Monday, March 31, 2014

Oxygenetix Foundation Heals Your Skin

Oxygenetix colors opal creme beige almond honey tawney chakra pearl ivory taupe walnut coco ebony and Mahogany
Oxygenetix Foundation Colors all Available at shopspaViolet

shopspaViolet has the Full Line of Colors for Oxygenetix

Oxygenetix is a breatheable foundation that acts virtually like a second skin. The key ingredient Ceravitae Complex is a patent pending ingredient that increases oxygen uptake, promotes healing and stimulates skin cell production. This system is not only a breakthrough in foundations and coverage it treats a wide variety of skin injuries and skin problems. On post-surgical scars it is safe to use to camouflage any evidence of surgery and is beneficial due to the healing properties. For skin problems or injuries such as wounds, rashes, cracked, dry skin, acne, acne scars and rosacea Oxygenetix will camouflage superbly and help treat the underlying issue. The healing occurs not just from the Ceravitae , but from the base ingredient Aloe Barbadensis. This plant is touted for it's anti-bacterial qualities that protect compromised skin while astringently removing dead skin cells. That's why Oxygenetix is the most used foundation for burn survivors.

Oxygenetix blends easily with all skin tones, is water-resistant for up to 90 minutes and is 13 times more transfer-resistant than other cosmetics. That means dance, jog, do yoga, pilates, cross-fit whatever-it will not rub off on clothes. No matter how hot or how humid ! This also makes it great for photo shoots or your red carpet event, it will not melt under hot lights. Meaning in lay-man terms, no need for a touch-up all day , the longer Oxygenetix is worn the more recovered, firm and plump the skin becomes. Lastly this breatheable foundation is non-comedogenic , oil and fragrance free, contains a UVA/UVB protection of 25 and is hypoallergenic. And most importantly it gives great coverage without " cake face ".

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What is the Shelf Life of LiLash?

What is the Expiration Date on Lilash?

The quick answer? 2 years unopened, an additional 1 year after opened for a total of three years.  With Lilash only sold to the United States through the leftover inventory that sales representatives had at the time Lilash was told to stop selling (March 2013), Lilash will continue to be good to sell until March 2015.

Why is Lilash Not Able to Sell Their Product in the United States?

Lilash infringed upon a patent that another eyelash enhancer held with a similar ingredient.  Furthermore Lilash and other enhanced eyelash growth companies had unfair advertising when they said their product was more superior than the other.  Many consumers wonder if the lawsuit dealt with dangers of Lilash, and many websites are very negative warning to stay away.  The lawsuit NEVER dealt with adverse effects or dangers of Lilash.  You can read a summary of the lawsuit here:

What are the Adverse Effects of Lilash?

Only a small amount of people have seen side effects with Lilash.  Unlike other brands of lash enhancement, no change in eye color or spots in the eyes have ever been shown to have happened.  A darkening of the skin by the eyelid has been reported, and after discontinuing use, the color of the skin returns to normal.  The skin around the eye is very thin and sensitive and some have shown to have a sensitivity to Lilash with itching, irritation and redness.  Misuse of the product or in the rare case of sensitivity to the ingredients can lead to these conditions.

Correct Use of Lilash

Store Lilash upright to the applicator does not become too saturated.  Apply thinly to the lashes only, not touching the skin of the eyes.  A little goes a long way.  Apply daily till you see results, about one month.  Back off to every other day or every third day after to maintain growth and not promote too long of lashes.  If you feel irritation you may be applying too much and applying on the skin.

Where to Buy Authentic Lilash?

shopspaViolet has been dealing with the same sales representative for Lilash before the lawsuit, and they have a large inventory stock of Lilash.  Our Lilash comes directly from Lilash, adhering to the law.

What Will Replace Lilash?

Nothing.  Our Lilash rep is working hard to make sure all the proper laws are followed to still allow access to Lilash. 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

What is Folate?

Adding Folate to your Diet can Counteract Cancer

Folate is the natural source of vitamin B9 and when taken orally as a supplement is known as folic acid. Folate is found in most leafy green vegetable , dried beans and peas and as an additive in foods such as bread, grains and breakfast cereals. Folic acid is an extremely important vitamin that is taken by pregnant, nursing or women planning on becoming pregnant. Folate assists the production and rapid division of new cells, makes both DNA and RNA, can reduce some forms of anemia and is linked to cancer prevention.

