Monday, December 12, 2016

All about pores

1.Are Pores Shrinkable ?
Cursedly NO ! BUT, try Retinoids or Retinols to boost skin cell turnover and purge those pesky blackheads.
2.Do Pores "OPEN" and "CLOSE" ?
Myth A #1. There are not millions of little pore muscles that open and close.
3. Do Pores Get Larger With Aging ?
YES ! Use salicylic acids, retinols and retinoids to help boost the dermal collagen around pores.
4. Are Blackheads A Tell-Tale Sign of Clogged Pores ?
Negatory ! They aren't always blackheads, but may be a mix of sebum and skin cells that cannot be removed by any amount of squeezing. So stop SQUEEZING !

Sunday, December 11, 2016


1. LiLash- super long, thicker and darker lashes.....need I say more !!!
2. LiLash and Blinc- The Dynamic Duo !!!
3. His and Hers Babyfoot Peel- Time to shed your feet's Summer Fun !!!
4. Revision's Retinol Complete- Fun In The Sun is over for now, time to tackle wrinkles and crinkles !!!
5. Clarisonic- Let's exfoliate 2016 OFF !!!
Cheers, Miss Violet

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Are Pores Shrinkable ?

Cusedly NO !  No product can permanently shrink your pores " says Washington D.C. dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, MD. "But there are some effective products out there that do a good job at temporarily making them look more refined " Los Gatos, CA dermatologist Steven L. Sevengal, MD, maintains the opinion that nightly use of retinoids or retinol will help. "These products boost skin cell turnover and increase the purging of oily plugs from the pores-the less packed the pores are, the smaller they look "

Do Pores  "Open " and  "Close" ?

Myth A#1 !!! There are not millions of little pore muscles that open and close. "A lot of talk has centered around the use of steam to open pores", says Dr. Svengel. "But this delivers a temporary effect. So why is this an essential step of a facial ? Steam will help soften the pores for a few hours or so, but it's not a long term fix", says New York dermatologist Doris Day, MD. "When skin is soft you can apply salicylic acid to exfoliate deep into the pores, which results in radiant skin."

Are Pores Like Our Ears and Noses and Get Bigger With Aging ?

Yes !!! :((. As Dr. Svengel clarifies pore size is definitely genetic. "Pore size starts out quite small on children, but enlarges on most people during puberty. In our youth, pores are surrounded by a fairly robust 'cuff' of dermal collagen that keeps their size fairly consistent. With age, that dermal 'cuff' of collagen thins out and decreases in size, allowing the pores to open a bit more and appear larger".

Are Blackheads A Tell-Tale Sign of Clogged Pores ?

Negative. According to Dr. Day they aren't always blackheads or clogged pores, but a mix of sebum and skin cells that cannot be removed by a proper good SQUEEZE. Though they may be controlled by glycolic and salicylic acid.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Friday, December 2, 2016

Nose Problems Solved !

1. Blackheads : Why Oh Why do they exist ? Usually due to an overproduction of sebum (oil caused by hormones), built up dead skin cells and bacteria.
How to Fix "Em : Exfoliate, use spot treatments with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and Vitamin A. Try cleansers that target blackheads.

2. Broken Capillaries : Why ? According to New York dermatologist Jessica Krant, MD, although they are called "broken capillaries", they are actually intact, but dilated. "Anything that makes the nose red for a prolonged period of time , like hormonal fluctuations, allergies or rosacea can lead to the expansion of these microscopic vessels, but they are completely harmless and generally easy to cover with makeup. "Broken capillaries are caused by aging, the environment, genetics or too much sun.
How to Fix 'em : if laser treatments are out of the question try makeup to camouflage broken capillaries.
3. Oily Patches : Why do we have 'em ? There are a lot of sebaceous glands on our noses, so that area tends to suffer from the midday grease. Also oily skin is related to hormones and genetics. 
Fix it by washing skin with warm, not hot water (hot can stimulate excess oil). Try cleansers with glycolic and salicylic acids and mattifying agents that prevent oiliness.

