Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Maintain Your Skin

anti aging skincare to renew and smooth skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Fountain of Youth is in your Skincare

Top Tips to Slow Aging

1. Sunscreen (Up to 20% Off) - Dermatology grade, hydrating and chock full of anti-oxidants.
2. Vitamin C Serum (up to 30% OFF)- Stops DNA mutation, boosts sunscreen's SPF.
3. Retinol ($13 Off)- Rejuvenate skin while sleeping.

My Skin Already Looks Old, Now What!?

Start With the 3 Previous Steps and Bump Up Your Skin Repair:
1. Tinted sunscreens (up to 15% OFF) Smooths and hides imperfections.
2. SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter (20% OFF) - Stop Glycation (What is that?... check out our blog).

Next Use Targeted Products For Problem Areas:

1. Revision Nectifirm (save $10) Tightens and firms the neck, P.S. use it on your knees shhh!
2. Revision Lumiquin (save $4) Adds volume to hands and reduces age spots.
3. Exuviance Targeted Filler T5 (Save 10%) Firms like a procedural filler such as Juvederm.
4. Revision Revox II (20% OFF) Relaxes expression lines, great for those afraid of Botox.
5. All Miss V's Eye creams (up to 20% OFF)  Brightens dark circles, reduce puffiness and firms.

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