Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oxygenetix Conceals and Heals Skin Imperfections

Oxygenetix Foundation has a full line of colors.

All of the Colors of Oxygenetix

The only breathable foundation, Oxygenetix heals skin with it's quality ingredients.  The skin heals from laser, wounds and long term skin issues with Oxygenetix.  The moisturizer and antioxidants allow the skin to be healthy while you conceal your imperfections.

shopspaViolet carries ALL colors of Oxygenetix to allow you to look flawless.  80 minute water resistant, SPF of 20 and light and comfortable on the skin, Oxygenetix is the choice for many celebrities for their daily life under hot lights.  No smudge, no running, light while beneficial to your skin you can't choose a better foundation.  shopspaViolet doesn't carry another foundation because nothing compares!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7 Beauty Myths That Are Just That , Myths

 Urban Legends on Beauty

1. My skin is dry, I need to drink more water. False.

We aren't like our fellow succulents. When we drink water it goes to our intestines ,  is absorbed by our bloodstream, is filtered by our kidneys and then it hydrates our cells. Though drinking water is essential, it does not moisturize our skin.

2. Chocolate gives me zits. False.

According to Los Angeles dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban, " chocolate per se will not make you break out. In fact there is little evidence that chocolate or any specific fatty foods will cause acne....". Looks like the culprit for chocolate's bad rap is timing : PMS - chocolate - hormonal acne.

3. Topical potions will make my cellulite vanish. False.

According to Dr. Jenny Kim of UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine, " there are no significant studies that prove cellulite creams work, but there is anecdotal evidence which suggests that some women do see an improvement with consistent use ". Anti-cellulite creams are chock full of ingredients that boost circulation and detoxification, but the results are temporary.

4. Retin-A will make me photosensitive.

5. Parabens will give me cancer. Probably False.( This one is tricky ).

The FDA believes that " at the present time there is no reason for consumers to be concerned about the use of cosmetics containing parabens ". Though traces of parabens are winding up in breast tissue , it might be prudent to use paraben free products if you are concerned until there is the ultimate paraben vs. cancer study.

6. I work indoors, I don't need sunscreen. False.

Windows and fluorescent lights emit UV rays that damage skin. 62.8 % of UVA ( aging ) rays travel through windows. Not to mention the sunlight you encounter en route and en return from work. So if  you work in a big black box you are good.

7. I don't need to reapply my sunscreen. False.

Sunscreen, at least an SPF 30 lasts a maximum of 2 hours and needs to be reapplied in a sufficient amount : a squirt or dollop the size of a quarter. Factors such as sweat, humidity and contact with water will minimize time between applications. So ignore your children's whining and reapply.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Why are SkinCeuticals products out of stock?

SkinCeuticals Products

Have you tried to find your favorite SkinCeuticals product this week, and the skincare site says out of stock or backordered?  SkinCeuticals is busy moving their office and warehouse, and in the meantime creating some havoc on everyone getting their favorite skincare items when they want it.  Never to fear though, this will pass in a couple weeks.

shopspaViolet is backordered with the popular SkinCeuticals UV Fusion SPF 50, however we put in our order earlier than most and will be able to ship it to you on March 7th if you order.

Looking for other popular items to be in stock?  We have them:

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic
SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF
SkinCeuticals B5 Gel
SkinCeuticals A.G.E. EYE
SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter
SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0
SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5
SkinCeuticals Simply Clean

Let Us Break the Myths of Retinol

SkinCeuticals Retinol .5 allows you to get used to the night cream without the dry aggrevation.
SkinCeuticals Retinol

Myths about Retinol

Myth #1. It will make me photosensitive.

A: Wrong. Retinol just degrades in the sun, it is the ultimate night cream.

Myth #2. It is illegal to purchase without a prescription.

A: Nope. A prescription based product contains Retinoic Acid which is more harsh to the skin, yet works faster. Pain for the gain. Retinol the over the counter version ( OTC ) works on a cellular level and  is a more gentle method manifesting the same results in a slower fashion , approximately 3 months.