4. Wrinkles and Crinkles : these small lines occur on the upper part where the nose and eyes meet. The results of aging, facial expressions or overactice muscles.
Fix it with Retin-A products that will help smooth them out or ZAP those bunny lines with a wee bit of Botox from your local Derm, R.N. or Plastic Surgeon. Not ready for Botox use a topical that reduces width and depth of expression lines.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Miss Violet's Ultimate Guide For A Basic Revision Protocol

( AKA a fix for Revision Junkies ) :
1. Cleanser - Brightening, Gentle or Papaya Cleanser ( choose according to skin type, or just by what you like )
Cheers, Miss Violet

Revox 7 is the new Botox

Afraid to try Botox, or just looking for a product that will combat wrinkles ? Try Revox 7 by Revision Skincare. Formulated with 7 different clinical level peptides, Revox 7 reduces and softens wrinkles and expression lines around eyes, forehead and mouth. Not only does Revox 7 reduce and soften, it smooths and tones. It's like LIQUID MAGIC ! Apply Revox 7 to a clean palette, prior to any serum, moisturizer,  or sunscreen. Dispense one pump and apply to lines around eyes, forehead and mouth. Try it on your neck before applying Nectifirm.  Brush your teeth after application to give it a minute or so to activate. A typical application will last up to 12 hours. Use twice daily, AM and PM.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Monday, October 17, 2016

WHY ALOE VERA ? Top 10 Reasons

Aloe Vera Benefits
Aloe Vera

You have probably seen aloe vera all shampoos, lotions, potions, cosmetics, supplements and skin care. Why is aloe vera so popular not only in products, but also among natural medicine enthusiasts ? I'll give you the top ten.
1. When utilizing aloe vera rich moisturizers and shampoos you are boosting your skin and hair with vitamins and minerals. Aloe vera is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, choline and folic acid. These vitamins are regenerative and strengthening. The minerals calcium, iron, potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, sodium, chromium are abundant in aloe products.
2. Aloe vera supplements are bounteous with 20 different amino acids that can help with the formation of skin, organ tissue and bone. Amino acids are essential for the creation of proteins; protein is crucial in the creation of new cells.
3. Aloe vera will help keep blood healthy as a natural defender by providing the body with 3 different plant sterols. Sterols are fatty acids which reduce the amount of bad fat in the blood. They also may reduce the effects of some allergies.
4. It can improve digestion.  Aloe vera is an adaptogen. In herbal medicine an adaptogen is a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. A well-known example is ginseng. As an adaptogen it can help those afflicted with irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea. Poor digestion inhibits the body from receiving all the nutrients it needs. Aloe is more than capable in managing digestion and helping regularity in much the same manner as fiber.
5. It's a great detox.....maybe the perfect Monday morning starter. Aloe vera is gelatinous and moves slowly through intestines absorbing all the unwanted toxins. It can also aid in speeding up and improving the effectiveness of a detox regime.
6. Aloe vera is heart healthy. Those with aloe in their system enjoy better oxygen transportation throughout their body. This is not only an aid for the heart, but for other organs as well.
7. Due to it's antibacterial qualities it is an internal and external disinfectant. Great to use on hands as a natural cleanser and decidedly effective in treating viruses and external fungal infections (which does not include your little brother or mother in law ). 
8. Aloe vera can reduce inflammation. It is ideal in helping diminish inflammation of joints and tissue; therefore ideal for those with arthritis or all over body stiffness. It won't cure these conditions, but will definitely help. Check with your Doc to make sure aloe vera complements any current medications.
9. So if it improves digestion, will it help with weight loss ? Mais oui. Because it helps break down all the elements within food it helps with digestion of the "good stuff" and helps rid the toxins an "bad stuff". By detoxifying bowels aloe helps you feel ore energetic and yes, LIGHTER !
10. It's seriously easy to find. Just hit the local health store, grow it or find it on shopspaViolet.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sweet Sweet Sleep !

