Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Juice For Your Lunch !?

juicing for healthy skin
Juicing for a Healthy Life

The ladies at spaViolet have a craving for juice, and we have come to be on a first name basis with our favorite juice spot, Juice Nation, a locally owned organic and raw juicing company in Solana Beach. The girls have gotten tired of bringing in their leftover food and salads and feel energized that a healthy dose of raw vegetables made into a juice can be filling, nutrient rich and a great substitute for the normal lunch.  Juicing has become popular recently and we decided to bring it up because the beauty of your skin comes from products for your skin, but also what you put into your body internally.

For many people, getting the proper amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet they find is hard.  FDA servings recommend about 2 cups of fruits and 2 and a half cups of vegetables a day.  Juicing has become a new fad for getting the vitamins and nutrition without the task of chewing all of the food.

" You need to Chew Your Juice "

Juice can be a substitute for a meal if it's prepared correctly, and their are many popular juice companies that don't give the right balance. Asking questions and a little research will give you a great meal that will sustain and let you feel full.  When using a juicer, or buying it in a store make sure:

- It is freshly squeezed daily
- Some or all of the pulp is added back in for fiber
- Ad additional protein for a balanced diet
- More vegetables in the juice for a lower calorie count
- Get away from the fads of ice cream, ice, yogurt, all fruit.

If you juice yourself, save the pulp and ad it back into your diet in soups, muffins, sauces etc to get the same benefit. 

Does Juicing Cleanse?

No research has shown that it does.  Your kidneys and liver filter out the toxins naturally, and you can get too many vitamins in your diet, the overload not benefiting.  Too much Kale or Spinach can lead to blood thinning from too much Vitamin K, so consult your doctor before you turn into a juicer.

Can I Replace Meals with Juice?

As long as you ad the pulp back in and ad protein to the juice, you can use it as a replacement.  If you just drink the juice your body will lack the fullness and your diet may fail because of a lack of feeling full.

Juicing is a great way to get your nutrients and ad the healthy amount to your diet.  By choosing the right way to juice, it can be a great way to make you healthier and give your skin it's glow.

What to buy for Juicing?

For meal replacement, use a Vitamix that leaves in all of the pulp and has the power to grind up the vegetables.  If you purely want juice for the nutrient and vitamin benefits, you can use a Breville Juicer which will work fast and separate the pulp.  If your into the idea of convenience, most juice places offer loyalty programs where if you buy so many you get one free.

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