any time, energy and money on looking naturally great. Let’s see, brow wax, bikini wax, derma planing, peels, permanent makeup, Botox , fillers, now peels and AHA products on my arms, not to mention I wax them too, oh ya Nectifirm on my knees, stomach and obviously my neck and Li Lash ( lash growth ). And let’s not even breach the 4-5 times a week workout and deciding daily whether to have carbs or a white French Burgundy.

Eye Creams and too much Baggage!

Too Much Baggage!

Tis the Season for Baggy Eyes and Late Nights with Relatives

Resting well seems to be a thing of the past, waking up to see baggy, puffy eyes with dark circles can be frustrating.  shopspaViolet has the best products on the market for transforming your eyes into clear, glowing, and radiant:
Revision Teamine Eye Complex - $16 dollars off!
Buy Revision Teamine and Nectifirm, get an Intellishade for FREE - a $52 value!
Exuviance Eye Treatment Pads - 10% off
NeoStrata Bionic Eye Treatment - 20% off
PCA Skin EyeXcellence - 20% off
PCA Skin Holiday Essentials 2013 - $33.50 off sampler which includes EyeXcellence!

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Dermatoligist Skincare is Different than Drugstore Lotion

What is the Best Skincare, Don't Play Roulette


Taking Chances With Drugstore Products?

Dermatologist grade skincare has quality ingredients for antioxidant, anti aging and hydrating, exfoliating and renewal.  Drugstore brands and popular Mall brands are stuffed with fragrances, colors and preservatives but offer little real benefit and can cause breakouts from all the fluff.  Quality skincare is fragrance and dye free to treat your skin to the best it has to offer.

Place your bets on something better! shopspaViolet offers Dermatologist recommended skincare at competitive prices. Get eltaMD sunscreen for rosacea, sensitive and allergy prone skin,  SkinCeuticals, which is rich in antioxidants and packed with anti aging properties, Revision, which minimizes wrinkle, firms skin and is a superb sunscreen, and NeoStrata and Exuviance for signature exfoliation and cell renewal.

Let's face it, great skincare is an investment.  Make your bucks go further with Clarisonic, which prepares your skin to penetrate 61% better than regular hand washing.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Niacinamide as a Skin Care Ingredient

Niacinamide ( HUH?! ), also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid, is an effective anti aging ingredient for skin care. Niacinamide acts as a barrier to retain moisture in skin, even skin pigmentation, improve skin clarity and smoothness and improve skin elasticity.  Niacinamide is an important anti inflammitory ingredient in skin care for treatment in acne, rosacea, and diseases such as pellagra, leprosy, bullous pemphigoid and granuloma annulare.  Acting as a cell communicator, niacinamide increases ceramid and fatty acid levels in skin, helping to retain moisture in skin and promoting circulation in the skins dermis to aid in reducing wrinkles.  Being an ingredient that has effectiveness during day or night it can treat hyper-pigmentation and can reduce acne and breakouts.

Niacinamide is a Treatment for Acne and Rosacea

Niacinamide main function in treatment for acne and rosacea is an anti inflammitory agent for the skin.  Other benefits are reducing oil production, shedding skin as an exfoliation to help blocked pores and used as a brightener agent to remove acne scars.

Niacinamide Increases Ceramides 

Ceramides are fatty acids that are natural lipids thats main function is to maintain moisture in the skin.  Ceramides play an important role in creating a strong cellular structure.  The moisture barrier ceramides create treat dry and itch skin and maintain the moisture for a long time after the cream has absorbed.

Niacinamide is a Natural Ingredient

A form of Niacin, niacinamide is found in eggs, milk, yeast, fish, green vegetables, meat and cereal grains.  Niacin is a main component for reducing cholesterol and treatment for circulation problems.  Using Niacinamide topically as a skin cream helps to improve the skin circulation to help cellular function which aids in treatment for rosacea and acne.