"Each night when I go to sleep, I die and the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn".
Mahatma Gandhi
   A sleepless night not just renders you grumpy, listless and unproductive, but it can affect our skin the next day, i.e. dark circles, dull skin and increased signs of aging. We need sleep: during sleep our bodies and skin cells regenerate and undo what we endured the day before. Between 12:00 A.M. and 4:00 A.M. our skin is in a process of repair, due to decreased levels of the dastardly hormone cortisol. While important to the body's response to stress, cortisol is also responsible for the body's lower immunity and inflammatory responses.
   In our current high-stress culture it is difficult for our bodies to stay balanced. "While there's little published data on exactly how our skin restores itself as we sleep, we do know that the length of telomeres (the ends of our chromosomes that are stretches of DNA that protect the chromosomal DNA like little caps) is better preserved in those with good and regular sleep patterns (the length of a telomere decreases with age). Skin also recovers and heals more quickly in people who routinely get more than seven hours of sleep", says Chicago dermatologist Dr. Quenby Erickson, MD. Research verifies that skin cell turnover is 8X quicker at night. "Sleep is the 'time out' your body requires to make necessary cellular repairs and zone in on restoring your body from the inside out", says sleep expert Michael Breuss.
  Make the most of beauty sleep by using products rich with retinols, retinoids, anti-aging, collagen stimulating, hydrating and antioxidant ingredients. During sleep our skin's protective barrier diminishes, thus anything applied topically is easily penetrated. "When your body is asleep, it can focus on other endeavors that it can't hone in on while it's awake. At the top of it's list of priorities are cell growth and repair", says Breuss.
  Remember 6-9 hours is on average the amount of sleep an adult requires each night. Allow me to recap: while we sleep skin repairs itself, new skin cells grow, skin defends itself from moisture loss and free radical damage, there is an increase in protein production, less oil is produced and growth hormones are released. Try these nightly skin aids before you head off to bed: Lumixyl's Trifecting Night Cream, Skinceuticals A.G.E. Interrupter, Exuviance's Evening Restorative Complex and spaViolet's Iron Me Out.
"The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more".
                                                                                                          Wilson Mazrer

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sun Damage Solutions

Physical chemical-free sunscreen
Skincare to protect from the sun.
While sunscreen is a strong defender against sun damage there are products that can restore and repair skin as well. Try retinol to stimulate collagen. "Retinoids are excellent for reducing visible sun damage and they can be used indefinitely", says Seattle dermatologist Peter Jenkins, MD. Try our retinols by Skinceuticals, Revision, PCA and Miss Violet.
  Try skin brighteners to lighten dark spots and slow down the production of melanin. Lumixyl's Brightening Pads, Brightening Cream and Night Cream brightens and reduces hyperpigmentation. 
  Antioxidants like Vitamin C by Miss Violet and Revision's 30% Vitamin C will brighten dull skin. they will also boost the effects of sunscreens because they squash free radicals. Antioxidants will also heal sun-induced skin damage.
  Try peptides to rebuild skin's tightness and elasticity and to help skin replenish collagen. Give Lumixyl's Revitaleyes Brightening Eye Cream chock full of proprietary peptides.
  And last but not least try a hydrator. Look for one with occlusive agents such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Lavish skin with Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex, Neostrata's Bionic Face Cream, PCA's Skin Collagen Hydrator, Revision's Firming Night Treatment or Skinceutical's A.G.E. Interrupter.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Big Yellow

"The sun is the major cause of everything in the skin we associate with aging", says Seattle dermatologist Peter Jenkins, MD. "Just 11 minutes of sun exposure does more damage to your skin than your body can repair in one day", says Dr. Jenkin. "The effects of sun exposure occur within hours (showing up as a burn), but skin cancer can take years to surface. The consequences of the skin are cumulative and get worse over time".
Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C can Help Fight Free Radical Damage
"Exposure to UV rays triggers a protective response from the skin that includes the production of melanin (pigment) to absorb and protect the skin from radiation. This then appears as scattered spots based on the health of the skin and the level of exposure", says San Diego plastic surgeon Larry Pollack, MD. "UV radiation creates free radicals in the skin, damaging and breaking down collagen and elastin. These free radicals (cells without a paired electron that can damage skin) can also cause damage to a cell's DNA leading to pre-malignant growths and skin cancer".

Five Different Visible Signs of Sun Damage:

1. Marbled and loose appearing skin, due to the the breakdown of our ultra plumping collagen.
2. Dark spots on sides of the face, cheeks and forehead. The skin produces melanin a a means of protecting itself from the sun which leads to brown spots.
3. Loose skin from a breakdown in skin's elasticity. Skin begins to appear leathery, rough and Palm Springs-like.
4. Broken capillaries and red splotches. "When blood vessels are damaged by the sun, they swell and become dilated, creating red blotchy spots and visible spider veins on the face", says D. Pollack.
5. And last, but certainly not least lines and wrinkles caused by increased free radicals and a loss of elasticity.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Miss Violet's Top 5 Products For Fall.....Or SHUCKS SUMMER IS OVER !