Myth #3. It's exfoliating properties creates redness.

A. Yes, your skin will eventually acclimate to the product. Beginning with .5% is perfect for newbies.

Myth #4. Retinol is just another anti-aging ingredient , blah, blah, blah whatever.

A. True, but it is the Queen of anti-aging ingredients. Retinol stimulates collagen growth, helps with acne, regulates natural oils found in our sweat glands and repairs free radicals including Metalloproteinasis ( Huh...we explain this on our blog ).

Myth #5. Retinol is too expensive.

A. Not at shopspaViolet. We have great steals and deals. Their price $55, our price $47.11

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation ( PIH )

 What is Hyperpigmentation

Post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is the darkening of the skin pigment due to an increase in melanin production which occurs after an inflammatory reaction or injury to the skin. If excess melanin is yielded in the epidermis (upper layer of skin) the skin will turn a darker shade of brown. PIH and hyperpigmentation is kind of like exercise, you gotta keep on it. 
PIH may occur in all skin types, but is most prevalent in people of African, Asian, Latin or Indian backgrounds. the most common injuries are scratches, burns, cuts, bruises, rashes, acne, sunburns or cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic procedures may include lasers, dermabrasion or peels.

How to Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Sunscreen is a necessary aid in preventing and or correcting PIH. Re-application at least every 2 hours is a must and protective hats and clothing are recommended. Warn the "Pickers" that scratching, picking or rubbing will worsen the darkening of the skin. Remember your mother harping on you to not pick, at least that time she was correct. Avoid intense exercise or over heating (i.e. hot yoga) for at least 24 hours after an invasive cosmetic procedure. In fact some cosmetic procedures are not recommended for darker skinned patients, check with your doctor.
To prevent PIH from say a bug bite, rash etc. an over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription low percentage corticosteroid should be applied for a limited time. The role of hydroquinone for PIH or any hyperpigmentation is hotly debated. Most dermatologists agree that used for brief periods hydroquinone has little to no risk and is quite beneficial in treating PIH.
A basic overview in avoiding and treating PIH is :
1. No picking, popping or scratching you " Pickers".
2. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outdoors and re-apply.
3. For darker skin start with a gentle skincare routine and slowly acclimate to a higher efficacy routine
4. Consult with your doctor before any invasive cosmetic procedure
5. Use a corticosteroid or hydroquinone to battle and treat PIH
6. Treat and prevent acne with hydroquinone or a prescription  remedy from  your doctor.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hiding Because of Acne?

Acne products for teenagers to reduce pimples.
Acne can make you Anti-social
Acne is a nuisance and treating acne may be quite individual. To help determine your personal treatment plan read our blog post on the different genres of acne. It's important to take care of your face before scarring and hyperpigmentation occurs. Retinol is a supreme product in the plight to combat acne. Check out our Acne Skin Care by clicking here.

Acne skincare to remove pimples.
Acne Products

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is all the Hype with Hydroquinone ?

The Skinny on Hydroquinone

Truth or Myth, is hydroquinone dangerous in cosmetics?  In short we at spaViolet believe it to be safe and effective, with over 60 years approved by the FDA with a concentration of 2% or less.  Extensive research has been done, with the FDA through all the research hasn't banned, does not rate it as carcinogenic and metabolizes well in humans, unlike some of the animals that were in studies.  In fact the people that handle hydroquinone in their profession have less cancer. (1)

Hydroquinone is known as one of the most effective melanin inhibitors to aid in treatment for hyperpigmentation and skin lightening.  Melasma, or unnatural darkening of the skin is created when melanin, the pigment in skin is overproduced, which in some cases can lead to melanoma, a skin cancer. The tyrosinase enzyme, it's activity produces the rate in which melanin is produced in the skin is inhibited with hydroquinone.

Over the counter concentrations of hydroquinone are .5% - 2%, while prescription strength is 4% leading to the most effective and quickest results at the higher concentration.  To put this in perspective, a 12% concentration can stop melanin production altogether, as in properties of albinos.  Skin lightening creams are very popular, selling more than 15 million annually with the most popularity in the asian culture.

