Friday, December 27, 2013

Is Nerium AD a scam or legit?

What is Nerium AD
Being in the skin care industry we get information from friends and relatives of what they have heard is the next hot thing in skincare, and a couple people have name dropped NeriumAD.  The product says it is an anti aging wrinkle reducer that helps discoloration, uneven texture, enlarged pores and loose skin.  I took a look at the ingredients and the first, and so should also be the largest ingredient in the product is NAE-8® Proprietary Blend  which has Aloe Barbadensis Leaf  and Nerium Oleander Leaf Extract.  The resale value is $110 and is sold by a Multi - Level Marketing strategy in where the sales force earns a commission from sales and who they recruit to sell the product.

Their are three points that I state in the above explanation that I would like to chat with you on for making an informed decision about this product:

1. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, or Aloe in general is one of the cheapest skincare products on the market, which brings into question the retail price of $110.
2. Nerium Oleander Leaf is fatal if ingested, one leaf ingested can kill a child.  No other skincare product has this ingredient.
3. Multi - Level Marketing are a sales force that wants to sell the item for commission.  They are not trained Dermatologists or Estheticians.

Dermatologist Grade Skincare and the Price of Ingredients
When searching for an anti aging skincare cream it is important to go with a brand and ingredients that Dermatologists recommend and have clinical proven results.  It is also important that the price matches the ingredients in it. The third ingredient is allusive, Proprietary Protein, Collagen, Elastin, and Glycosaminoglycans.  These are not ingredients, but cells in the skin that make up the skin structure, so we have no knowledge of the ingredient that they are using to promote these 3 proteins are good or bad.  Going through the ingredients, all are very cheap, the only ones in question are the allusive proteins and the poisonous nerium oleander leaf. One ingredient is Parfum, where perfume is never recommended to help skin, it is a way to sell a product because of smell, but can also cause allergic reactions and irritation.

Nerium Oleander Leaf is a Poison
Why would you put poison on your skin?  Oleander is an old world medicine that contains glycosides that essentially slows your heartrate down, sometimes to a fatal level. All parts of the plant is poisonous, and even a small dose such as oleander nectar made into honey or smoke from burning oleander has proved to be fatal.

Test tube studies have shown that oleander extract applied to prostate cancer cells caused apoptosis (cell death).  Clinical studies with humans have shown no results. Apoptosis is a form of removing oxygen to create stress, causing cell death.  This should conclude though that it would do a similar thing to healthy skin cell, promoting aging, instead of regeneration.  Another point to make, Anti-Oxidants are big in the skincare industry for promoting health in your skin.  Removing oxygen is an Oxidant, hmmm the opposite of what is good for skin.

A group of researchers tested Nerium AD and if the topical use had any heart changes or signs of absorbtion in the blood stream.  The findings were that it did not and the oleander extract wasn't present in the blood samples or heart rate changed (
One reason why their it Nerium AD may be safe is that on their website under FAQ's they state that a child would have to ingest 400 bottles of it for it to be toxic (‎).  If this is so, and if studies have shown that it takes one leaf to kill a child, than one bottle has 1/400 th of a leaf. Since it is the first ingredient, then we wonder if it is adhering to the FDA Fair Packaging and Labeling Act that says the the ingredients with the most weight are named first (

Multi Level Marketing can Make Uninformed Salespeople

This marketing works by recruiting a person to sell the product.  If they recruit others to sell it, they get a commission from their sales as well.  It's a pyramid scheme of getting many people to sell the product under you to have a nice paycheck coming in.  The problem is, the product could be anything, the dream and desire for the marketer is to sell, not to believe in the product or care if it works. 

We at shopspaViolet sell many products and pick and choose from popularity of what Dermatologists recommend and have a proven track record of ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to be safe and effective.  We would never rely on one product to fit all skin types, all ages, ethnic backgrounds, skin problems and all purposes.  Write us any time with your skin concerns and by talking to you with our professional esthetician that has over 20 years of experience we can recommend a product for your needs.  Of course we are in the business of selling, but as you will see by our auto refill, low prices, free samples and free shipping, we are building a relationship with our customers to give a win win for both and give everyone happy skin.

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  1. I am new to this cosmetic...usually before I happen to get in touch with any new cosmetic/product I use through which we can get the Web of Trust and Webutation Reviews which collects information from a lot of review analyzing methods.I try to do a search and get the contact details so that in case of any problem...I am able to contact them directly.
    From your post..Nerium seems to be good..but though I would sincerely require a person who has used the product to give their reviews.

  2. Hi Lara,
    thanks for your comment. I agree, you need to know if the products you buy are safe, effective and trustworthy. I decided NOT to try this product after the research, although told by many that it was good. The problem was, the people that were telling me to use it were benefiting by a profit for me to buy.

    One caution on and other sites such as Yelp where you can review without purchasing or going to the business. If their is no guarantee that they had an experience with the product or service, then you don't know if you can trust the reviews. Competitors or people that work for the company can write fake reviews. One in the webutations openly admitted they sold the product. Bizrate is what shopspaViolet uses, the customer have to purchase the product before they can review, and we cannot delete reviews.