1. Clarisonic : The Clarisonic hand piece is 6X  better at removing dirt and oil than standard cleansing. Try the Mia 2 as a starter.
2. Revision Brightening Facial Wash is for sun damaged skin. Licorice and Vitamin C is a dynamic lightening duo. Perfect for all skin types.
3. Bambubrasion manual microdermabrasion exfoliates and brightens. Organic and suitable for all skin types.
4. Lumixyl Trifecting Night Cream not only smoothes fine lines, wrinkles and texture, but corrects sun induced hyperpigmentation.
5. Lumiquin by Revision brightens skin and reduces those pesky sun spots. A hint: use not just on hands, but arms and chest.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Medical Grade Products vs. Over The Counter

What is the difference ?
Medical Grade Products may only be purchased through a physician or skincare clinic or website associated with a licensed physician. The efficacy of these products are due to the concentrated, active and high quality ingredients that are fortified by intense research, technology and clinical studies. Only via Medical Grade Products will skin change and improve.
Over The Counter or OTC skincare may be purchased at department stores, drug stores, spas, salon and basic websites. Most OTC skincare lines are owned by just a few umbrella companies such as Estee Lauder, which owns Clinique and Crème de La Mer. One can spend $40 on a Clinique product or $400 on a Crème de La Mer product. The results are the same.....Nada ! Plus these products are chock full of fillers, perfumes, talc, mineral oils etc. All are inactive and may be irritating. Pretty packaging does not equate to results. Do not be duped by their claims.
To find Medical Grade Products such as Neostrata, Skinceuticals, Revision, PCA and our own very line by yours truly peruse shopspaViolet.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Monday, August 1, 2016

Your Hands Do Show Your Age !

When it comes to our face our anti-aging program is like clock-work...moisturizers, sunscreens, hydrating products, retin-A, wrinkle fighting serums etc. Our hands, not so much ! A youth preservation plan for our delicate and depraved hands is a must! Here are a few tell-tale signs that make hands look old.
Age spots : Which have nothing to do with age. " Age spots are the result of sun exposure, " explains Eileen Lambroza, MD, clinical instructor of dermatology at New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center. Short of chronically wearing gloves a dollop of sunscreen should be applied to hands before heading out the door. And re-applied throughout the day if in the sun.
Crepey skin : If backs of the hands begin looking crimpey start using a collagen thickening cream to improve texture.
Flaky skin : Two words...exfoliate and hydrate .
For a solution to these giveaway signs try Lumiquin by Revision Skincare. Lumiquin is a brightening treatment or younger looking hands. This night-time formula is packed with almighty anti-aging ingredients and anti-oxidants. Lumiquin brightens the skin, minimizes imperfections, enhances skin's moisture level and supports skin's natural moisture. Diacetyl Boldine helps brighten skin. Licorice Root Extract increases radiance. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that brightens. Biosaccharide Gum-1 and Hyaluronic Acid are highly moisturizing and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Lumiquin is meant to be used at night and needs to be on the skin for several hours without hand washing. All skin types benefit. A tip: use it on your arms as well.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Monday, July 25, 2016

Cracked Heels

Problem Dry Skin
What causes cracked heels ? Cracked heels or heel fissures are caused most commonly by dry skin. Though they may become painful, they are more typically a cosmetic problem. Do not neglect them, those cracks may not only make it painful to walk, but may lead to infections. Don't fret there is a solution ! How do cracked heels happen: cold weather, dehydration, not moisturizing, taking very hot showers or baths, harsh drying soaps, scrubbing feet dry or having diabetes. And in Southern California, because of the common footwear FLIP FLOPS chronic exposure to weather. Even in winter a common sight is leggings, flip flops and a parka....more common than shorts, Uggs and a parka.
" Heel fissures and cracks occur when the skin loses it's moisture content and dries out and cracks, says Alan K. Mauser, DPM a podiatrist in Louisville, KY. " It's kind of like if you put plaster on a balloon and let it harden and blow up the balloon, the balloon will expand, the plaster will crack. The heel pad wants to expand outward, but the skin is not pliable enough to expand with it, so it cracks, " Dr. Mauser explains. Seriously dry heels crave Neostrata's Problem Dry Skin, a 20% Alpha Hydroxy formulation. This rich cream concentrated with Alpha Hydroxy, Polyhydroxy acids, beeswax and Vitamin E exfoliate severely dry, rough and thickened skin not only on heels, but also knees and elbows. In as little as 3 weeks of daily use say GOODBYE to dry and cracked heels
Dermatologist developed. Fragrance-free.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Monday, June 20, 2016

Environmental Hazards for your Skin!

