Friday, November 8, 2013

Rashes From Watches, Rings, Cosmetics, Soaps....

Watch Creates Contact Dermatitis or Rash

The Perils of A Teenage Watch Rash

A rash, also known as Contact Dermatitis is different than psoriasis or eczema , which is an inflammatory condition of the skin. A rash may be caused by an allergy or by an irritation to the skin , where as an allergy is almost immediate . Contact Dermatitis does not happen the first time one's skin comes in contact with the irritant.

The body reacts to the irritant ( sorry in this case it is not his little brother ) by producing histamines and the skin becomes inflamed, red, itchy, dry, scaly and possibly blisters may form. Treatment will include removing the irritant ( DUH ) , washing with a benign soap, applying hydrocortisone and possibly taking an oral anti-histamine. Especially if the rash is on your face an oral histamine would be quite beneficial.

In my friend's son's case he probably incurred the rash not only from the nickel in his watch , but also from the moisture trapped between his watch and his skin. It would also be beneficial to not only let the area dry out and to not wear his watch, but to also clean the bottom of his watch with benzoyl peroxide.

Cheers, Miss Violet

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