Thursday, June 20, 2013

Never get haute after the spa…

Thinking it would be a “June Gloom” weekend and I wouldn’t see much sun, I did a super aggressive skin peel last Friday night. (No sun and no hot yoga for at least 24 hours after a peel)! Of course, to my dismay it turned out to be a beautiful, spankin’-sunny Saturday morning when I woke up, so to avoid the sun I decided to take my son to an indoor gymboree-type place to play. All was well until he and his friends convinced me to engage in their 5-year-old play… I ended up attempting a backwards somersault. Needless to say, five days later and four Motrins a day, I have thrown in the towel and decided to go see Gina at the shop for an hour-and-a-half massage. Still, the way I see it, I may not be able to move my neck, but at least my skin looks awesome!

**Speaking of hot yoga, this week a client came in for a Brazilian wax and asked if she could go to Haute Yoga ( for an hour-and-a-half-long class afterward. Of course, my response was absolutely not! She left quite irritated — it could have been my answer to her question, or it could have been a delayed response to her Brazilian. Regardless, the moral of the story is this: no jacuzzis or hot yoga for at least 24 hours after a Brazilian bikini wax!

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