   Today it seems almost impossible to avoid chemicals. It is essential to attempt to be cognitive of what you put in or on your body. "While exposure to UV rays is the leading cause of skin cancer there are also some rarer causes such as radiation, arsenic, immunosuppressive drugs, tobacco, burns, genetic disorders and other carcinogenic chemicals. Avoiding these causes when possible can help prevent skin cancer", says Jordana Herschthal, MD.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Do you do Regular Skin Exams?!

  Check unlikely areas when performing a self-exam, even your scalp. "In between your routine skin cancer screening exams, if you notice any new, changing or irregular skin lesions, or have a sore that won't heal, please don't hesitate to call your dermatologist", says Allison Arthur, MD. "When self-examining, checking nails, scalp, genitals and feet are important. I have diagnosed melanomas in all of these sites, and patients usually do not expose those areas during a skin exam before my prompting them to do so. the best way to identify skin cancers is to be seen annually for a screening by a board certified dermatologist. Regular self-skin examinations are also important in helping to track changes in moles or newly appearing skin lesions", says Jordana Herschthal.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sunscreen all Day, Every Day!

ColoreScience Brush On Sunscreen
  Most of us are under the impression we only need to wear sunscreen when at the beach or pool and only if it's sunny outside. Unfortunately 78% of women don't wear sunscreen unless they are at the beach and if they do they believe a SPF of 15 is enough. It is not ! 'It's a necessity to apply sunscreen to exposed daily skin with a SPF 30 or higher and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, even in overcast, wet or cooler climates. I always recommend placing sunscreen next to your toothbrush to incorporate application into your daily routine. The best sunscreen is a mineral-based sunscreen as it reflects the radiation as opposed to chemical sunscreens which absorb the energy into your skin. If you are spending a majority of your time outside, reapplication of sunscreen every two hours is a must to guarantee adequate protection", says Jordana Herschthal, MD. "I love the Colorescience Mineral Brush-On Sunscreen because it is perfect for reapplying sunscreen over makeup, then touching-up other exposed areas, ike my neck and hands. My kids also love this brush. The non-greasy mineral formula makes it easy for us to apply and re-apply sunscreen throughout the day", says Allison Arthur, MD.
Cover Up !
  Did you know damaging rays penetrate regular clothing ? "A regular cotton T-shirt offers an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of about 4-6. In contrast, most sun protective clothing has a UPF 30-50. When I kayak or swim, I wear a long-sleeved, mock turtleneck UPF surf shirt and swim leggings. On my days of work, I wear UPF dresses or cardigans to run errands. I also wear broad-brimmed hats and UV protective sunglasses as much as possible to cover the scalp, ears and delicate eye areas. My children wear sun protective clothing daily-they wear t to swim, play at the park or for a long car ride" says Allison Arthur, MD. "sunglasses are not just for style, but also help prevent ocular melanoma", says Jordana Herschthal, MD. Finally! a bona fide reason for hip and stylish shades.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Take the Pledge!

shopspaViolet is proud to carry Colorescience, which is spearheading the pledge to educate the public on the importance of sunscreen and reapplication. Hundreds of Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic Physicians and professionals from across the country are joining Colorescience To Take The Pledge. Start by :
1. Stop Tanning !
Simply because your skin is not burning does not mean aging or cancerous cells are not lurking. "Did you know that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States ? And exposure to UV light from the sun and tanning beds is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer", says Allison Arthur, MD. "Stop tanning outdoors and indoors. Indoor tanning increases melanoma risk by 75%", says Jordana Herschtal, MD. People who use a tanning bed before 35 increase the risk of melanoma by 75% and may be responsible for over 170,000 cases of non-melanoma skin cancers in the U.S. according to a 2012 study.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Favorite Foundation

