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Causes and Treatments for Dark Circles Under Eyes

tired eyes
Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Correct Dark Circles

Tired of looking tired!  Dark under-eye circles and bags can be pesky and difficult to camouflage and can also make you look like a cast member of “True Blood”.  Miss Violet is able to recommend techniques non-invasive and invasive procedures to help eliminate puffy dark wrinkles and tired looking eyes. 

The Causes of Puffy Under-Eye Bags and the Solution

The thinnest skin is around our eyes and therefore is influenced by:
• Hay Fever
• Sinus Infections
• One's Sleeping Position
• Excessive Drinking
• Salt Intake
• Going to Sleep with Makeup On
• Crying

The easy fixes for hay fever are allergy meds & sinus infection is anti-biotics.  For sleeping, try sleeping on your back with an extra pillow.  As for drinking, makeup etc. stop with the nightly bottle of Chardonnay, wash you face, stop with the salt shaker and is he really that important to cry all night about !?

The Causes for Dark Circles or AKA Periorbital Dark Circles and How to Fix Them

Heredity is the most common cause, the more transparent the skin or deep set the eyes, when the blood passes through that thin, sensitive skin it takes on a bluish tint.  Other reasons are medications that dilate the blood vessels, anemia, fatigue, sun and good old aging all may be factors of periorbital dark circles. 

Solutions can be to not smoke, get plenty of sleep, use sunscreen or skin lighteners, such as Vitamin K, hydroquinone, retin-A, and Kojic Acid, all found in good eye creams.  More slightly invasive procedures include IPL (Intense Pulse Light), Fillers and even surgery.  A service of IPL treatments can destroy the under-eye pigmentation and smooth resurface the skin.  Fillers are a wonderful correction for the deep contours of the eye socket.  A plastic surgeon or dermatologist injects usually Juvederm or Restalyn deep under the muscle, make sure your doc is experienced with under-eye injections.  This procedure is not as crazy as it sounds.... shhh I can attest to the bountiful results.  There will be swelling and bruising and your Doc might want to also inject Botox to help erase crow's feet – your decision on how much or little you want.  A good trick to avoid bruising and (and the possibility of your husband finding out about your Botox) is to take Arnica 3-5 days before and after the procedure.

The most invasive is surgery or blepharoplasty.  Doctor's make incisions on the eyelid and then smooth the under-eye fat deposits of even add to it with fat grafts.  An antiquated option was to remove the fat pads, do not let them do this.  This will only add to the gaunt, hollow look.  Remember a youthful face will have volume.  Plan on a 10 day recovery with bruising and swelling. 

The best way to erase dark circles with makeup is to dot a luminous primer on the orbital bone, then create a V with a yellow concealer on the cheekbone and a peach concealer below the eye.  For supreme brightness cover the lower lash line and inner rim with white gel liner, blend and brush on mascara. 

Through trial and error I have found a few eye creams that deliver incredible results, and I am not talking hemorrhoid cream.  Teamine Eye Complex by Revision addresses not only dark circles, but smooths skin and firms, brightens and de-puffs.  Neostrata Bionic Eye Cream is formulated with Vitamin K and targets all 3 under eye plagues.  And last but not least, Eye to Eye by yours truly (Miss Violet) is an effective target treatment of dark, crepey and puffy eyes.

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