Sunday, January 13, 2013

Juice Cleanse for Clearer Skin Day 1

Benefits of Juicing
Fresh Sqeezed Juice
My client came in the other day and I complemented her on how bright her eyes looked and how dewy her skin was, she said she was on a 3 day juice cleanse. So I thought what the heck I can go 3 days without food, caffeine and alcohol. Here is my experience with Day 1. First thing  I did was make a cup of tea ( I am a 2 tea bagger ), I suppose I already blew it. I got the boys to school and went to pick up my juice for Day 1. So far so good as the day progressed, you are to follow your 12 oz. of juice with water. Thus one pees quite a bit. By 11:00 I was already starving so I made a cup of coffee, I know that does not make sense. Part of my Honey Do chores for the day was to go to the market , not good to go to the market starving. While rolling through Sprouts I mentally took note of all the yummy things I would eat in 3 days . I also way  over bought chips, snacks and cookies for my boys, I suppose I hoped to feel satiated by the over purchases, my God this is only one half of day 1. The rest of the day went fairly well and I definitely navigated my day with the knowledge of where restrooms were located. 5:00 and time to start dinner for my family, which went better than expected until I poured my 1st of 2 glasses of wine ( large pours by the way ). And then as I am serving chicken that I had marinated all day, my mouth was watering , my stomach grumbling and my juice gone, I succumbed to a drumstick. Aaaah Heaven . Went to bed with my 6 year old at 9:00 PM, so I could sleep through my hunger pains. I actually did feel better though. Not bad for day 1  I thought.

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