Oxygenetix Foundation
Oxygenetix Foundation

  Let's re-visit one of my favorite foundations, Oxygenetix. Though Oxygenetix was formulated for doctors, this "breatheable" foundation is a remarkable daily and "skin friendly" foundation. Designed to cover and treat skin injuries, wounds, rashes, cracked dry skin, acne scars, rosacea, post-surgical scars it may be used daily, because of its unique properties. The key ingredient Cerivatae is a super charged oxygen complex that proliferates collagen cells and connective tissue. Per the founder and formulator Barry Knapp, "Cerivatae does the heavy lifting with the oxygen play...". This patented ingredient is released via electrodes out of brewer's yeast and creates it's own oxygen through osmosis. It exists in the foundation and allows cells to uptake the oxygen that is needed. Therefore this foundation is 85% breathable.
  The base of Oxygenetix is Aloe Vera Barbadensis, the only plant grown on ships to treat wounds due to it's anti-bacterial qualities that protect compromised skin while astringently removing dead surface cells.  Other ingredients Vitamin E, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea, Salix Alba Extract and Glycerin are all oxygen enriched and add to the "Perfect Second Skin" component. Oxygenetix may be applied immediately following aesthetic or ablative procedures such as IPL, chemical peels, facelifts, rhinoplasty, CO2 laser or dermaplaning to conceal any bruising or redness.
Other features and benefits are :
• Breatheable mesh network maintains and replenishes the skin's moisture levels all day
• Doesn't smudge due to sweat or humidity
14 blendable shades
SPF 25 UVA/UVB protection
Stays on all the day long
Non-irritating to sensitive skin
Paraben Free
Water resistant up to 90 minutes
And yes.....cruelty free and Vegan
Cheers, Miss Violet

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#5 All Star Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrating Serum

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the cushiony substance found throughout the body, which keeps joints supple and skin plump-and yes, like everything else it diminishes with age. Babies are born with a high level of HA, but with age, most significantly after 40 it faded away. "It's like a sister to collagen," Gross says, "But whereas you can stimulate collagen production, you can't really stimulate hyaluronic acid production-you can only replenish it." Derms love HA due to it's unsurpassed ability to hydrate and add volume, it can hold up to 1000 times it's weight in water. HA's only downside is it's large molecule size that hindered absorption, but new formulas penetrate deeper and are ultra plumping. Not the newest or most hip ingredient out there, HA is tried and truly good for hydration and younger looking skin. Applied topically it not only improves hydration and elasticity, but also free radical damage. And an added bonus, HA is appropriate for all skin types.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

# 4 All Star Ingredient: Retinol


"Retinol is the master of surface renewal, " says dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD. "And if skin is soft and smooth and has no imperfections, it will reflect light better and look more radiant." A derivative of Vitamin A, studies show retinol helps minimize lines, wrinkles and age spots from both environmental and congenital aging. And it helps minimize pore size and blemishes, which are often unfortunate companions of problematic skin. It's like the duct tape of skin care. Since retinol works through receptors on the cell surface that speed up the cellular renewal cycle it can be irritating. New oil based formulations buffer the retinol with botanicals and moisturizing lipids.

Friday, May 27, 2016

#3 Important Ingredient in skin care: Squalene


We are born with this ultra-moisturising component, it's a natural part and parcel of human skin. Present in the 2nd layer of our dermis in and around the sebum it is the secret to baby's and young children's dewy skin. But alas it diminishes with aging and most of it has dematerialized by age 20. Do not fret, after age 20 it may be replenished topically.

  Squalane (with an A) was originally harvested (unfortunately) by hunting sharks and expressing the oil from their liver. Scientists have now been able to extract squalane from other sources, such as sugarcane and olive trees. But squalane is not stable enough to endure "the shelf life" of most skin care products. Squalene (with an E) is a much more stable form extracted from squalane. Squalene is an odorless, colorless and enduring version. In addition to squalane/squalene's ability to replenish our intrinsic hydration, it is a transport agent and easily accepted by the skin due to it's similarity to sebum. So any other added ingredients are driven deeper into the skin. And like most oils, it can be used on anything from your head to your toes.

Try EltaMD's Barrier Renewal Complex chock full of squalene to renew your baby soft skin.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

# 2 Must Have Ingredient, Vitamin C


 "I think vitamin C is maybe the number-one, top antiaging ingredient of all time , " says Dr. Dennis Gross, MD. " It's the only ingredient that both directly stimulates fibroblast cells to make collagen and protects the collagen you already have by acting as an antioxidant ." 

   Vitamin C has become a champion brightener also via it's melanin-disrupting qualities. Historically vitamin C has been difficult to harness, due to it's easy deactivation by exposure to light and air, but the newest formulations piggyback the C in an oil base. Dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD has been studying vitamin C since the 80's and states that " with a fat-soluble vitamin C, we can go to all parts of the cell, including the plasma membrane-the most vulnerable part of the cell-and the mitochondria. We can also get much higher levels of vitamin C very quickly into the skin, providing a therapeutic environment for anti-inflammatory activity and building collagen and elastin."