Great Skin Care that Contain Niacinamide

EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 - Lightweight facial sunscreen that is fragrance and dye free
PCA Skin ClearSkin - 4% Niacinamide Cream

"Niacinamide research has been documented and shows that it provides various benefits," says Dr. Torok, who is also clinical professor of dermatology, Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, Rootstown, Ohio. "It has been shown to increase biosynthesis of ceramides and other stratum corneum lipids to improve the epidermal permeability barrier, and niacinamide has also demonstrated in studies a broad array of improvements in the appearance of aging facial skin."
Another study concluded that there were multiple benefits of niacinamide, such as increased synthesis of ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol; a more rapid keratinocyte differentiation; stimulatory effect on collagen synthesis; and improved dermal and epidermal cell growth, effective in smoothing the surface structure of the skin and reduction of wrinkles.
- See more at:

"Niacinamide research has been documented and shows that it provides various benefits," says Dr. Torok, who is also clinical professor of dermatology, Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, Rootstown, Ohio. "It has been shown to increase biosynthesis of ceramides and other stratum corneum lipids to improve the epidermal permeability barrier, and niacinamide has also demonstrated in studies a broad array of improvements in the appearance of aging facial skin."
Another study concluded that there were multiple benefits of niacinamide, such as increased synthesis of ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol; a more rapid keratinocyte differentiation; stimulatory effect on collagen synthesis; and improved dermal and epidermal cell growth, effective in smoothing the surface structure of the skin and reduction of wrinkles.
- See more at:
"Niacinamide research has been documented and shows that it provides various benefits," says Dr. Torok, who is also clinical professor of dermatology, Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, Rootstown, Ohio. "It has been shown to increase biosynthesis of ceramides and other stratum corneum lipids to improve the epidermal permeability barrier, and niacinamide has also demonstrated in studies a broad array of improvements in the appearance of aging facial skin."
Another study concluded that there were multiple benefits of niacinamide, such as increased synthesis of ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol; a more rapid keratinocyte differentiation; stimulatory effect on collagen synthesis; and improved dermal and epidermal cell growth, effective in smoothing the surface structure of the skin and reduction of wrinkles.
- See more at:

"Niacinamide research has been documented and shows that it provides various benefits," says Dr. Torok, who is also clinical professor of dermatology, Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, Rootstown, Ohio. "It has been shown to increase biosynthesis of ceramides and other stratum corneum lipids to improve the epidermal permeability barrier, and niacinamide has also demonstrated in studies a broad array of improvements in the appearance of aging facial skin."
Another study concluded that there were multiple benefits of niacinamide, such as increased synthesis of ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol; a more rapid keratinocyte differentiation; stimulatory effect on collagen synthesis; and improved dermal and epidermal cell growth, effective in smoothing the surface structure of the skin and reduction of wrinkles.
- See more at:

Rashes From Watches, Rings, Cosmetics, Soaps....

Watch Creates Contact Dermatitis or Rash

The Perils of A Teenage Watch Rash

A rash, also known as Contact Dermatitis is different than psoriasis or eczema , which is an inflammatory condition of the skin. A rash may be caused by an allergy or by an irritation to the skin , where as an allergy is almost immediate . Contact Dermatitis does not happen the first time one's skin comes in contact with the irritant.

The body reacts to the irritant ( sorry in this case it is not his little brother ) by producing histamines and the skin becomes inflamed, red, itchy, dry, scaly and possibly blisters may form. Treatment will include removing the irritant ( DUH ) , washing with a benign soap, applying hydrocortisone and possibly taking an oral anti-histamine. Especially if the rash is on your face an oral histamine would be quite beneficial.

In my friend's son's case he probably incurred the rash not only from the nickel in his watch , but also from the moisture trapped between his watch and his skin. It would also be beneficial to not only let the area dry out and to not wear his watch, but to also clean the bottom of his watch with benzoyl peroxide.

Cheers, Miss Violet

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beauty Bundles and Fabulous Finds!

