Monday, October 28, 2013

Making Eyes Stand Out

Your eyes can look beautiful with some simple tips to follow. Creating young, awake, fresh eyes take both natural care and makeup to maintain stunning eyes. New products are also coming available to put you ahead of everyone else and make you look fabulous.

Natural Tips to Beautiful Eyes

- Sunscreen reduced crows feet and wrinkles
- Get 8 hours of sleep

- H2O keeps the bags away, drink up!

- It goes with drinking water, avoid salty foods to stay hydrated

- Exercise to increase your blood circulation

- Cucumbers, Tea bags, and cotton balls soaked in milk can tone your skin around the eyes

- Allergies can make your eyes red and puffy, so see your doc and try to minimize your sneezes

- If you wear glasses, change to contacts to show off your eyes

- Shape your eyebrows to make your eyes look more fresh and awake.

- Pull your hair so your hair doesn't hide your face.

- Your Genetics play a part, so you'll be working with some of the same issues your parents did.

- Retinol and Vitamin E Eye cream helps with wrinkles and puffiness.

Makeup Tips For Beautiful Eyes

- Use Foundation and concealer under the eyes reduces the bags under the eyes.
- Eyeliner starting thin in the inner corners and getting thicker as you move out will make your eyes pop.

- When putting on eyeshadow, use colors that will enhance your eye color to make them pop. For brown, use blue to purple hues. For blue, use brown tints. For a natural look use natural tints with shimmer, with a darker shade on the outer sides.

- Remember to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara, the thinner the better to not have globs.

- A product on the market called LiLash is a serum that can lengthen your eyelashes, read more here.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup can let you throw out your eyeliner and add a couple minutes of sleeping in for a lifetime. A Permanent Cosmetic Technician can give your eyes a perfectly done eyeliner that won't run when swimming or smudge ever.

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