Monday, June 20, 2016

Environmental Hazards for your Skin!

   Today it seems almost impossible to avoid chemicals. It is essential to attempt to be cognitive of what you put in or on your body. "While exposure to UV rays is the leading cause of skin cancer there are also some rarer causes such as radiation, arsenic, immunosuppressive drugs, tobacco, burns, genetic disorders and other carcinogenic chemicals. Avoiding these causes when possible can help prevent skin cancer", says Jordana Herschthal, MD.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Do you do Regular Skin Exams?!

  Check unlikely areas when performing a self-exam, even your scalp. "In between your routine skin cancer screening exams, if you notice any new, changing or irregular skin lesions, or have a sore that won't heal, please don't hesitate to call your dermatologist", says Allison Arthur, MD. "When self-examining, checking nails, scalp, genitals and feet are important. I have diagnosed melanomas in all of these sites, and patients usually do not expose those areas during a skin exam before my prompting them to do so. the best way to identify skin cancers is to be seen annually for a screening by a board certified dermatologist. Regular self-skin examinations are also important in helping to track changes in moles or newly appearing skin lesions", says Jordana Herschthal.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sunscreen all Day, Every Day!

ColoreScience Brush On Sunscreen
  Most of us are under the impression we only need to wear sunscreen when at the beach or pool and only if it's sunny outside. Unfortunately 78% of women don't wear sunscreen unless they are at the beach and if they do they believe a SPF of 15 is enough. It is not ! 'It's a necessity to apply sunscreen to exposed daily skin with a SPF 30 or higher and broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, even in overcast, wet or cooler climates. I always recommend placing sunscreen next to your toothbrush to incorporate application into your daily routine. The best sunscreen is a mineral-based sunscreen as it reflects the radiation as opposed to chemical sunscreens which absorb the energy into your skin. If you are spending a majority of your time outside, reapplication of sunscreen every two hours is a must to guarantee adequate protection", says Jordana Herschthal, MD. "I love the Colorescience Mineral Brush-On Sunscreen because it is perfect for reapplying sunscreen over makeup, then touching-up other exposed areas, ike my neck and hands. My kids also love this brush. The non-greasy mineral formula makes it easy for us to apply and re-apply sunscreen throughout the day", says Allison Arthur, MD.
Cover Up !
  Did you know damaging rays penetrate regular clothing ? "A regular cotton T-shirt offers an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of about 4-6. In contrast, most sun protective clothing has a UPF 30-50. When I kayak or swim, I wear a long-sleeved, mock turtleneck UPF surf shirt and swim leggings. On my days of work, I wear UPF dresses or cardigans to run errands. I also wear broad-brimmed hats and UV protective sunglasses as much as possible to cover the scalp, ears and delicate eye areas. My children wear sun protective clothing daily-they wear t to swim, play at the park or for a long car ride" says Allison Arthur, MD. "sunglasses are not just for style, but also help prevent ocular melanoma", says Jordana Herschthal, MD. Finally! a bona fide reason for hip and stylish shades.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Take the Pledge!

shopspaViolet is proud to carry Colorescience, which is spearheading the pledge to educate the public on the importance of sunscreen and reapplication. Hundreds of Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic Physicians and professionals from across the country are joining Colorescience To Take The Pledge. Start by :
1. Stop Tanning !
Simply because your skin is not burning does not mean aging or cancerous cells are not lurking. "Did you know that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States ? And exposure to UV light from the sun and tanning beds is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer", says Allison Arthur, MD. "Stop tanning outdoors and indoors. Indoor tanning increases melanoma risk by 75%", says Jordana Herschtal, MD. People who use a tanning bed before 35 increase the risk of melanoma by 75% and may be responsible for over 170,000 cases of non-melanoma skin cancers in the U.S. according to a 2012 study.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Favorite Foundation

Oxygenetix Foundation
Oxygenetix Foundation

  Let's re-visit one of my favorite foundations, Oxygenetix. Though Oxygenetix was formulated for doctors, this "breatheable" foundation is a remarkable daily and "skin friendly" foundation. Designed to cover and treat skin injuries, wounds, rashes, cracked dry skin, acne scars, rosacea, post-surgical scars it may be used daily, because of its unique properties. The key ingredient Cerivatae is a super charged oxygen complex that proliferates collagen cells and connective tissue. Per the founder and formulator Barry Knapp, "Cerivatae does the heavy lifting with the oxygen play...". This patented ingredient is released via electrodes out of brewer's yeast and creates it's own oxygen through osmosis. It exists in the foundation and allows cells to uptake the oxygen that is needed. Therefore this foundation is 85% breathable.
  The base of Oxygenetix is Aloe Vera Barbadensis, the only plant grown on ships to treat wounds due to it's anti-bacterial qualities that protect compromised skin while astringently removing dead surface cells.  Other ingredients Vitamin E, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea, Salix Alba Extract and Glycerin are all oxygen enriched and add to the "Perfect Second Skin" component. Oxygenetix may be applied immediately following aesthetic or ablative procedures such as IPL, chemical peels, facelifts, rhinoplasty, CO2 laser or dermaplaning to conceal any bruising or redness.
Other features and benefits are :
• Breatheable mesh network maintains and replenishes the skin's moisture levels all day
• Doesn't smudge due to sweat or humidity
14 blendable shades
SPF 25 UVA/UVB protection
Stays on all the day long
Non-irritating to sensitive skin
Paraben Free
Water resistant up to 90 minutes
And yes.....cruelty free and Vegan
Cheers, Miss Violet

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#5 All Star Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrating Serum

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the cushiony substance found throughout the body, which keeps joints supple and skin plump-and yes, like everything else it diminishes with age. Babies are born with a high level of HA, but with age, most significantly after 40 it faded away. "It's like a sister to collagen," Gross says, "But whereas you can stimulate collagen production, you can't really stimulate hyaluronic acid production-you can only replenish it." Derms love HA due to it's unsurpassed ability to hydrate and add volume, it can hold up to 1000 times it's weight in water. HA's only downside is it's large molecule size that hindered absorption, but new formulas penetrate deeper and are ultra plumping. Not the newest or most hip ingredient out there, HA is tried and truly good for hydration and younger looking skin. Applied topically it not only improves hydration and elasticity, but also free radical damage. And an added bonus, HA is appropriate for all skin types.