Thursday, January 9, 2014

How Arnica Helps when Used in Skin Care

Arnica Can Help Relieve Pain with Deep Bruises

Arnica, or Arnica Montana, is a homeopathic herbal medicine from the flower of the arnica plant, relative to the common daisy used mostly in Europe.  Used on unbroken skin, it can help with sprains, bruising, bursitis, arthritis, pain, swelling, chapped lips, insect bites, dandruff, and acne.  Used internally it can help with sore gums, mouth or throat, wisdom teeth and pain on the skin surface like swollen veins and insect bites.  Arnica can cause stomach pain, coma, death and heart problems if used orally in too large of a dose, so it should be used only topically or used under a doctor care for internal use.

How Does Arnica Work?

The oils of the arnica flower have anti inflammatory properties to reduce swelling and pain.  Maganese and selenium are rich in arnica which are anti-oxidants to help with acne.  Maganese is essential for wound healing in the body, to help with healing of wounds and bruising.  Studies have shown that arnica allows the white blood cells to reduce clots or help the flow of blood and other trapped fluid in bruised tissue, joints and muscles.  The increased flow of blood to hurt tissue can allow healthy nutrients and reduce stiffness of the area.

What to look for when Buying Arnica

Mexican arnica, also called Heterothica inuloides is not the same as Arnica Montana.  Mexican arnica doesn't have the same pain and anti inflammation properties.

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