Monday, November 11, 2013

Dermatoligist Skincare is Different than Drugstore Lotion

What is the Best Skincare, Don't Play Roulette


Taking Chances With Drugstore Products?

Dermatologist grade skincare has quality ingredients for antioxidant, anti aging and hydrating, exfoliating and renewal.  Drugstore brands and popular Mall brands are stuffed with fragrances, colors and preservatives but offer little real benefit and can cause breakouts from all the fluff.  Quality skincare is fragrance and dye free to treat your skin to the best it has to offer.

Place your bets on something better! shopspaViolet offers Dermatologist recommended skincare at competitive prices. Get eltaMD sunscreen for rosacea, sensitive and allergy prone skin,  SkinCeuticals, which is rich in antioxidants and packed with anti aging properties, Revision, which minimizes wrinkle, firms skin and is a superb sunscreen, and NeoStrata and Exuviance for signature exfoliation and cell renewal.

Let's face it, great skincare is an investment.  Make your bucks go further with Clarisonic, which prepares your skin to penetrate 61% better than regular hand washing.

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