As of now, the FDA has only approved hydroquinone as the only approved skin lightener.  This should be reevaluated, as their are many other ingredients that lighten such as licorice extract, vitamin C, niacinamide, magnesium, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), arbutin, Phloretin, kojic acid, and azelaic acid. Other lighteners take on the term "brighteners" since the FDA doesn't recognize them as lighteners.

Why is Hydroquinone Harmful?

Hydroquinone has been known to cause ochronosis which is a bluish black discoloring of the skin, making it look dark and dead looking.  This needs to be reevaluated however as over the past 60 years of use, only a small amount of this skin condition has shown up, mostly in South Africa.  These products contained illegal ingredients such as mercury which could be the root cause instead of hydroquinone. Currently, hydroquinone is banned in the European Union, Japan and South Africa.

There are reports that hydroquinone is carcinogenic, found in a study when applied injected in large doses in rats.  Metabolism of hydroquinone in rats is much different then humans, and with the extensive studies done, it has not been labeled as carcinogenic.  No studies have shown that is has any carcinogens when applied topically, in fact hydroquinone is an antioxidant, although a synthetic one.

What to Look for When Buying Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone degrades fast when exposed to light and air.  Make sure the product you have has a small opening and a good closure.  The product should be not exposed to light with it's packaging.  When using, make sure to apply sunscreen as inhibiting melanin also reduces your protective barrier in your skin to UV rays. Sometimes hydroquinone creams can cause irritation and dermatitis, which is usually from the Vitamin A or tretinoin added to it.

1 - Critical Reviews in Toxicology, May 1999, pages 283–330

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Which to Choose? SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin CF ?

The difference between SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF
Phloretin CF vs. CE Ferulic
SkinCeuticals makes two of the best Vitamin C serums on the market, Phloretin CF and CE Ferulic.  They shine above the rest for their quality in stabilization of the Vitamin C and the other ingredients they pair it with to enhance and make more effective than just using Vitamin C alone.  With each retailing for a little above $150 for 1 oz. many consumers want to know which is the right choice for their skin.

We have blog articles about the benefits of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic and Phloretin, just click on the links to read the benefits.

The Difference in Ingredients

Both Phloretin contain Vitamin C, Phloretin CF at 10%, CE Ferulic as 15%. Both contain pfloretin at 0.5%.  Only CE Ferulic contains Vitamin E, at 1%, and only Phloretin CF contains phloretin, 2%.

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF is recommended for:
  • Oily, combination or normal skin, as Phloretin can cause drying
  • Lightens skin, reducing age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Repairs and Prevents Free Radical Skin Damage
  • helps to rebuild collagen and elastin for elasticity
  • smoothes skin
SkinCeuticals describe CE Ferulic to help:
  • for dry, combination, and normal skin
  • Powerful combination of antioxidants that work together to enhance each other.
  • Repairs and Prevents Free Radical Skin Damage
  • Hydrates and reduces fine lines and wrinkles

When To Use CE Ferulic or Phloretin CF

All antioxidants degrade under UV rays, however these antioxidants also help to prevent sunburns and the damage that UV rays can cause, making them most effective during the day.  Apply in the morning or before going out in the sun.  After using you can apply other lotion or makeup as needed.  Serums work best after using a cleansing system such as Clarisonic, which can make penetration of the serum 61% more effective, which is important since serums can be expensive and offer so many benefits.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Benefits of Phloretin

Phloretin CF skincare from SkinCeuticals is great for oily skin for an antioxidant treatment.
SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF
Phloretin is an antioxidant flavonoid found in root bark of apple trees and from apples to preserve the fruit from decomposing quickly.  In short, phloretin can help repair free radical cell damage, lighten skin, suppress certain skin cancers, inhibits A.G.E. and MMP-1, and is an anti-inflammatory.  Note that Phloretin CF can be drying to the skin, as it uses denatured alcohol to help penetrate the ingredients into the skin.  because of this, Phloretin CF is only recommended for Oily, combination or normal skin, not dry skin.