Folate and the Prevention of Cancer

Medical researchers believe that too little folate may be causal in certain cancers, namely in this article's focus breast cancer. Folate may also help with the destruction of good cells caused from methotrexanate, which is taken in high doses to kill cancer cells. There are many instances that negate or increase the need for folate , most notably alcohol consumption.

Link to Alcohol and Breast Cancer

While attending a breast cancer seminar Dr. John West of the Be Aware Foundation ( ) spoke about the link of alcohol consumption and breast cancer. Alcohol will increase the level of a women's estrogen which is a risk to having breast cancer and is definitely contraindicated to those with breast cancer. Alcohol will block DNA production and synthesis. Not good. Many breast cancer survivors , women in the thick of breast cancer and those prone to breast cancer ( from what I have been told ) often find wine to be a treat and a pleasure. Now this is not an advocacy of over consumption of anything ( even Chardonnay ) ,but if one would to choose to have a sip here or there ( or nightly ) it might be prudent to take it with the recommended amount of .4 milligrams of folic acid.
Cheers, Miss Violet
Folic Acid or Folate can counteract cancer causing agents caused when consuming alcohol
Adding Folate to your Diet

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Making a Woman Whole Again with Areola Repigmentation

Areola Repigmentation

Tattooing for nipple replacement after breast cancer
National Areola and Nipple Tattoo Registry
We have come a long way from the Halsted Technique of the radical mastectomy developed in 1882. William Halsted was known as the " Father of American Surgery ". Current techniques have fundamentally evolved to Oncoplastic surgery, which is a new paradigm in mastectomies that greatly improves the cosmetic appearance and symmetry. According to Dr. John West of the Be Aware Foundation ( ) in Tustin, CA, " Our primary goal is to improve survival and the secondary goal is making a women feel whole again ".

Areola repigmentation is a little know, but highly successful procedure of re-creating a nipple and areola complex on cancer survivors. Myself and many fellow tattoo artists such as Brian Everett of the National Areola and Nipple Tattoo Registry ( NANTR ) fondly refer to this modus operandi as " the cherry on the sundae ". Or as Jill Hoyer, a prominent artist in the San Francisco Bay Area states " areola tattooing is generally the last step in a long journey and being a part of it is amazing ". I wholeheartedly agree, this procedure truly makes a woman feel whole again, and what a gift for both survivor and technician.
Because of the change in medicine in the past 2 years as cited by Dr. West, many doctors are viewing areola repigmentation as an integral and vital part of the reconstructive process. We are now able to create a 3 dimensional breast on a one dimensional plane. On bilateral mastectomies with or without nipple reconstruction a seasoned tattoo artist can re-create the nipple and areola complex using shading, highlighting, definition and contouring. We are even able to re-create the Montgomery Glands. For unilateral mastectomies we arte able to match both sides and create symmetry with the " 3D " technique. As with the drastic improvement in the reconstructive process and improved tattoo techniques, the " cherry on the sundae " is definitely the end result.
For information on breast cancer and your rights in regards to mastectomies view and
Dale Hall
Replacing the Nipple after a masectomy from Breast cancer with areola repigmentation using permanent makeup.
Areola Repigmentation

Permanent Makeup in San Diego

Loraine-Dale Hall has 20 years experience doing permanent makeup in San Diego.  If interested in cosmetic tattooing, she offers a free consultation to review your optimal results. Dale currently holds memberships in The American Association of Micropigmentation ( AAM ) , The Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals ( SPCP ) and The National Areola and Nipple Tattoo Registry ( NANTR ).
For more information please go to her Website.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Benefits of SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E

Resveratrol BE from SkinCeuticals is an Anti Aging skincare
SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E

In a 12- week dermatologist controlled clinical study, SkinCeuticals Reservatol BE greatly improved radiance, firmness, elasticity and density. An 18.9% increase in skin density. The controlled clinical trial was conducted on 55 women, ages 45-60 with mild to moderate discoloration, laxity, fine lines and wrinkles. Reservatol BE boosts the NRF-2 protein, the skin's natural defense and self-reparative system against antioxidants.  With age this internal defense system looses it's efficacy. Reservatol , known as the longetivity molecule , is derived from the knotweed plant and when combined with the antioxidants Alpha Tocopherol ( a pure form of Vitamin E ), and Baicalin ( derived from roots of Baikal skullcap ) offer superior results over a single ingredient antioxidant product. Reservatol may be used in conjunction with a retinol product or in lieu of retinoids for intolerant patients .

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Can I get an MRI after having permanent makeup ?

