Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lilash - How to Spot a Fake or Counterfeit Lilash

How to tell if a Lilash Product is Genuine

Before we dive into this, let me first say, shopspaViolet has AUTHENTIC Lilash, and that is why we are priced higher than others online. NOBODY is an authorized dealer of Lilash in the United States.  Some retailers like us have inventory of Lilash to sell.

Are a Lot of Lilash Products Online Fake?

Yes, they are, in fact about 80%.  Bargain warehouses like Amazon, Ebay, Overstock, Bonanza, Rakuten and more are places where people can sell their merchandise, real or fake, through a black market.  Lilash as well as  every other skin care product manufacturer will not allow their products to be sold by anyone other than an authorized dealer, and these dealers are told not to sell on these sites.

What is wrong with a Knock Off Counterfeit?

Counterfeit skin care products like Lilash sold on the internet have not gone through the testing, or have proof of results like original authentic Lilash.  The ingredients don't have to be disclosed, so you really do not know what you are buying.

How Can you Tell if Lilash is Counterfeit

Fake Lilash will have some of these warning signs:
- Authentic Sellers will offer a 90 day money back guarantee
- Original .2 oz will be priced above $100, .1 oz above $55
- Sometimes say it will not come in a box
- Box has spelling mistakes and\or low quality printing
- Foreign language for the instructions
- Embossed Logo on front is not present
- Spelling mistakes on website to give you a clue it's from a different country.
- Payment system is not secure ( website should have a SSL Certificate )
- Buy from USA, Lilash is made only in the USA.

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  1. I recently ordered for the first time a 0.2 oz LiLash online. In the past I've always only ordered the 0.1 oz. It was priced around $100. However, I was surprised to see that it came in a bigger box but the same size bottle as the 0.1 oz bottle. I don't have another 0.1 oz bottle to compare the weight. I guess it is possible they both come on the same bottle as 0.1 oz is very small amount of fluid but still, kind of surprised. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Lella,
    The Tube for the full size and half size (Demi) will be the same tube. On the bottom will be a sticker telling the amount of fluid contents. The box for the Demi fits the size of the tube, long and slender, while the full size box is double in size in width. A rule of thumb with any skincare is to purchase from a skin care company, as they must get approval from the companies to sell their product, and they desire companies that specialize in skincare. You can buy Lilash from us here with free shipping and free samples, delivered in 3 business days or less:

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    1. Hi JP, I deleted the post since it's a link to a site that I think is fake, and I don't want it associated with my page. First thing that's fishy, it's $80, wholesale is $65-70, so they are only making $15. Second, it's a New Zealand site, Lilash is made in america, so They shipped it down to NZ for less than $10. If you want Lilash, we sell it for $70 half size and $119 full size with international shipping being 34.50 flat rate. hope that helps.

  4. $119? It says $139.97 for full bottle

    1. Put in the Coupon Code Darling ;) Coupon Code LILASH

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  6. Do you offer a 90 day money back guarantee on your lilash?

  7. Yes We do! We honor the same money back guarantee that Lilash does.

  8. Please tell me how you can sell legitimate LiLash if the company was sued by the makers of Latisse and was shut down. Thank you

  9. When the lawsuit happened, re-sellers such as salons were allowed to continue selling. The company of Lilash was banned from selling in the United States, but was not shut down. Their main office is now in Canada. Lilash continues to not sell any Lilash in the United States. We work globally to ensure Lilash adheres to the ruling. Hope this helps.

  10. I am trying to purchase from you right now, but you are not honoring the code and I am trying to buy over $250 worth of LiLash. Please let me know why the LILASH code on your site is not working.

  11. Thank you for contacting us and showing the pictures of your problem, that really helped me figure out what is going on! Since you are purchasing the auto-refill every 90 days, the discount is already included. The code LILASH will only work for a purchase without an auto-refill. Miss Violet

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  13. I recently purchased a bottle of LiLash from a distributor recommended by LiLash. However, The bottle I received in the mail is not the same as the one shown in the picture. The one in her picture says 1 ounce/2.95 mL. The one I received only says on the front of the box 2.0 mL. I should note that hers was on the front of the box, too. So far, all I have been able to find is information on one and 2 ounce bottles, nothing about .6 and a bunch of other numbers ounce tubes. Can you tell me if this is an automatic red flag that I am dealing with a counterfeit? Other than this, according to her reviews, she is supposed to be a legitimate, authorized dealer who is endorsed by the company itself. Thankfully, she does offer a moneyback guarantee, but not the same return policy as you. Her return policy is only 14 days. Thank you so much and hopefully I will hear back from you. Thank you so much for your article!