Revision Live Radiantly Holiday Set
Revision Fans have discovered how great Intellishade and Nectifirm is!  Limited Edition Revision Bags will give the best of Revision with a Travel bag, Nectifirm, Intellishade Original, Limited Edition Refining Mineral Mask and Hydrating Serum at an amazing price, with 10% off to shopspaViolet customers!

The Gold Standard CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF Gift Set

SkinCeuticals takes the most popular products CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF and ads a bonus Retexturing Activator. Skincare like this will make any policeman rip up a ticket with such a glow!

Clarisonic Holiday Bonus Brush and Full Size Cleanser with Every System
Want your Revision and SkinCeuticals products to maximize their benefit?  Using a Clarisonic system allows 61% better penetration of products, and we have a holiday special to get your system now with a full size cleanser and one extra brush good for an extra 3 months!

PCA Skin The Essentials Holiday Set 2013
PCA Skin has a Bundle of joy for the season with the best of their line in a sampler pack to try out at your pleasure!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Holiday Clarisonic System Gift Sets are Here!

Skincare for the Holidays

The New Limited Edition Clarisonic Sets are Here!

Knock some names off your shopping list, but don't forget to treat yourself too. Our Limited Edition Clarisonic sets include a large size cleanser and an extra brush with new color choices to last three months longer!

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Clarisonic Holiday Gift Sets

Friday, November 1, 2013

Top 5 Places to keep your Tweezers

Nasty Chin Hair

5. Beach Bag - one never knows when a pesky hair is missed at the morning grooming or mysteriously appears outside one's bikini line.

4. Nana's House- even the Grand Dames can benefit from a quick tweeze here or there.

3. The Boyfriend's Bathroom - put your tweezers in a hide a key. He will never even question your hairless wonderment.

2. Your Own Bathroom - especially within arm's distance of one's mag mirror ( should those be banned by the US Government, want to make sure it's a fair game for everyone ).

1. Your Car Console - the most important location. How many times have you spied a Charlie Chan Hair in your rear view mirror and cannot get a finger grip on it ? Oh the Horror.

I am always amused when the question is posed as to what 3 things you would want if stranded on a deserted island. Easy:

 1. My Tweezerman tweezers
 2. Matches
 3. And I cannot decide between water and sunscreen.

I am still grappling with # 3, hopefully deserted islands have water.

That's all for now. Cheers, Miss Violet

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Revision Holiday Gift Sets

Revision Holiday Gift Set

Get Your Limited Edition Revision Bags!

Pamper yourself with your favorite Revision Products! This Limited Offer Gift has $52 dollars in savings, and for shopspaViolet customers we are taking an EXTRA 10% OFF! Bag includes:
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sensitive Skin the Causes and Treatments

Sensitive skin reacts to the products, environment and stress with breakouts, itching, redness and inflammation as a result of an allergic reaction. Seeing a Dermatologist will help pinpoint what is causing the reaction to help mitigate the problem, but there are common things to avoid that you can rule out before seeing your doctor to help find an answer.

Products that Benefit Sensitive Skin

Products like fabric softner, detergent, shampoo and conditioner, cleaning products, perfumes, sprays, makeup and skin care products can make your skin irritated.  Find products for all aspects of your daily life that are dye free and fragrance free which is the main problem of product irritation.  For Skincare and makeup eliminate everything except for water ad then one by one ad your skincare and makeup back one week apart to find what is causing the problem.

Your skin care products should have ingredients that benefit your skin, not your other senses.  Many products ad fragrance and dyes to get the customer excited to buy it, but dermatologist grade products are free from fragrance and dyes for the sole purpose of only having beneficial ingredients to treat your skin optimally.

Sensitive Skin and the Environment

Sun exposure, dry or humid weather, seasonal plants blooming, wind or wet weather all play a factor to how your skin feels and reacts.  Sun burns are very damaging to the skin and cause premature aging, using Vitamin C Serums and Sunscreen help reduce the effects of sunburns.  Dry weather can cause skin to become scaly and itchy and require a moisturizer, while humid can make skin more oily and result in needing products to reduce excessive oil.  Seasonal weather can make skin itch and feel inflamed, a doctor can help prescribe medication that can help the body cope with the reaction to the environment. Wind Burn can cause a dry burning feeling where a moisturizer with soothing Vitamin E can help, while overexposure to water can cause the skin to crack and dry out.  Using a thick moisturizer with ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax to lock in moisture can help with over exposure to water.