Free radical damage from environmental factors create a process of damaging cells by stealing electrons of lipids in the skin cell membrane.  Vitamin C can prevent this process from starting, while Phloretin and Vitamin E can repair this chain reaction of damaging cells once it has occurred.

It also has skin lightening properties and reduces age spots to treat hyperpigmentation from it's ability to reduce tyrosinase.  Tyrosinase is an enzyme found to regulate the output of melanin cells in the skin, it is 10 times more active in black skin as in caucasion skin.  Melanin is the pigment in our skin, which is important to help shield us from UV rays.  However if overproduced in areas it can create darker age spots and uneven skin color.

Controlling tyrosinase if melanoma ( skin cancer ) is found is important, as it can make the cancer flourish if uncontrolled. Phloretin has also been shown to inhibit growth of several cancer cells including B16 melanoma, HL60 Human Leukemia cells and HT-29 human colon cancer cells.

Rigid skin cells occur during aging which result in skin not being elastic and wrinkles, caused from advanced glycation enproducts, or A.G.E.  Phloretin can inhibit this glycation process to improve elasticity by being an inhibitor of sugar being transported through red blood cells.  This allows for sugar to be delayed into being deposited into skin cells.

MMP-1, or matrix metallo-proteins breaks down the fibroblasts in the skin that build the collagen and elastin structure of the skin.  Phloretin inhibits MMP-1 which is why great results in improving elasticity in the skin have been found.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Is Your Acne Caused by Your Love for Chocolate?

Acne and Chocolate
Is your Acne Caused by Your Love For Chocolate?

Chocolate and Acne

Chocolate is a love and addiction for many, so the fact that it may cause acne can make a lot of pimple prone people break out is frustrating.  The studies mostly have used milk chocolate, which contain little chocolate, and a lot of sugar, milk not the pure chocolate, leaving us wondering if it really is true.

One study by Block and Colleagues studied 10 men who have previous diagnosis of acne with pure chocolate.  This study allowed the men from ages 18 to 35 to eat up to three 4 ounce candy bars in one sitting and then tested the results after one week.  The results showed that the men that ate more chocolate ended up by the end of the week to have the most pimples.

At the start of the study each man had an average of 3 pimples, by the end of the week the average was 18 pimples, the ones that ate the most chocolate having an average of 70 pimples!  More studies have to be done, since 10 men is not broad enough of a study to say for certain that chocolate is the main cause.

What in Chocolate Causes Acne?

Acne is generally caused by heredity, hormonal changes with androgen hormones, bacteria, or a reaction to environmental factors are the Causes of Acne

Two ingredients in chocolate may be the cause of acne, caffeine, theobromine and milk.  Let's look at the first being caffeine.  The half life of caffeine, or the amount of time that caffeine stays in an adult is 5-6 hours.  Since most of the results of pimples were shown in one week, not one day, caffeine may not be the reason for the pimples.  Caffeine may be an indirect link to acne, in that most people crave caffeine when they are tired.  When you are tired your body is stressed and creates Androgen Hormones.  Androgen Hormones can cause an overproduction of skin cells leading to blocked pores, trapped oils and dirt and then leading to pimples.

Theobromine blocks a chemical called adenosine that results in inflammation of the skin, because it inhibits stress receptors in the skin.  Dark chocolate has more theobromine, but also has more antioxidants, which may cancel each other out in the benefits and harm.  Your body turns 10% of caffeine into theobromine, so other caffeine related foods may lead to the same result of acne.

If your lactose intolerant or  casein intolerant (a protein in milk) then a mild chocolate can lead to acne from the imbalance in your body from the allergic reaction. 

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The Benefits of Ferulic with Vitamin C in Skincare

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic
Okay, so you've heard that Vitamin C Serum is a must have in your skincare routine for building collagen, correcting skin damage from the environment and improving an even skin tone.  Why does SkinCeuticals have to complicate it by putting other ingredients in their Vitamin C, calling it CE Ferulic?

What is Ferulic Anyway?

