Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oxygenetix Conceals and Heals Skin Imperfections

Oxygenetix Foundation has a full line of colors.

All of the Colors of Oxygenetix

The only breathable foundation, Oxygenetix heals skin with it's quality ingredients.  The skin heals from laser, wounds and long term skin issues with Oxygenetix.  The moisturizer and antioxidants allow the skin to be healthy while you conceal your imperfections.

shopspaViolet carries ALL colors of Oxygenetix to allow you to look flawless.  80 minute water resistant, SPF of 20 and light and comfortable on the skin, Oxygenetix is the choice for many celebrities for their daily life under hot lights.  No smudge, no running, light while beneficial to your skin you can't choose a better foundation.  shopspaViolet doesn't carry another foundation because nothing compares!

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