Sensitive Skin Caused by Stress

Stress can make people get flush, break out in hives, itch and ad to abnormal sweating, chills and discomfort.  Reactions with the skin to stress should be consulted with your Dermatologist as they may be able to prescribe an oral medication to help mitigate the effects of stress.  Discovering ways to reduce stress like excessive, yoga, hypnosis and meditation can help to manage stressful situations.

Deep Pores, Prevention and Causes

Does your face feel like an astroid hit it? Smooth skin is the envy of all, and if your acne is screaming, time is of the essence to control to not result in having deep pores making your skin look like a mine field.

Skin Pores

 All people have skin pores and they have an important function. Hair originates from pores and is important of course for protection and appearance.  Sweat glands reside within the pore to cool the body when overheated.  Oil glands also an important function to flush out toxins and moisturize the skin.  Skin pores become a problem when they get clogged from dirt and oil buildup and can cause them to enlarge and make you age.

The Causes of Large Skin Pores

 Your genes, your sex, age and oily skin all play a factor in the size of your pores. Your genes heredity can play a big part, look at your family and relatives and see if they have large pored skin, and if so, you should be diligent on your skincare to minimize large pores.  Your sex can play a large part as well, men having larger pores by nature, and women can have changes hormonally during their monthly cycle to cause pores to enlarge or recede.  You can't stop the time from ticking, but aged skin is a result of years of neglect, if you wear sunscreen, use retinol every third night and Vitamin C serum every morning your skin can have a fighting chance to looking aged.  Wear hats and covers as well to mitigate sun damage.

Oily skin can be a major contributor to large pores, and one of the most correctable with the proper skin care.  Pores can become enlarged when clogged with excessive oil and dirt, taking measures to mitigate acne breakouts can be crucial to reducing large pores.

" You can reduce pore size by prevention, large pores can't be corrected so you must be diligent with your skincare."  Miss Violet

Acne Treatments start with a good cleanser to clean out the pores from dirt and oil.  A Clarisonic system can be a great measure to clearing the pores of excessive oil and dirt to ensure they aren't clogged.  Vitamin C and Niacinamide can clear fatty acids that can clog pores and improve circulation in the skin. Using a Retinol at night can reduce acne, promote collagen production and clear pores leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Reducing the Size of Large Pores

Once you have large pores, they don't disappear, making prevention pivotal.  Using Sunscreen and preventing oily skin and acne breakouts are crucial.  Sesame Oil can absorb deep into the pores and has an antibacterial property that cleans pores, but also helps the skin regenerate to tighten skin and keep the pores from enlarging.  Once the damage is done, using a foundation, like a tinted sunscreen will help reduce the appearance and prevent further enlargement.  



Benefits of Cleansers for the Face

Skincare Cleanser Products
 A bar of soap seems so simple, but in fact it can create havoc on your tender and delicate face. Cleansers are used to remove makeup, dirt and oils that can clog skin pores and create acne or other inflammations of the skin.  Cleansers are typically used in the morning to start the face with a clean surface to apply moisturizer, toner, makeup and sunscreen.  At night it is used to clean the face of products applied to the skin during the day as well as dirt and other pollutants.  Their are 3 main reasons to use a cleanser over a bar soap:

1. Bar soap PH is typically 9 or 10, while facial skin is around 4.7 PH.  Changing the PH balance can lead to overgrowth of bacteria which can result in acne.

2. Bar soap has thickeners to give the bar shape, which can clog pores and lead to acne.
3. Bar soap can remove natural oils, causing the oil glands to overproduce, leading to clogged pores and acne.

