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The Ugly Truth about Acne

The Ugly Truth About Acne

One mention of Acne and visions of pepperoni pizza plastered on someones face comes to mind. Of course the generalization of teenagers having acne come to mind, but in all fairness, it has a lot to do with hormones, and they rage at that tender age.

The ugly truth about acne is caused by four main reasons, which means treating it can be difficult. Acne results from an over production of oil on your skin from heredity, hormones, a reaction from bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes ), or a reaction to something that contacted your skin. The first goal in treatment is to understand the cause, Dermatologists and trained Estheticians at spas can be integral to figuring out the correct treatment. 

* If you want information on Keratosis Pilaris, Body Acne, Back Acne or Butt Acne Read Here as it is different. 

The Four Reasons for Acne and Treatment

Oily skin is mostly caused by your heredity or genes, in fact by 81% ( Another research by Dr. Cordain found that Eskimos and the tribal society of Papua New Guinea did not have any signs of acne, however once given a western diet many broke out with acne. One conclusion that can come from this is that many family members have similar diet, and therefore hereditary causes may be a result of diet. Your slippery shiny face can be in fact be from the pizza your family has traditionally ate so regularly. The caveman diet, or paleo diet that is high on whole foods and no processed food has become popular for mitigating acne. Green tea and caffeine have been found to reduce acne as well.

Hormones are a major role in acne, Androgen hormones being the trigger of excess sebum which influences the oil glands to overproduce. Medication that effects hormones, like birth control or thyroid can play a role by suppressing or causing a breakout. Normal dead skin that sheds can become sticky and clog the skin creating outbreaks. Oral hormone therapies have shown to be effective but needs to be screened for each patient for risks of high blood pressure, blood clots, breast cancer or heart attacks that the medication can increase chances of.

Bacteria that exists on healthy hair follicles can be stimulated to outbreak with dirty or oily skin and cause acne. Cleaning the skin topically can aid in controlling the bacteria from overproducing. Getting a skin treatments such as Dermaplaning or a salicylic acid peel can remove the hair on the face that can collect the dirt and oil. Using makeup that clogs pores can aid in the bacteria growing and also lead to the next reason for acne, a reaction to something contacting your skin.

Having a reaction to something that contacted your skin is another way to have an acne outbreak. Some of the best intentions of scrubbing your face or trying clean with strong ingredients can make your outbreaks worse. Also using products to dry your skin can take it too far and cause your skin to become unbalanced. Using face cleansers for sensitive skin that is non comedogenic, without artificial colors or fragrance. PCA Skin offers Acne Cream, BPO 5% Cleanser, Clearskin and Rebalance. NeoStrata products such as GlycolicFoaming Cleanser and Antibacterial Facial Cleanser are great products as well for treatment of acne. A great sunscreen is EltaMD UV Clear to help unclog pores. 

Diet, controlling your hormone levels, keeping your skin clean, and keeping your skin in balance with non comedogenic cleansers give the best results in acne. Genetics play a role that is out of your control , so realizing it is not your fault and giving yourself a break can be helpful in stress caused acne. Contact a Dermatologist or an experienced skin care Esthetician can help you discover what is causing your acne and put you on the right treatment. Make sure you continue the treatment after the acne has cleared to maintain your skin at a well balance.

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