Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Revox 7 is the new Botox

Afraid to try Botox, or just looking for a product that will combat wrinkles ? Try Revox 7 by Revision Skincare. Formulated with 7 different clinical level peptides, Revox 7 reduces and softens wrinkles and expression lines around eyes, forehead and mouth. Not only does Revox 7 reduce and soften, it smooths and tones. It's like LIQUID MAGIC ! Apply Revox 7 to a clean palette, prior to any serum, moisturizer,  or sunscreen. Dispense one pump and apply to lines around eyes, forehead and mouth. Try it on your neck before applying Nectifirm.  Brush your teeth after application to give it a minute or so to activate. A typical application will last up to 12 hours. Use twice daily, AM and PM.
Cheers, Miss Violet

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