Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What is the Shelf Life of LiLash?

What is the Expiration Date on Lilash?

The quick answer? 2 years unopened, an additional 1 year after opened for a total of three years.  With Lilash only sold to the United States through the leftover inventory that sales representatives had at the time Lilash was told to stop selling (March 2013), Lilash will continue to be good to sell until March 2015.

Why is Lilash Not Able to Sell Their Product in the United States?

Lilash infringed upon a patent that another eyelash enhancer held with a similar ingredient.  Furthermore Lilash and other enhanced eyelash growth companies had unfair advertising when they said their product was more superior than the other.  Many consumers wonder if the lawsuit dealt with dangers of Lilash, and many websites are very negative warning to stay away.  The lawsuit NEVER dealt with adverse effects or dangers of Lilash.  You can read a summary of the lawsuit here:

What are the Adverse Effects of Lilash?

Only a small amount of people have seen side effects with Lilash.  Unlike other brands of lash enhancement, no change in eye color or spots in the eyes have ever been shown to have happened.  A darkening of the skin by the eyelid has been reported, and after discontinuing use, the color of the skin returns to normal.  The skin around the eye is very thin and sensitive and some have shown to have a sensitivity to Lilash with itching, irritation and redness.  Misuse of the product or in the rare case of sensitivity to the ingredients can lead to these conditions.

Correct Use of Lilash

Store Lilash upright to the applicator does not become too saturated.  Apply thinly to the lashes only, not touching the skin of the eyes.  A little goes a long way.  Apply daily till you see results, about one month.  Back off to every other day or every third day after to maintain growth and not promote too long of lashes.  If you feel irritation you may be applying too much and applying on the skin.

Where to Buy Authentic Lilash?

shopspaViolet has been dealing with the same sales representative for Lilash before the lawsuit, and they have a large inventory stock of Lilash.  Our Lilash comes directly from Lilash, adhering to the law.

What Will Replace Lilash?

Nothing.  Our Lilash rep is working hard to make sure all the proper laws are followed to still allow access to Lilash. 

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  3. Is this information still current? You state: "Lilash will continue to be good to sell until March 2015."

    Yet you still have it for sale. I want to order but I am concerned about current expiration date and shelf life. Can you please give me the updated information, if any? Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your concern, the information provided was written on March 26, 2014. Any product after May of 2015 would have to be imported into the country since Lilash does not sell in the United States, hope that helps!

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