Getting a MRI after Tattooing

Unfortunately there is much confusion regarding MR safety aspects of permanent makeup. In the " olden days " when there was lead in tattoo ink it was not safe to have magnetic resonance ( MR ) imaging. Now ink and pigments ( used for permanent makeup ) do not have lead. Data obtained from surveys from 1032 patients was cataloged, 135 of these study subjects ( 13.1% ) underwent MR imaging after having permanent makeup. One subject reported a " slight tingling " and the other a " burning sensation " , both of which were short-lived or transient in nature. In conclusion MR imaging may be safely performed on those with permanent makeup without any adverse reactions. I think this whole urban myth began with a Dear Abby question many years ago that lead to much confusion.

Dale Hall

Finding a Permanent Makeup Practitioner

Loraine-Dale Hall has 20 years experience doing permanent makeup in San Diego.  If interested in cosmetic tattooing, she offers a free consultation to review your optimal results. Dale currently holds memberships in The American Association of Micropigmentation ( AAM ) , The Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals ( SPCP ) and The National Areola and Nipple Tattoo Registry ( NANTR ).
For more information please go to her Website.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ten Most Asked Permanent Makeup Questions

1. What exactly is Permanent Makeup ?

Permanent cosmetic makeup is the art and science of implanting color into your skin. It is putting the right color in the right place to look better naturally. The color is implanted between the epidermis and dermis.  Because the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, is always shedding , when it is healed you will be looking at the color through a thin veil of skin . Immediately after the procedure, the color will appear darker than the final result. This is because the color is in BOTH the epidermis and dermis. The color in the top layer will flake off during the healing process. I am partial to using a tattoo machine for all my permanent makeup procedures and feel results are better.

2. Does Permanent Makeup hurt ?

Topical anesthetics assure the most comfortable experience possible. Some people describe the sensation as a " tingling " feeling and eyeliner as a " tickling " feeling. I use up to 3 types of topicals and layer them if needed. Since 1994, when I began tattooing, I have yet to experience a client not able to complete a procedure due to pain. In fact most of my clients comment that it was not as bad as they had expected. As the anesthesia wears off the area will feel like a mild sunburn, nothing a good martini won't solve.

3. How Long Will It Take to Recover ?

In my topicals is an ingredient called epinephrine which is a vasoconstrictor and therefore minimizes the swelling: less swelling less healing. Permanent makeup is not as invasive as one might think. For eyeliner you'll look like you've had a good cry from watching "Bridges of Madison County". Eyebrows have little to no swelling . Lip color is the most invasive of all procedures. The recommended protocol following permanent makeup is to ice very hour or so for 10 to 15 minutes to help curtail any downtime.

4. How Long Will My Permanent Makeup Last ?

The darker the color the longer it will last; lighter colors are more vulnerable to the effects of the sun, facial products ( i.e. retin-a, glycolic acids ) and the breakdown of the body. All colors soften and fade with time though via the natural breakdown. I use pigments that are produced by a dermatologist and have found them to be the highest quality pigments on the market in my 20 years of experience. Touch-ups depending on one's preference can be anywhere from 2-7 years.

5. Can I Remove My Permanent Makeup If I Change My Mind ?

Because it is easy to add color and difficult to take it away, I tend to be conservative in the initial application. I recommend my clients to take advantage of  the consultation to discuss wants and needs. Your input will completely determine the end result of your procedure. And yes pigment may be removed, I don't recommend it. Just another reason though to choose a competent and talented technician. This is a team effort.

6. What If I Need An MRI ?

Not an issue, the pigment I use is completely MRI safe. Just advise your physician that you have cosmetic tattooing. As a precaution he or she may wish to place a wet cotton round over your eyes during the MRI.

7. Why Have I Seen Pink or Gray Eyebrows and Blue Eyeliner and Brows ?

The pigment I use will maintain it's integrity , it will just become a lighter version. Gray eyebrows are a result of too much green in a pigment, pink eyebrows are a result of too much red in a pigment and blue liner or brows is a result of a blue based pigment. I never use a red or blue based color. Dr. Dixon the dermatologist who manufactures my pigment has perfected her mixture so that I am able to tattoo a warm or cool brow and " black " eyeliner ".

8. Why Do I See Eyebrows That Look Like They Were Drawn on With A Sharpie ?

Often that is a result of an inexperienced technician. The brows were probably tattooed on using ink instead of pigment, ink should never be used on the face. Not only do I use pigment, but my equipment allows me to implant tiny hair strokes, thus mimicking a natural brow. So back to my shtick ...." no one will know you are tattooed unless you choose to tell 'em ".

