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Is Your Acne Caused by Your Love for Chocolate?

Acne and Chocolate
Is your Acne Caused by Your Love For Chocolate?

Chocolate and Acne

Chocolate is a love and addiction for many, so the fact that it may cause acne can make a lot of pimple prone people break out is frustrating.  The studies mostly have used milk chocolate, which contain little chocolate, and a lot of sugar, milk not the pure chocolate, leaving us wondering if it really is true.

One study by Block and Colleagues studied 10 men who have previous diagnosis of acne with pure chocolate.  This study allowed the men from ages 18 to 35 to eat up to three 4 ounce candy bars in one sitting and then tested the results after one week.  The results showed that the men that ate more chocolate ended up by the end of the week to have the most pimples.

At the start of the study each man had an average of 3 pimples, by the end of the week the average was 18 pimples, the ones that ate the most chocolate having an average of 70 pimples!  More studies have to be done, since 10 men is not broad enough of a study to say for certain that chocolate is the main cause.

What in Chocolate Causes Acne?

Acne is generally caused by heredity, hormonal changes with androgen hormones, bacteria, or a reaction to environmental factors are the Causes of Acne

Two ingredients in chocolate may be the cause of acne, caffeine, theobromine and milk.  Let's look at the first being caffeine.  The half life of caffeine, or the amount of time that caffeine stays in an adult is 5-6 hours.  Since most of the results of pimples were shown in one week, not one day, caffeine may not be the reason for the pimples.  Caffeine may be an indirect link to acne, in that most people crave caffeine when they are tired.  When you are tired your body is stressed and creates Androgen Hormones.  Androgen Hormones can cause an overproduction of skin cells leading to blocked pores, trapped oils and dirt and then leading to pimples.

Theobromine blocks a chemical called adenosine that results in inflammation of the skin, because it inhibits stress receptors in the skin.  Dark chocolate has more theobromine, but also has more antioxidants, which may cancel each other out in the benefits and harm.  Your body turns 10% of caffeine into theobromine, so other caffeine related foods may lead to the same result of acne.

If your lactose intolerant or  casein intolerant (a protein in milk) then a mild chocolate can lead to acne from the imbalance in your body from the allergic reaction. 

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