Friday, November 1, 2013

Top 5 Places to keep your Tweezers

Nasty Chin Hair

5. Beach Bag - one never knows when a pesky hair is missed at the morning grooming or mysteriously appears outside one's bikini line.

4. Nana's House- even the Grand Dames can benefit from a quick tweeze here or there.

3. The Boyfriend's Bathroom - put your tweezers in a hide a key. He will never even question your hairless wonderment.

2. Your Own Bathroom - especially within arm's distance of one's mag mirror ( should those be banned by the US Government, want to make sure it's a fair game for everyone ).

1. Your Car Console - the most important location. How many times have you spied a Charlie Chan Hair in your rear view mirror and cannot get a finger grip on it ? Oh the Horror.

I am always amused when the question is posed as to what 3 things you would want if stranded on a deserted island. Easy:

 1. My Tweezerman tweezers
 2. Matches
 3. And I cannot decide between water and sunscreen.

I am still grappling with # 3, hopefully deserted islands have water.

That's all for now. Cheers, Miss Violet

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