Monday, October 28, 2013

Different Types of Hair Removal

For the most part, you are the one of many that use razors to remove unwanted hair. Waxing, Electrolysis, and Laser offer ways of getting rid of unwanted hair for longer periods of time, or permanently.


Waxing can remove the roots of the hair and keep hair off the area from 2 to 8 weeks. Sensitive skin such as genitals and nipples should be done by a professional since you can damage the skin. Some drawbacks are ingrown hair in thick area, and shouldn't be done to people with diabetes or areas with vericose veins and low circulation.

Hot Wax

Known as the most effective waxing treatment, hot wax is made of natural resins and beeswax which heats at high temperatures and hardens when cooled. A cotton cloth is applied to the wax after it goes on the skin and when it hardens the technician pulls the cloth taking the wax off, pulling the hair with the roots. Hot wax is the best method for getting short hairs. Some salons don't use this method as it can be the most painful.

Cold Wax

Cold wax is the most effective for waxing large areas like the back, navel, or legs. Cold wax is made of paraffin wax and resin materials. Most cold wax applications come with the strips already attached to the wax. One drawback with cold wax is that it leaves a residue that must be scraped or rubbed off. The Definitions of waxing are the following:

Bikini Wax - Waxes any hair outside the panty line

Full Bikini Wax - Goes a little deeper than just the panty line

French Bikini Wax - leaves a landing strip in the front, but the rest off

Brazilian Wax - Takes all the hair off but might leave a small triangle at the front

Hollywood Wax - Takes all of the hair off


Body sugaring is a cold waxing technique made with sugars, syrups and honey making it a natural home method. The skin is dusted with talcum or baby powder to absorb the skin oils that may interfere with gripping. According to Pioneer Thinking repeated use of sugaring can reduce the growth of hair.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

With a 90% success rate, electrolysis is a popular and effective method of hair removal for small areas since it deals with each individual hair. A small metal probe (needle) is put into the hair follicle and an electric charge is put through the needle cauterizing the follicle. Each hair needs to be individually done so it is time consuming, but much cheaper than laser and is proven to be effective. Some disadvantages is that the hair needs to be done at the their growth phase, meaning all hair in that area may not be growing at the same time, leading to many visits to the electrolysis appointments. The skin after the treatment can be inflamed and sore, and may be susceptible to infection if improperly done.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the best option for large areas of permanent hair removal, but it can be expensive, sometimes not effective and take many treatments. Blonde, grey, red hair as well as dark skin tones do not seem to be as successful with this treatment. For some, laser hair removal doesn't take at all, and if done wrong can leave you with burns, lesions, skin discoloration, and patchy re-growth. The best case scenerio is a light skinned person with dark hair. Many times if treated and the hair comes back it grows back thinner and less thick.

Lasers send a pulses of high-energy light that effects the melanin pigment which is in the hair's shaft. The problem is that skin also has melanin, making it so that the technician will need to heat the hair enough, but not too much to damage the skin.

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