The importance of Ferulic lies in how powerful it is, much more effective than other antioxidants.  Found in the walls of plant cells of apples, coffee, oranges, peanuts and many more, ferulic is an antioxidant that is more powerful than Vitamin C and E.  Studies have found when ferulic is combined with Vitamin C and E, it makes the Vitamins more powerful.  Amazingly, ultraviolet light makes ferulic even more powerful.

How do Antioxidants Benefit Your Skin? 

Antioxidants repair oxidation damage to cells and DNA from environmental factors such as sun, pollution, and everything we come into contact with in our daily life.  Oxidation is natural like the browning of a cut apple, and you body naturally metabolizes oxygen throughout the day very effectively.  However a small percentage of cells will be adversly affected, having an electron robbed and sending the newly formed free radical cell on a hunt for another cell to rob.  Sometimes this causes injury to the cell another cell from causing a chain reaction of destruction and decomposing of cells and DNA. 

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by either preventing the free radical chain reaction from starting, like Vitamin C, or breaking the chain reaction of damage like Vitamin E.  Each antioxidant helps to prevent the free radical damage in different ways, so a broad range of antioxidants in your skin care and diet are beneficial.  Ferulic neutrilizes a certain type of free radical, hydroxyl radical, superoxide and superoxide.

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic is formulated with Vitamin C (15%), Vitamin E (1%) and Ferulic Acid (0.5%), and this concentration is patented.  With 3 powerful antioxidants it helps to prevent, stop and neutralize the free radical damage in many ways, each antioxidant working together to be more powerful together.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Carrageenan Ingredient in Skincare

What is Carrageenan?

 Carrageenan, or Chondrus Crispus is a red seaweed found in the Atlantic Ocean. The seeweed must be boiled or have alkali treatment to produce a gelatonous material that makes a great thickener for skincare products as well as food.  Without a thickener in many food and cosmetics the ingredients would separate and be to thin. Some everyday products ingested with carrageenan are yogurt, almond milk and coconut milk.

What are the Dangers of Carrageenan?

Previous studies showed that degraged carrageenan can cause colon cancer if ingested.  The FDA approves undegraded carrageenan for foods and cosmetics.  The difference of the two is the weight where the undegraded, or FDA approved one being heavier.  A researcher by the name of Joanne K. Tobacman M.D., professor of clinical medicine at U of Illinois College of Medicine.  She has concluded that the FDA undegraded carrageenan is not healthy, being an inflammitory to tissue, and can be harmful to the stomache and intestines.  Mice exposed to low doses also showed to develop a glucose intolerance, much like diabetes. (1)  A study showed that undegraged carrageenan decelerates sulfatase enzymes, which can hurt health and function of cells. (2)

Is Carrageenan Safe in Cosmetics?

In skincare and cosmetics The Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) has deemed it safe because very little is able to be absorbed. However, with your skin being the biggest tissue in your body, you will want to not apply a product that causes inflammation, or adverse effects to cell function. 

Miss Violet's advice?  If you are planning on doing something long term, choose a product that doesn't have this ingredient, for it may cause adverse effects over time.  Studies have concluded over a short period of time, no side effects are shown, making studies not be conclusive. The safety is more centered around food, rather than skincare. 

Why is Carrageenan in Organic Food?

Alternatives to carrageenan can be locust bean gum or guar gum, which are much safer.  Many organic foods contain carrageenan and can get away with this because a rule with Organic food is that if an ingredient is essential to the production of the product (like baking soda for cookies), than it may contain that ingredient.  With alternatives, it's harmful nature, and the fact that informed organic shoppers are prepared for their food to separate for health reasons, it isn't necessary in many foods. (3)




Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sea Kelp Extract - The Benefits in Skincare from the Ocean

Benefits of Kelp Extract in Skincare
Sea Kelp, or Macrocystis Pyrifera is from the giant brown algae in the Antarctic ocean. Kelp is rich in hyaluronic acid, which is needed for collagen regeneration.  Kelp is known to have antioxidant, anti irritant and anti inflammatory properties and is a great moisturizer that softens, hydrates and smooths skin.  Kelp extract is rich in minerals and vitamins, notably iodine which is antibacterial and removes toxins.

