Saturday, March 12, 2016

We Take Daylight SAVINGS seriously!

Daylight Savings Time
Daylight Savings Time

Rise And Shine
Since most of us traded in our grandfather clocks for smart phones, the time-change happens automatically. The alarms will be ringing whether we like it or not. Luckily, Miss Violet's eye creams won't let you look like you lost an hour. Plus, there's nothing like new skincare to spring you out of bed. 

Differences in Eye Creams
Difference of Eye Creams

Eye Creams will reduce inflammation and puffiness while brightening dark circles. Each eye cream targets different concerns from firming skin to ridding wrinkles.

Friday, March 11, 2016

BambuBrasion on Green Heart Labs

BambuBrasion Exfoliation
Ladies Deserve Luxury 
We know you love being pampered, but spas can get pricey. Miss Violet wanted you to feel the same sensation in your own home, so she put a new product on the line. A bit of bamboo with a touch of aloe is all you need to polish, exfoliate and remove buildup. Bambubrasion is all green to help keep your skin young, fresh and clean!

$13 OFF Instantly

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Attention Devotees In Search of Authentic LiLash

Myriads of folks fell madly in love with the elongated, full and extravagant lashes delivered by LiLash eyelash growth serum. This coveted product has unfortunately become quite scarce and difficult to track down in the U.S. The inventory of most salons, spas and medi-spas have been depleted, resulting in counterfeit copies infiltrating the marketplace. Needless to say customers have become quite wary and distrustful of establishments that sell LiLash. 

Browsing and Shopping For LiLash

Sadly, ninety percent of LiLash and LiBrow  on the market is fraudulent. Cosmetic Pros., the manufacturers of LiLash and LiBrow, are unable to sell in the United States due to a lawsuit citing unfair competition. The ruling does allow retailers to continue selling inventory. 

The Old Versus The New Packaging

Let us see if we are able to make the LiLash BEFFUDLEMENT more clear, ( or more confusing )! LiLash altered the outdated blue and purple box in 2015. Notice the sexy black stripe on the au courant tube ! Still the BEST lash pick-me-up on the market!

Lilash Black Packaging

Tips For Purchasing The Real Deal

1. Choose a website that has an SSL certificate on their home page. This ensures that the payment information will be processed through a strong and secure encryption process. Be sure to click on the icon to verify the authenticity.

SSL Encryption Needed on Website

2. LiLash and LiBrow must be packaged in a black box ( see photo of the new packaging ).

3. Ratings from other customers may often be found at the bottom of the product page. Be sure to verify that 80% or more of the reviews are positive. Be distrustful of reviews that are 100% Five Stars, those are more than likely manipulated and falsified.

4. The website should offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

5. Do not purchase any skincare on Ebay or Amazon as most companies forbid this practice to protect their brand from price gauging and authenticity.

6. The authenticating serial number for LiLash 094922114501 and Librow 094922114501

7. The website or company should have their phone number clearly displayed in the contact area. Phone calls should be returned within twenty-four hours on business days.

8. A price lower than $100 for a full size tube is a tell-tale sign that it is not true blue LiLash lash growth serum.

9. When purchasing LiLash or receiving it in the mail, check that it is packaged in a hermetically sealed box.

10. Check for spelling errors on the packaging. Another beacon that you are not purchasing the real deal. China and the U.S. have a wee different means of spelling phonetically.

11. Confirm that manufacturing is in the U.S. and by Cosmetic Pros., based out of Scottsdale AZ.

What To Expect From LiLash and LiBrow

Reckon results from Lilash and Librow within 30-90 days. Use daily. Apply either in the AM or PM. In this case more is not always better. Hard to believe! Make sure the brush applicator is not overly saturated. Store in an upright position, except while traveling. A couple hints: one customer commented on sensitivity issues from using LiLash at night. We recommended switching her applications to the morning and VOILA, one year later all is well. Another customer kept forgetting; we recommended placing her LiLash next to her toothbrush. In an upright position of course. Once your desired results are achieved back off to a maintenance routine of 2-3 times a week, perhaps Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The maintenance program will allow a longer life for your Liquid Gold. Adverse affects are rare, however customers with extremely sensitive skin may experience some redness.  If this is the case try using LiLash in the morning.

Eyelashes and eyebrows have a growth cycle. This is natural and normal. Keep this in mind when judging your LiLash progress. We wrote a blog about this, take a look here!

Cheers, Miss Violet