Monday, February 24, 2014

Let Us Break the Myths of Retinol

SkinCeuticals Retinol .5 allows you to get used to the night cream without the dry aggrevation.
SkinCeuticals Retinol

Myths about Retinol

Myth #1. It will make me photosensitive.

A: Wrong. Retinol just degrades in the sun, it is the ultimate night cream.

Myth #2. It is illegal to purchase without a prescription.

A: Nope. A prescription based product contains Retinoic Acid which is more harsh to the skin, yet works faster. Pain for the gain. Retinol the over the counter version ( OTC ) works on a cellular level and  is a more gentle method manifesting the same results in a slower fashion , approximately 3 months.

Myth #3. It's exfoliating properties creates redness.

A. Yes, your skin will eventually acclimate to the product. Beginning with .5% is perfect for newbies.

Myth #4. Retinol is just another anti-aging ingredient , blah, blah, blah whatever.

A. True, but it is the Queen of anti-aging ingredients. Retinol stimulates collagen growth, helps with acne, regulates natural oils found in our sweat glands and repairs free radicals including Metalloproteinasis ( Huh...we explain this on our blog ).

Myth #5. Retinol is too expensive.

A. Not at shopspaViolet. We have great steals and deals. Their price $55, our price $47.11

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