    And don't forget it's DNA damage protection from UV rays when applied before sunscreen. A hint: do not mix C with alpha hydroxy acids, they will change the pH and render the C inactive. Check out our list of some of the best vitamin C's on the market.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#1 Must Skincare Ingredients

Hurray For The Six ALL STAR Ingredients That The Experts Agree Actually Work....and every Gal needs on her bathroom shelf.
1. Niacinamide :
A form of vitamin B3 Niacinamide is now observed as a multifaceted antiager. " We initially used niacinamide for its moisturizing and moisture barrier-building properties, but we now know that it's a direct precursor to the coenzymes that drive fundamental cell metabolism ", says scientist Frauke Neuser, PhD. " That means that when you add niacinamide to older skin cells they up their energy levels and produce more collagen acting like they did when they were young ".
Additional information is cited by dermatologist Kavita Maruvaille, MD.  Niacinamide has been proven to " increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels and improve microcirculation in the skin ". This ingredient also advances cell turnover, bridles hyperpigmentation and is anti-inflammatory because it combats redness. And as Neuser aptly states, " it really is an amazing ingredient ". Try EltaMD's AM and PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer to experience 2 of Miss Violet's picks for niacinamide rich products. Use EltaMD UV Clear for an additional niacinamide boost with your sunscreen.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Chemical based sunscreens absorb into the skin and absorb UV rays, Physical based sunscreens stay on the skin's surface and reflect UV rays. Chemical Sunscreens need to be rubbed in like a lotion 15-20 minutes prior to exposure. A combination of 2-6 active ingredients are found in Chemical Sunscreens: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octesalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. If opting for a Chemical Sunscreen avoid those with oxybenzone, which is rated an 8 out of 10 on the hazard score by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) based on skin penetration, hormone disruption and allergic reactions. Better to choose a 3% avobenzone which is rated a 2 out of 10 by the EWG, the same rating as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
Physical Sunscreens are to be applied in a thin layer and not rubbed in. The active ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide reflect the sun's rays like a mirror. Zinc oxide delivers the best UVA/UVB broad spectrum coverage and does not break down as readily in the sun, offering longer protection. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide tend to appear white and chalky on the skin, Geisha-like, but the new micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are almost clear.
Don't be fooled by SPF's, anything over 50 is just a higher % of chemicals you may want to avoid. Plus SPF indicates protection from UVB rays only and not the more threatening UVA or aging and deeper penetrating rays. Remember sunscreens can protect us from sunburns, but not necessarily from skin cancer. Some studies have shown a reduction in squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), but not in other genres of cancer, such as melanoma.
Sunscreens are now labeled as water-resistant in lieu of waterproof. When you see the word "Sports" on sunscreen labels it usually means the sunscreen will stay on wet skin for 40 minutes (water-resistant) or 80 minutes (very water-resistant). Chemical sunscreens, unlike mineral, are water and or sweat resistant and are better for a day at the beach or outdoor sports. Therefore re-apply, re-apply and re-apply. Did I mention re-apply ?  If wearing makeup and you don't want to start all over for re-application try a mineral powder such as Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush in SPF 30 or 50. And another tip to avoid the Geisha look when at the beach or at bootcamp try layering a tinted physical sunscreen over a chemical.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Saturday, March 12, 2016

We Take Daylight SAVINGS seriously!

Daylight Savings Time
Daylight Savings Time

Rise And Shine
Since most of us traded in our grandfather clocks for smart phones, the time-change happens automatically. The alarms will be ringing whether we like it or not. Luckily, Miss Violet's eye creams won't let you look like you lost an hour. Plus, there's nothing like new skincare to spring you out of bed. 

Differences in Eye Creams
Difference of Eye Creams

Eye Creams will reduce inflammation and puffiness while brightening dark circles. Each eye cream targets different concerns from firming skin to ridding wrinkles.

Friday, March 11, 2016

BambuBrasion on Green Heart Labs

BambuBrasion Exfoliation
Ladies Deserve Luxury 
We know you love being pampered, but spas can get pricey. Miss Violet wanted you to feel the same sensation in your own home, so she put a new product on the line. A bit of bamboo with a touch of aloe is all you need to polish, exfoliate and remove buildup. Bambubrasion is all green to help keep your skin young, fresh and clean!