9. Why Do I See Uneven Brows and Liner ?

Easy to solve , make sure your technician has OCD in the symmetry department. I draw on a pattern for brows , lips and eyeliner. This is why brows can take me up to 2 1/2 hours, I will not let you leave until they are perfect.

10. What If I Have Plastic Surgery or Laser ?

Eyebrows should be placed on your occipital ridge or where your brows grow naturally. By all means if you  were to have a facelift your brows will not end up in the middle of your forehead. As far as eyeliner, the pigment should be placed in, at or slightly above your lash line, therefore any plastic surgery is a non-issue. Laser resurfacing could result in color loss or even darkening depending on the laser and colors in your skin. Advise your doctor that you have cosmetic tattooing and they will take precautions to avoid the result of color loss or darkening.

Hope this helps.
Dale Hall

Tattooing for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips in San Diego

Loraine-Dale Hall has 20 years experience doing permanent makeup in San Diego.  If interested in cosmetic tattooing, she offers a free consultation to review your optimal results. Dale currently holds memberships in The American Association of Micropigmentation ( AAM ) , The Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals ( SPCP ) and The National Areola and Nipple Tattoo Registry ( NANTR ).
For more information please go to her Website.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen

Which is the best SPF?

Finding a good sunscreen for you and your family ranks up as one of the important decisions for health.  Sunscreen helps your skin from long term damage of cell damage as well as minimizing your risk for skin cancer.  Deciding which SPF number and ingredients can be confusing, as wanting the highest SPF may seem to be the most health conscious but actually may not.

 Is a Higher SPF Sunscreen Really Better?

FDA made a regulation in 2013 that you will no longer be able to purchase sunscreen over SPF 50.  Also sunscreens are not allowed to be labeled waterproof or sweatproof, rather it can say water-resistant.  It must state that it can't provide instant protection and will only last for two hours.  What is misleading about SPF numbers is that SPF 30 does not give you double protection of SPF 15.

SPF 2 = Blocks 50% UVB Rays
SPF 15 = Blocks 93% UVB Rays
SPF 30 = Blocks 97% UVB Rays
SPF 50 = Blocks 99% UVB Rays
SPF 70 = Blocks 99.6% UVB Rays
SPF 90 = Blocks 99.9% UVB Rays

Since SPF only give an indication of protecting from UVB Rays, and the numbers only increase the protection incrementally, it gives a false sense of security purchasing an high number sunscreen.  You should apply 2 ounces of sunscreen, about a shot glass full with each application.  The sun breaks down the ingredients, and therefore should be reapplied every two hours.

For manufacturers to get a higher SPF concentration, more chemicals have to be in the sunscreen, some that can cause allergic reactions.  Some chemical ingredients have been shown to cause hormone disruptions in high doses.  Although the research has not been proven in the dosage or topically with these ingredients, it may be more health conscience to limit exposure to more chemical ingredients, and choose a lower SPF.  Finding a sunscreen that is fragrance free, paraben free and has healthy preservatives are important in being health conscious when purchasing sunscreen. Read our blog with a list of unhealthy preservatives in addition to parabens here.

Is Sunscreen the Only Way to Protect from the Sun?

No.  Sunscreen is the best way to PREVENT damage with the sun.  Vitamin C Serums are the best way to REPAIR from sun damage and protect against sunburns.  To achieve optimal skin health, apply Vitamin C Serums in the morning and then apply your sunscreen.  Vitamin C as well as other antioxidants help to stop free radical damage, which are DNA mutations to the skin cells from the environment.

The Importance of Zinc Oxide

 Choosing a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Zinc Oxide is the best broad spectrum protection to block both UVA and UVB rays with little to no side effects.  When a sunscreen is called " Mineral " or " Physical ", Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide are the main ingredients in the sunscreen.  Titanium Dioxide protects from UVB and only short wavelengths of UVA.  Zinc Oxide is the chalky white ingredient in sunscreens that can sometimes feel heavy and not absorb.  Most sunscreens use a 7% concentration of Zinc Oxide, EltaMD, a dermatologist grade of sunscreen uses 9% and it goes on sheer, not white.

What are UVA and UVB Rays?

The most prevalent rays are UVA, about 20% more than UVB in the environment.  UVA can cause long term cell damage to the skin and premature aging.  UVA can pass through glass, so it is important to wear a daily sunscreen even if your stuck in commuting and in an office.  UVA indexes are consistent with weather and altitude.

