Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Long Road to Simple (well, my version of simple)…

Okay, okay although I often tout the “Long Road to Simple,” the other day, my client/friend and I were cracking up talking about all the things we do to seem like we DON’T do anything to look this good! Alright ladies, so it’s finally time to get honest…for the most part, I’d say the majority of us want to look “natural” – right? But do you know what natural actually takes as we age?  Here you go: Monthly brow shaping, regular skin treatments,  derma-planing, peels and arm waxing (by the way, I am convinced it makes my arms look more toned …I am from the ‘big arm’ family), not to mention Botox (not the ‘frozen face’ look, but the natural ‘Wow I am 48 and have no lines on my forehead’ look) and fillers (so I look fresh and rested).
Though my skincare regime will always be simple (according to me) I do use AHA’s, AM and PM eye cream, AM and PM hydroquinone and Retin-A (when I remember of course), sunscreen in the AM and Li Lash in the PM (for long, long lashes that look like I was born with long, long lashes). If I forget PM regimen on anything, I simply whisk it on AM after I brush my teeth. Even a 15% AHA body lotion in the AM and Nectifirm on my stomach, décolletage and knees in the AM works like a charm! (but maintenance and regimen on THOSE regions is a whole other Blog entry – so stay tuned ladies).

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