Friday, May 27, 2016

#3 Important Ingredient in skin care: Squalene


We are born with this ultra-moisturising component, it's a natural part and parcel of human skin. Present in the 2nd layer of our dermis in and around the sebum it is the secret to baby's and young children's dewy skin. But alas it diminishes with aging and most of it has dematerialized by age 20. Do not fret, after age 20 it may be replenished topically.

  Squalane (with an A) was originally harvested (unfortunately) by hunting sharks and expressing the oil from their liver. Scientists have now been able to extract squalane from other sources, such as sugarcane and olive trees. But squalane is not stable enough to endure "the shelf life" of most skin care products. Squalene (with an E) is a much more stable form extracted from squalane. Squalene is an odorless, colorless and enduring version. In addition to squalane/squalene's ability to replenish our intrinsic hydration, it is a transport agent and easily accepted by the skin due to it's similarity to sebum. So any other added ingredients are driven deeper into the skin. And like most oils, it can be used on anything from your head to your toes.

Try EltaMD's Barrier Renewal Complex chock full of squalene to renew your baby soft skin.

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