Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How often I Exfoliate?

We shed skin cells at a rate of 50,000 each minute. A good reason to vacuum. Proper exfoliation helps keep pores from clogging and helps skin to look radiant and healthy. Aside from daily use of a Clarisonic a thorough exfoliation of 2-3 X a week is best, especially for oily skin.  Sensitive and rosacea prone skin is better suited to 1 X a week exfoliation or just stick to your Clarisonic. Finishing Touch by Revision exfoliates skin with Polynesian Volcanic Black Sand and ultra fine pumice rendering a smooth and soft visage. The surface of these exfoliants  is round , minimizing micro-cuts and scrapes. For a real fun evening follow it up with Revision's Black Mask.
Cheers , Miss Violet

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