Tips for When and What to buy for a Cleanser

Cleansers are needed when makeup, dirt and oil invade our skin.  If your skin is clean though, for instance after a night of sleep after you cleansed before bed, their is no reason to cleanse again unless you feel oily and dirty.  Natural oils in your body are a good thing, they retain moisture, help skin functions and generally are made by your body for a reason!  However too much of a good thing can turn bad, so gauge yourself when it's time for a cleanse, not necessarily a strict routine.  

Cleansers are on your skin for a short time.  Choosing one that is expensive and claims of all kinds of posh ingredients are not needed, the short time it is on your face will not allow those beautiful ingredients to soak in.  A cleanser is supposed to be washed away, save your money for the next step after you cleanse, like Retinol, Vitamin C Serum, Eye Cream or Anti Aging products.  Using a Cleanser before applying your skincare will allow the product to penetrate and absorb better.  Using a Clarisonic brush with a cleanser will help penetrate your skincare products better by 61% studies show. 

Cleansers for Acne

NeoStrata Antibacterial Facial Cleanser
Exuviance Clear and Smooth
PCA Skin BPO 5% Cleanser
Ilike Lemon Cleansing Milk

Cleansers for Humidity

 SkinCeuticals Simply Clean

Cleansers for Normal Skin

Revision Brightening Wash 
PCA Skin Facial Wash
NeoStrata Facial Cleanser 
NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash 
Ilike Grape Stem Cell Cleansing Milk 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Vitamin C Benefits for Skin Care

Vitamin C Skin Care
Miss Violet Advises a Vitamin C Serum as one of the Top Skin Care Products to Have in Your Bathroom Drawer."

Natures goodness that comes from the sun also packs a punch on delivering your skin protection and repair against the sun.  Vitamin C tightens and brightens the skin. Vitamin C or L-Ascorbic Acid fights wrinkles,will combat harmful effects of the Sun and irradiates hyper pigmentation and hormonal melasma. It is a potent antioxidant and studies have shown that applying Vitamin C under sunscreen will render the sunscreen more effective.

A good stable C serum will give collagen an added activation resulting in a more youthful appearance by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally it replaces ingredients that are caused by exposure to the environment stress and poor diet resulting in free radical damage. The aging process is slowed down by being a powerful anti-oxidant and preventing free radical damage.

Vitamin C prevents skin from producing melanin during UV exposure. Also as skin ages circulation diminishes and deprives skin cells of vitamin C. As a powerful anti-oxidant and with the prevention of melanin production Vitamin C effectively brightens the skin over time.

What to Look For When Purchasing Vitamin C Serum

When looking to a C Serum pay close attention to the concentration. Serums can be expensive due to the difficulty of stabilizing the vitamin C. There are many types of vitamin C, but L-Ascorbic is the most powerful and the most difficult to stabilize. Most C products range from 5-20%. Any higher percentage will not be properly absorbed. A not publicized fact is the optimal pH level , which should be at least 3.5. If the pH level is not listed check with the manufacturer.

Start with a 5%-10% serum and work towards a 20%. C Serum is absorbed immediately, even if you wash your face immediately afterwards. Initially there may be some redness and stinging. This irritation will subside as one acclimates to the product. If redness persists for longer than 3 days your skin basically does not like Vitamin C.

Store your product in cool , dark place. The serum should be packaged in a dark bottle or a metal tube. And of course my recommendation for a stable C Serum with a pH of 3.5 is the spaViolet "C Me Clearly " available at Other superb products are Revision Vitamin C 30% and 15% with one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C on the market. Also SkinCeuticals gives a couple products with formulations of other antioxidants with Vitamin C to give a broad range of benefits and restorative properties. C E Ferulic and Phloretin C F are some of the best Vitamin C products on the market.

The Benefits of Vitamin A for your Skin

"Miss Violet has Retinol as one of the Top Picks of Skin Care that should be in your Bathroom Drawer."