UVB rays are the culprits of sunburns and vary within the seasons, being more prevalent in the summer.  UVB increase near the equator and at high altitudes.  When you read an SPF factor on sunscreen, it is only indicating the protection from UVB rays, which cause 90% of cataracts and non-melanoma skin cancers.

Both UVA\UVB rays are most abundant from 10am to 6pm, so doing activities before these times, and limiting exposure during the day will maintain skin health.

What Does Water Resistance Mean in Sunscreen?

Your sunscreen should indicate for the duration it is water resistant, typically 40-90 minutes while you are sweating and swimming.  For optimal effectiveness, the sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before the activity and applied liberally.

Is Tanning Healthy?

Tanning does not promote skin health, but ads to premature aging, whether done on a tanning bed or sun.  Tanning is the skins reaction in the dermis to the ultraviolet light penetrating the skin.  It reacts by producing melanin which is the pigment in skin, which can lead over time to wrinkles, changes in skin texture, age spots and cancer.  Sunless Tans have been shown to be an effective way to giving the glow without the adverse effects.

What Spots do we Neglect to Put Sunscreen On?

Ever noticed the hands on a beautifully aged woman?  They've done their due diligence to apply sunscreen on the back of their hands, ears, face EVERY day, arms and chest.  Bald men, sparse hair or parts in your hair, don't forget your head!  A good way to protect your little ones is to apply the sunscreen before their clothes and swimsuits, so you are sure to not miss a spot by their clothing.

Where to Buy Sunscreen?

It may be tempting to purchase sunscreen on the bargain rack of your grocery or drug store.  Since fragrances, parabens and other fillers are in cheaper sunscreens, making a smart purchase and stocking up will help you stay skin healthy.  shopspaViolet has a lot of dermatologist grade sunscreen with choices of tinted, organic, non-fragrance and with added ingredients and healthy preservatives to help the skin.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Oil Pulling is the New Craze, and Can Benefit Your Skin!

Oil Pulling with Coconut or Sesame Oil reduces bacteria and is hygenic.
Oil Pulling

 Squishing Oil in Your Mouth ?!

Since writing blogs about skincare, Miss Violet has found out a lot of interesting tidbits.  One bit of information I will admit, intrigued me into trying it... scared to tell anyone since I've never heard it done before.  Then I heard on the TV show "The Doctors" to do it with coconut oil.  Then I heard on the Dr. Oz Show to do it with sesame oil.  I had been doing it for 3 weeks with organic cold pressed sesame oil.  Then I saw a Facebook article that gave it a name.  What is this?  Oil Pulling.

While writing my blog on the benefits of sesame oil, I came upon some information that swishing the oil around in your mouth is very beneficial to your gums because it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. I liked the idea of it being a mouthwash that is natural with no dye, unnatural flavors or alcohol.  Using an antioxidant with Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid.  Dr. Oz mentioned when you spit out the sesame oil it will be white from all of bacteria, he is right.

This isn't a new idea.  Oil pulling dates back to ancient ayurvedic medicine practice from India.  The idea is to swish sesame or coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, and the oil will leach the toxins out of your mouth.  Because your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and toxins going into your body, it not only helps your teeth and gums, but also your overall health and skin.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

- Brightens teeth
- Strengthens\Repairs gums
- Eliminates Bad Breath
- Reduces Acne
- Improves Skin Health

Tips for Oil Pulling

- Swish a teaspoon amount in your mouth for 15-20 minutes
- Do not swallow, as it contains all of the bacteria and toxins
- Spit out in the trash, so you don't clog your plumbing

Well I'll be the first to admit, I had been doing it wrong, I was doing the swishing for as long as a normal mouth wash rinse, about 2 minutes.  It can be calming to be silently swishing thinking off those bad bugs being leached out.  I'm off to the dentist next week, and interested to see if my gums are healthier.  I would love to hear if you have tried it and what your experience is!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Areola Repigmentation for Breast Cancer Survivors

Before and After pictues of areola repigmentation where tattoo the nipple after breast cancer
Areola Repigmentation

