Monday, October 28, 2013

Vitamin C Benefits for Skin Care

Vitamin C Skin Care
Miss Violet Advises a Vitamin C Serum as one of the Top Skin Care Products to Have in Your Bathroom Drawer."

Natures goodness that comes from the sun also packs a punch on delivering your skin protection and repair against the sun.  Vitamin C tightens and brightens the skin. Vitamin C or L-Ascorbic Acid fights wrinkles,will combat harmful effects of the Sun and irradiates hyper pigmentation and hormonal melasma. It is a potent antioxidant and studies have shown that applying Vitamin C under sunscreen will render the sunscreen more effective.

A good stable C serum will give collagen an added activation resulting in a more youthful appearance by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally it replaces ingredients that are caused by exposure to the environment stress and poor diet resulting in free radical damage. The aging process is slowed down by being a powerful anti-oxidant and preventing free radical damage.

Vitamin C prevents skin from producing melanin during UV exposure. Also as skin ages circulation diminishes and deprives skin cells of vitamin C. As a powerful anti-oxidant and with the prevention of melanin production Vitamin C effectively brightens the skin over time.

What to Look For When Purchasing Vitamin C Serum

When looking to a C Serum pay close attention to the concentration. Serums can be expensive due to the difficulty of stabilizing the vitamin C. There are many types of vitamin C, but L-Ascorbic is the most powerful and the most difficult to stabilize. Most C products range from 5-20%. Any higher percentage will not be properly absorbed. A not publicized fact is the optimal pH level , which should be at least 3.5. If the pH level is not listed check with the manufacturer.

Start with a 5%-10% serum and work towards a 20%. C Serum is absorbed immediately, even if you wash your face immediately afterwards. Initially there may be some redness and stinging. This irritation will subside as one acclimates to the product. If redness persists for longer than 3 days your skin basically does not like Vitamin C.

Store your product in cool , dark place. The serum should be packaged in a dark bottle or a metal tube. And of course my recommendation for a stable C Serum with a pH of 3.5 is the spaViolet "C Me Clearly " available at Other superb products are Revision Vitamin C 30% and 15% with one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C on the market. Also SkinCeuticals gives a couple products with formulations of other antioxidants with Vitamin C to give a broad range of benefits and restorative properties. C E Ferulic and Phloretin C F are some of the best Vitamin C products on the market.

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