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NeoStrata Skin Care Products


NeoStrata SkinCare Products

Unless I have my favorite esthetician by my side, NeoStrata products all look the same to me, and it's hard to figure out which one is right for me.  Miss Violet gives you the differences of each NeoStrata product to help you decide. Neostrata products are world known for the best AHA skin care for personal use. NeoStrata has formulated their own acids that are gentler for sensitive and Rosacea prone skin. Each product is different to fit the needs of skin type, sensitivity, daytime or night, face or body and first time user or AHA skin veteran. Keeping skin clean to help blood flow and the skin functioning optimally helps reduce Rosacea effects and acne, promote cell renewal and reduce wrinkles.

Benefits of NeoStrata Products

NeoStrata Products, Which Ones is For YOU?
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) are acids that exfoliate your skin to leave it smoother and even texture while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. A peel effect the skin boosts collagen production and evens hyperpigmentation and reduce age spots to be a great anti aging regement for your skin. AHA are superb for cleaning skin pores and blackheads making it a leading ingredient for reducing acne.

Key Ingredients in NeoStrata Skin Care Products

Vitamin A

FDA approved for reducing acne, vitamin A reduces fine lines and wrinkles and can degrade in the sun, so used at night.

Vitamin B

Hydrates skin while repairing and soothing. Reduces Acne and Blemishes

Vitamin C

Antioxidant that helps reduce sunburns, fine lines and wrinkles while combating free radical damage from environmental effects.

Vitamin E

Antixoidant that helps repair environmental damage and soothes skin.  Some people are alergic to Vitamin E so NeoStrata offers products with and without.

Vitamin K

Diminishes dark circles around the eyes and tightens skin.


Anti inflammatory and antiviral it creates a protective cover around your skin to hydrate with Vitamin A for anti aging benefits.

Glycolic Acid

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing skin and evening hyperpigmentation. Great for an acne treatment to clean pores and blackheads, reduce blemishes and acne scars.

Gluconolactone Acid

Formulated by NeoStrata, it is more gentle than other AHA, is great for sensitive skin or rosacea treatments. Has antioxidants, antibacterial and a UV protectant.

Lactobionic Acid

Benefits like other AHA to reduce acne and fine lines and wrinkles, but unlike others is an antixoidant that firms skin and reduces puffiness and swelling.

Maltobionic Acid

A great humecant, is an antioxidant that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while also promoting collagen production.

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