Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deep Pores, Prevention and Causes

Does your face feel like an astroid hit it? Smooth skin is the envy of all, and if your acne is screaming, time is of the essence to control to not result in having deep pores making your skin look like a mine field.

Skin Pores

 All people have skin pores and they have an important function. Hair originates from pores and is important of course for protection and appearance.  Sweat glands reside within the pore to cool the body when overheated.  Oil glands also an important function to flush out toxins and moisturize the skin.  Skin pores become a problem when they get clogged from dirt and oil buildup and can cause them to enlarge and make you age.

The Causes of Large Skin Pores

 Your genes, your sex, age and oily skin all play a factor in the size of your pores. Your genes heredity can play a big part, look at your family and relatives and see if they have large pored skin, and if so, you should be diligent on your skincare to minimize large pores.  Your sex can play a large part as well, men having larger pores by nature, and women can have changes hormonally during their monthly cycle to cause pores to enlarge or recede.  You can't stop the time from ticking, but aged skin is a result of years of neglect, if you wear sunscreen, use retinol every third night and Vitamin C serum every morning your skin can have a fighting chance to looking aged.  Wear hats and covers as well to mitigate sun damage.

Oily skin can be a major contributor to large pores, and one of the most correctable with the proper skin care.  Pores can become enlarged when clogged with excessive oil and dirt, taking measures to mitigate acne breakouts can be crucial to reducing large pores.

" You can reduce pore size by prevention, large pores can't be corrected so you must be diligent with your skincare."  Miss Violet

Acne Treatments start with a good cleanser to clean out the pores from dirt and oil.  A Clarisonic system can be a great measure to clearing the pores of excessive oil and dirt to ensure they aren't clogged.  Vitamin C and Niacinamide can clear fatty acids that can clog pores and improve circulation in the skin. Using a Retinol at night can reduce acne, promote collagen production and clear pores leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Reducing the Size of Large Pores

Once you have large pores, they don't disappear, making prevention pivotal.  Using Sunscreen and preventing oily skin and acne breakouts are crucial.  Sesame Oil can absorb deep into the pores and has an antibacterial property that cleans pores, but also helps the skin regenerate to tighten skin and keep the pores from enlarging.  Once the damage is done, using a foundation, like a tinted sunscreen will help reduce the appearance and prevent further enlargement.  



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