Monday, March 3, 2014

Areola Repigmentation for Breast Cancer Survivors

Before and After pictues of areola repigmentation where tattoo the nipple after breast cancer
Areola Repigmentation

 Areola Repigmentation to become Whole Again

Areola Repigmentation is a little known , yet highly successful tattoo or permanent makeup procedure. Thankfully it seems to be receiving more attention through the media and thus becoming a more publically recognized service. In the United States 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer by age 95 and certain families that carry the breast cancer gene BRCA1 or BRCA2 will have an increased chance.
That being said areola or nipple reconstruction via tattooing can make a significant difference for cancer survivors. This non-invasive procedure is often a solution for those who do not choose further reconstructive surgeries. A look of balance, shape , color and normalcy may be achieved by this procedure. With either a bi-lateral or uni-lateral ( one side ) reconstruction an accomplished and reputable tattoo artist may ensure a natural result. Often reconstructed breasts are not symmetrical and placement of the areola may act as an " optical illusion " and help achieve balance or regularity . The beauty of a tattooed areola is that the eye will be drawn to the color and not to the scars.
Pigment is implanted into the tissue between the epidermis and dermis, often utilizing a tattoo machine for best results. With this genre of equipment a myriad of different types of needles such as liners and shaders may be used to achieve that 3-D appearance. When the skin heals ( which could be up to 3 weeks for complete healing and 5-7 days for a visual healing ) a  natural and soft areola is the result.
The actual tattoo procedure will take 30-60 minutes and if warranted a topical anesthetic may be used to minimize any discomfort. After completion the area will feel like a slight sunburn and the color will be quite a bit brighter than the final result. A second session may be required to fine tune the shape and color, especially for darker areolas . As stated earlier this is a highly successful procedure that we liken to " the cherry on the sundae " , or the final step for a breast cancer survivor.

Dale Hall

Permanent Makeup for Cancer Survivors

Loraine-Dale Hall has 20 years experience doing permanent makeup in San Diego.  If interested in cosmetic tattooing, she offers a free consultation to review your optimal results. Dale currently holds memberships in The American Association of Micropigmentation ( AAM ) , The Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals ( SPCP ) and The National Areola and Nipple Tattoo Registry ( NANTR ).
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