Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Revision Lumiquin is Skin Care for your Hands

Revision Lumiquin removes age spots and visible veins making a great skincare for hands and arms
Revision Skincare Lumiquin

You can tell a persons age by their skin.  An often overlooked telltale sign is the hands.  With wrinkles, age spots and veins a person can show their age on their hands no matter how much money they have invested in Botox, Plastic Surgery and anti aging creams for their face.

Revision Lumiquin is skin care specialized to treat your hands by volumizing to reduce the look of veins, brightening the age spots on the skin and moisturizing to renew the skin and give clarity.  Key ingredients are Myrothamnus flabellifolia as a powerful antioxidant, Licorice Extract as a powerful skin brightener, and Shea Butter as a moisturizer barrier and anti inflammatory.

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