Sunday, May 18, 2014

Clarisonic Mia now has a Low Low Price

Clarisonic Mia is offered at a low price 5 dollars below Macys!
Clarisonic Mia
The Clarisonic Mia used to Retail for $125, and starting today the Retail price is $99.  Why?  Well for years Clarisonic was the one and only electronic brush cleanser for skin.  New products have come online and they are lowering their price to keep up with the competition, a win for the consumer!  Clarisonic Mia2, the next step up was reduced by $2, not really worth talking about.

Clarisonic Mia comes with a 1 year warranty and has a 1 speed for cleansing your skin giving you 6 times better cleansing than using just your hands.  Use the Clarisonic before putting on your antioxidant serums, acne creams and expensive anti aging creams to give you optimal results.

With, when you order you will get FREE shipping and samples of great skincare AND with a coupon code SPA10OFF to save 10% off the Retail.  CLICK HERE

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