Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Benefits of Sesame Oil for the Skin

Sesame Oil
Sesame Oil is one of the main essential oils for skincare, used in massage therapy to trap toxins in the skin, but it has many more benefits.  Sesame Oil has:

- Vitamin E - A natural Antioxidant and UV sunscreen
- Contains superb moisturizing with linoleic, stearic, and palmitic acids
- Has an Anti aging antioxidant called sesamol to reduce wrinkles
- Can easily be absorbed deep into the skin, to help circulation and repair damaged skin
- is a powerful antibacterial agent
- is an anti inflammatory agent

The Power of Sesame Oils Antibacterial, Anti Viral, and Anti Inflammatory Properties
Sesame Oil has shown to be an effective way to kill lice, improve dandruff, treat athletes foot, and skin fungus. Swabbing in nostrils can kill cold viruses and reduce sickness.  Putting on diaper rash, it will naturally help with bad bacteria from the babies dirty diaper and be a moisture barrier.

Sesame Oil as an Acne Treatment
Oily skin or Acne can be treated by this oil, that can absorb into the pores and break up the bad oils, trapping dirt and cleansing with the antibacterial nature. The deep absorption can help repair damaged skin, regenerate skin and tighten skin to help tighten pores around the nose to help them not get larger as you age. Skin circulation can be improved by sesame oil, which can help people that suffer from rosacea.

How to Use Sesame Oil When Applying to the Skin
When first using sesame oil, apply a small amount to your skin to see if you have an allergic reaction.  Because the scent of sesame oil is pungent, mixing it with almond, rosemary, lavender or other scents can reduce it's smell that some feel is not pleasant.

Adding a couple drops to a warm bath will allow your skin to moisturize, while not adding to the oily nature of your natural skin.  Use after a shower and wipe off the excess after 10 minutes.  Sesame Oil can help eczema and psoriasis for it's antibacterial and moisture retaining properties.

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