$13 OFF Instantly

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Attention Devotees In Search of Authentic LiLash

Myriads of folks fell madly in love with the elongated, full and extravagant lashes delivered by LiLash eyelash growth serum. This coveted product has unfortunately become quite scarce and difficult to track down in the U.S. The inventory of most salons, spas and medi-spas have been depleted, resulting in counterfeit copies infiltrating the marketplace. Needless to say customers have become quite wary and distrustful of establishments that sell LiLash. 

Browsing and Shopping For LiLash

Sadly, ninety percent of LiLash and LiBrow  on the market is fraudulent. Cosmetic Pros., the manufacturers of LiLash and LiBrow, are unable to sell in the United States due to a lawsuit citing unfair competition. The ruling does allow retailers to continue selling inventory. 

The Old Versus The New Packaging

Let us see if we are able to make the LiLash BEFFUDLEMENT more clear, ( or more confusing )! LiLash altered the outdated blue and purple box in 2015. Notice the sexy black stripe on the au courant tube ! Still the BEST lash pick-me-up on the market!

Lilash Black Packaging

Tips For Purchasing The Real Deal

1. Choose a website that has an SSL certificate on their home page. This ensures that the payment information will be processed through a strong and secure encryption process. Be sure to click on the icon to verify the authenticity.

SSL Encryption Needed on Website

2. LiLash and LiBrow must be packaged in a black box ( see photo of the new packaging ).

3. Ratings from other customers may often be found at the bottom of the product page. Be sure to verify that 80% or more of the reviews are positive. Be distrustful of reviews that are 100% Five Stars, those are more than likely manipulated and falsified.

4. The website should offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

5. Do not purchase any skincare on Ebay or Amazon as most companies forbid this practice to protect their brand from price gauging and authenticity.

6. The authenticating serial number for LiLash 094922114501 and Librow 094922114501

7. The website or company should have their phone number clearly displayed in the contact area. Phone calls should be returned within twenty-four hours on business days.

8. A price lower than $100 for a full size tube is a tell-tale sign that it is not true blue LiLash lash growth serum.

9. When purchasing LiLash or receiving it in the mail, check that it is packaged in a hermetically sealed box.

10. Check for spelling errors on the packaging. Another beacon that you are not purchasing the real deal. China and the U.S. have a wee different means of spelling phonetically.

11. Confirm that manufacturing is in the U.S. and by Cosmetic Pros., based out of Scottsdale AZ.

What To Expect From LiLash and LiBrow

Reckon results from Lilash and Librow within 30-90 days. Use daily. Apply either in the AM or PM. In this case more is not always better. Hard to believe! Make sure the brush applicator is not overly saturated. Store in an upright position, except while traveling. A couple hints: one customer commented on sensitivity issues from using LiLash at night. We recommended switching her applications to the morning and VOILA, one year later all is well. Another customer kept forgetting; we recommended placing her LiLash next to her toothbrush. In an upright position of course. Once your desired results are achieved back off to a maintenance routine of 2-3 times a week, perhaps Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The maintenance program will allow a longer life for your Liquid Gold. Adverse affects are rare, however customers with extremely sensitive skin may experience some redness.  If this is the case try using LiLash in the morning.

Eyelashes and eyebrows have a growth cycle. This is natural and normal. Keep this in mind when judging your LiLash progress. We wrote a blog about this, take a look here!

Cheers, Miss Violet

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Is Sex Good for your Skin?

Sex is Good for your Skin
Sex is Good for your Skin
Is sex good for your skin ? As it turns out it is. " It's like the benefits from massage, " explains Dr. Jeanette Graf, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. " It's enjoyable, and you release a lot of endorphins from the feeling of touch, which is a benefit in itself. Sweat also helps with detoxification and calorie burn, and the extra blow flow also helps with lymphatic drainage ", she says. " It feels good both inside and outside the skin, which is great for a gorgeous glow..."
Wait ! There's more. According to sex and family therapist Dr. Emily Morse sex can increase DHEA, a hormone produced by our adrenal glands. Some studies have shown that DHEA may boost collagen production. " More wrinkles in the sheets equals less wrinkles on your face..." says Morse. SO, what are you waiting for, go grab your honey !
Cheers, Miss Violet

Saturday, January 16, 2016