Monday, October 28, 2013

Shaping the Perfect Eyebrow

Your eyebrows are the most important facial feature for makeup. Eyebrows can lift the eyes and narrow or widen your face. Leaving eyebrows ungroomed makes someone look unkept and obtrusive. Overworking eyebrows can leave someone with a bald noticeable area that calls attention to itself. Perfect eyebrows should make someone look awake, young and vibrant and not call attention as unnatural.

Math Class for Eyebrows!?

The shape of the eyebrow should start with line A ( straight line from nostril ) and end at line B ( 45 degrees from nostril ). The bottom of the eyebrow should be at the same height from start to the end with line C. The peak of the eyebrow should be a straight line up from the outer side of the eyeball shown with line D.

Different Ways to Shape Your Eyebrow

1. Do It Yourself

Use a light makeup pencil to draw the shape you intend to make your eyebrow. Once you are happy with your shape, pluck away, and make sure you don't get overzealous since you can't get the hair back and thin eyebrows age you! Don't use stencils as this will make them look unnatural, your eyebrows don't need to be symmetrical.
For daily maintenance do a quick check for hair that is growing back where it is undesired and pluck it. Use an eyebow brush to work out the old hair and direct the hair. Eyebrow wax will hold the hair in place nicely. If some areas need to be filled in, use an eyebrow powder or a light shade pencil to add volume to thin areas.

2. Eyebrow Waxing

Waxing at a salon is a great way to get the shape of your eyebrows. A good salon should take you into a private room and ask you what shape of eyebrow you would like, thin, full, large arch or just cleaned up. Sometimes they start by using scissors, don't worry as it may feel like they are taking off too much, but they are just taking their time for perfection. They will clean, apply powder, apply the wax and then rip the wax strip off. It will hurt the first time, but get better each time. The technician will clean the excess wax off and tweaze any remaining hair that the wax did not get. If the work was done too thin, then you will have to fill it in with makeup till it grows back in. If it is too thick, as the technician to make it thinner, and if it is perfect, make a standing appointment with that technician to ensure you get it right everytime.

3. Threading

A fairly new technique in the states, but a very old technique in the Middle East or India, threading has become very popular. Threading can be done by a good technician in less than 5 minutes and simply put, it removes hair with a thread. The technique is not as painful and can be more precise than waxing, but also harder to master.

4. Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows

Sometimes from medical conditions, heredity, color of eyebrow hair or over tweezing you can have eyebrows that need to be enhanced daily with makeup to make them look good. In these cases, permanent cosmetic eyebrows can be your answer so you have the same look daily of full eyebrows. Look for a good technician in your area to give you natural eyebrows that look like individual hair. Ask the technician to show pictures of their work to make sure they are the right fit for you.

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