Vitamin A has been FDA approved for use on skin for over 40 years, first administered for treating acne. Patients started seeing not only acne diminishing but also clarity of skin with smooth skin, even tone and a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A, also known as a retinoid or Retinol shows visible results of leaving the skin clearer, brighter, softer and smoother while also aiding in collagen production. Rosacea sufferers can use retinol as a treatment to reduce the redness. UV rays reduce the effectiveness of retinol, and therefore primarily is sold as a night cream.

How to Use Vitamin A or Retinol

If used regularly, Vitamin A, or Retinol can show visible results within 3 months for over the counter, and one month with prescription strength (1%). Retinol should be used at night to achieve maximum results, as sun will degrade the effectiveness. Dryness, redness and flaking can occur when using Retinol so it should be first used once or twice a week until the skin gets used to the treatment. Using a soothing cream afterward with Vitamin E can help calm the skin. Once you have no adverse affects you can increase the treatment to every other night. If redness or irritation persists, stop using as their a few people with ultra sensitive skin that the discomfort outweighs the benefits.

Warnings about using a Retinol

Retinol is safe, but you should take precautions if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as studies have not been conducted on the safety with women during this period. If you have ultra sensitive skin and feel constant irritation you will want to stop using. Prior to waxing do not use a retinoid as more redness can occur when using before a wax. Some things decrease the effectiveness, so should not be used in conjunction such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Sunlight.

Where to find Retinol

Retinol can be found at our shop with the following products which are priced competitively. Make sure when you purchase that the product says “pure retinol” and the percentage amount or you may be getting a watered down product.  SkinCeuticals offers a .5% retinol, perfect for the first time users.  Since retinol can irritate the skin until it builds up a tolerance, starting out with a lower percentage will help ease into the benefits.

SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5%

SkinCeuticals Retinol

NeoStrata Skin Care Products


NeoStrata SkinCare Products

Unless I have my favorite esthetician by my side, NeoStrata products all look the same to me, and it's hard to figure out which one is right for me.  Miss Violet gives you the differences of each NeoStrata product to help you decide. Neostrata products are world known for the best AHA skin care for personal use. NeoStrata has formulated their own acids that are gentler for sensitive and Rosacea prone skin. Each product is different to fit the needs of skin type, sensitivity, daytime or night, face or body and first time user or AHA skin veteran. Keeping skin clean to help blood flow and the skin functioning optimally helps reduce Rosacea effects and acne, promote cell renewal and reduce wrinkles.

Benefits of NeoStrata Products

NeoStrata Products, Which Ones is For YOU?
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) are acids that exfoliate your skin to leave it smoother and even texture while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. A peel effect the skin boosts collagen production and evens hyperpigmentation and reduce age spots to be a great anti aging regement for your skin. AHA are superb for cleaning skin pores and blackheads making it a leading ingredient for reducing acne.

Key Ingredients in NeoStrata Skin Care Products

Vitamin A

FDA approved for reducing acne, vitamin A reduces fine lines and wrinkles and can degrade in the sun, so used at night.

Vitamin B

Hydrates skin while repairing and soothing. Reduces Acne and Blemishes

Vitamin C

Antioxidant that helps reduce sunburns, fine lines and wrinkles while combating free radical damage from environmental effects.

Vitamin E

Antixoidant that helps repair environmental damage and soothes skin.  Some people are alergic to Vitamin E so NeoStrata offers products with and without.

Vitamin K

Diminishes dark circles around the eyes and tightens skin.


Anti inflammatory and antiviral it creates a protective cover around your skin to hydrate with Vitamin A for anti aging benefits.

Glycolic Acid

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing skin and evening hyperpigmentation. Great for an acne treatment to clean pores and blackheads, reduce blemishes and acne scars.

Gluconolactone Acid

Formulated by NeoStrata, it is more gentle than other AHA, is great for sensitive skin or rosacea treatments. Has antioxidants, antibacterial and a UV protectant.

Lactobionic Acid

Benefits like other AHA to reduce acne and fine lines and wrinkles, but unlike others is an antixoidant that firms skin and reduces puffiness and swelling.

Maltobionic Acid

A great humecant, is an antioxidant that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while also promoting collagen production.