Sunday, December 22, 2013

Are EBAY Products Fake?

And let's widen that, how about Amazon, Overstock and other bargain or bidding websites?  The answer is, it may be real, it may not.  Here is what we at shopspaViolet do know, none of the brands we sell want their products sold on these sites.  If they know that a merchant that they are working with are selling on EBay, Amazon and other bidding websites, they will shut down those accounts.  In a way, if you buy professional dermatologist grade skincare from these sites, they are being sold like a black market.

What have we experienced with these websites? Fraud at our expense.  Criminals set up Ebay accounts and sell an item that we sell and get a customer and collect that customers money.  Then they use a stolen credit card to buy the product on our website and tell us to ship it to their customer.  When the stolen card holder calls the credit card company, we are stuck with lost product and shipping cost, and the charge back amount.  So yes, the person who purchased on Ebay got a legitimate product, but was also part of a ring of fraud.  Buyer Beware! Cheers.

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