 Areola Repigmentation to become Whole Again

Areola Repigmentation is a little known , yet highly successful tattoo or permanent makeup procedure. Thankfully it seems to be receiving more attention through the media and thus becoming a more publically recognized service. In the United States 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer by age 95 and certain families that carry the breast cancer gene BRCA1 or BRCA2 will have an increased chance.
That being said areola or nipple reconstruction via tattooing can make a significant difference for cancer survivors. This non-invasive procedure is often a solution for those who do not choose further reconstructive surgeries. A look of balance, shape , color and normalcy may be achieved by this procedure. With either a bi-lateral or uni-lateral ( one side ) reconstruction an accomplished and reputable tattoo artist may ensure a natural result. Often reconstructed breasts are not symmetrical and placement of the areola may act as an " optical illusion " and help achieve balance or regularity . The beauty of a tattooed areola is that the eye will be drawn to the color and not to the scars.
Pigment is implanted into the tissue between the epidermis and dermis, often utilizing a tattoo machine for best results. With this genre of equipment a myriad of different types of needles such as liners and shaders may be used to achieve that 3-D appearance. When the skin heals ( which could be up to 3 weeks for complete healing and 5-7 days for a visual healing ) a  natural and soft areola is the result.
The actual tattoo procedure will take 30-60 minutes and if warranted a topical anesthetic may be used to minimize any discomfort. After completion the area will feel like a slight sunburn and the color will be quite a bit brighter than the final result. A second session may be required to fine tune the shape and color, especially for darker areolas . As stated earlier this is a highly successful procedure that we liken to " the cherry on the sundae " , or the final step for a breast cancer survivor.

Dale Hall

Permanent Makeup for Cancer Survivors

Loraine-Dale Hall has 20 years experience doing permanent makeup in San Diego.  If interested in cosmetic tattooing, she offers a free consultation to review your optimal results. Dale currently holds memberships in The American Association of Micropigmentation ( AAM ) , The Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals ( SPCP ) and The National Areola and Nipple Tattoo Registry ( NANTR ).
For more information please go to her Website.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Best Tinted Sunscreens for Spring Fever

Revision Intellishade, EltaMD UV Physical, Coola Tint and SkinCeuticals UV Physical are the best tinted sunscreens on the market.
The Best Tinted Sunscreens

Dermatologist Tinted Sunscreens

Tinted Sunscreens offer UV protection while also acting as a skin foundation, an all-in-one application fitting every skin tone.  Perfect for a facial sunscreen, tinted sunscreens even skin tone to make a smooth complexion reducing signs of aging.  With Spring right around the corner, it's important to stock up on the best sunscreen so you look fabulous, and protected under the sun.

Revision Intellishade - By far this is our best selling skincare product.  Not only is it a tinted sunscreen, but it moisturizes and has added antioxidants of Vitamin A, C and E to repair your skin from sun damage.  It comes in Original or Matte formulas.

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 - Known for it's ultra sheer application and drying quickly, UV defense is popular for it's lightweight protection.

EltaMD UV Physical Broad Spectrum SPF 41 - EltaMD is well known for their dermatologist grade sunscreen for even the pickiest sensitive skin.  EltaMD UV Physical goes on lightweight and is water resistant and with antioxidants.

Coola Face SPF 30 Tint - Coola is well known as an all organic sunscreen, and with it's infused herbal oils and antioxidants, allows for your skin to be healthy, while looking radiant.  Coola Face Tint is water resistant and comes in Unscented or Cucumber scent.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ugh my pores are too big, how do I shrink them ?

Acne scars from large pores and how to shrink them.
Large Pores

Reduce Pore Size from Acne Scaring

First of all contrary to urban legend pores do not open and close like a door. We do not have millions of tiny little muscles that control the opening and closing of each pore. The two main factors of large pores are genetics and age. Large pores are more prominent on skin that is naturally oily and thick. Sun damage which leads to decreased skin elasticity will cause pores to enlarge. The skin will thicken and cells will accumulate around the periphery of the pore and make the pores look much larger. ( no space here )

Blackheads are a large contributor to large pores, when the pore becomes clogged by skin debris and bacteria the pores diameter will expand.  The presence of large pores may be significantly reduced by the use of retinol and vitamin C. These ingredients not only loosen dirt and oil from the pores, they increase collagen and elastin production , thus serving a dual purpose in the quest for flawless skin. Exfoliation will minimize the appearance of large pores and may be accomplished at home using an at-home facial scrub or more aggressively by visiting a medi-spa or dermatologist. More invasive treatments by a dermatologist such as chemical peels, Intense Light Pulse Photofacials ( IPL ) and laser treatments are highly effective as well. And lastly, never, ever underestimate the use of a good makeup foundation.
Cheers, Miss Violet