Kelp Extract has Anti Aging Properties

A study found that Macrocystis Pyrifera in a culture found to stop metalloproteinases from occurring, which breaks down collagen and elastin fibers.  Applying it topically showed conclusive in the study to reducing wrinkles. (1) The soft cell membrane of the kelp allows for fast penetration and absorption into the skin.

Kelp is an Excellent Source of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid binds collagen and elastin fibers together, helping with anti aging and firming the skin.  It repairs and replenishes dead and damaged collagen fibers. Binding to moisture, hyaluronic hydrates the skin increasing healthy function. (3)

Kelp Extract Contains Beneficial Iodine for the Skin

Most Americans, with the exception of people that consume a lot of fish, have an iodine deficiency.  Macrocystis Pyrifera contains a high concentration of Iodine, a mineral that has been known for centuries as a antibacterial agent for cleaning wounds.  Iodine improves collagen regeneration and has been found to help reduce scars and fine lines and wrinkles.  Being a disinfectant, it aids in acne treatment. Iodine also removes toxins such as bromine, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, and lead.  Iodine helps your immune system, and with your skin being the source of all environmental exposures, iodine can keep you healthy. (2)

(1) Cosmetics and Toiletries in 2001

The Benefits of Quercetin in Skin

What is Quercetin?

Quercetin, prounounced Kwer-sah-tin, is a bioflavonoid that makes the vibrant pigment colors in many vegetables and fruits such as kale, apples, grapes, green tea and tomatoes.  Bioflavonoids, also known as flavonoid or Vitamin P are components of fruits and vegetables that have antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants can repair damage to the skin caused from free radical damage.  Free radical damage is caused by environmental effects from UV rays, smoke, and other negative influences in daily life.  Free radicals can mutate DNA, damage skin cell membranes or cell death. Antioxidants can stop and repair free radical damage, which helps prevent aging, wrinkles and cancer.  Antioxidants also help reduce LDL cholesterol from clogging arteries leading to heart disease.

Quercetin also regulates histamine that is released in the body, helping to be an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory agent. (1) Studies have shown Quercetin to be a proteasome activator, (2) which helps generate fibroblasts in the skin.  Fibroblasts are tissues that secrete collagen proteins being the structure of the connective tissue.

Quercetin can be a good alternative to retinol that can cause irritation.  The antioxidant, anti inflammitory properties can help with acne and be a powerful anti aging ingredient. Products that contain quercetin are:

EltaMD UV Physical SPF 41 - A tinted chemical free sunscreen with antioxidants

(1) - University of Maryland Medical Center
(2) - Chondrogianni et al. Anti-ageing and rejuvenating effects of quercetin. Exp Gerontol 45:763-71 (2010).

Sunday, February 2, 2014

shopspaViolet now carries Revision Intellishade Matte !

Revision Intellishade Matte
shopspaViolet's best selling product is Revision Intellishade Original.  It has a sister, Intellishade Matte, that gives less of a shine, perfect for oily skin.  Revision Intellishade is a tinted moisturizer sunscreen that nourishes and hydrates your skin with Vitamins A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  These vitamins are powerful antioxidants that help free radical damage and repair sun damaged skin.  With your next order put in the notes that you would like to try Revision Intellishade and we will send you a sample of both types so you can decide which is best for you!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lilash Demi, a Smaller Size, Great for Trying Out!

shopspaViolet introduces a new product we are carrying, the Lilash Demi.  Half the size of full size Lilash, the Demi version is at a more affordable price for you to try out and see the great benefits of a natural eyelash serum that will make your lashes thicker and fuller.  Lilash Demi retails for $79.99 but at shopspaViolet we offer it at a discount for $70.  We sell authentic Lilash.  Nobody in the United States is an authorized dealer of Lilash. With 80% of Lilash products online being fake, shop only from skincare websites, not bidding or warehouse websites that do not know the origin of their products.

Other Articles on Lilash:
What is the Shelf Life of Lilash?
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