Monday, December 12, 2016

All about pores

1.Are Pores Shrinkable ?
Cursedly NO ! BUT, try Retinoids or Retinols to boost skin cell turnover and purge those pesky blackheads.
2.Do Pores "OPEN" and "CLOSE" ?
Myth A #1. There are not millions of little pore muscles that open and close.
3. Do Pores Get Larger With Aging ?
YES ! Use salicylic acids, retinols and retinoids to help boost the dermal collagen around pores.
4. Are Blackheads A Tell-Tale Sign of Clogged Pores ?
Negatory ! They aren't always blackheads, but may be a mix of sebum and skin cells that cannot be removed by any amount of squeezing. So stop SQUEEZING !

Sunday, December 11, 2016


1. LiLash- super long, thicker and darker lashes.....need I say more !!!
2. LiLash and Blinc- The Dynamic Duo !!!
3. His and Hers Babyfoot Peel- Time to shed your feet's Summer Fun !!!
4. Revision's Retinol Complete- Fun In The Sun is over for now, time to tackle wrinkles and crinkles !!!
5. Clarisonic- Let's exfoliate 2016 OFF !!!
Cheers, Miss Violet

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Are Pores Shrinkable ?

Cusedly NO !  No product can permanently shrink your pores " says Washington D.C. dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, MD. "But there are some effective products out there that do a good job at temporarily making them look more refined " Los Gatos, CA dermatologist Steven L. Sevengal, MD, maintains the opinion that nightly use of retinoids or retinol will help. "These products boost skin cell turnover and increase the purging of oily plugs from the pores-the less packed the pores are, the smaller they look "

Do Pores  "Open " and  "Close" ?

Myth A#1 !!! There are not millions of little pore muscles that open and close. "A lot of talk has centered around the use of steam to open pores", says Dr. Svengel. "But this delivers a temporary effect. So why is this an essential step of a facial ? Steam will help soften the pores for a few hours or so, but it's not a long term fix", says New York dermatologist Doris Day, MD. "When skin is soft you can apply salicylic acid to exfoliate deep into the pores, which results in radiant skin."

Are Pores Like Our Ears and Noses and Get Bigger With Aging ?

Yes !!! :((. As Dr. Svengel clarifies pore size is definitely genetic. "Pore size starts out quite small on children, but enlarges on most people during puberty. In our youth, pores are surrounded by a fairly robust 'cuff' of dermal collagen that keeps their size fairly consistent. With age, that dermal 'cuff' of collagen thins out and decreases in size, allowing the pores to open a bit more and appear larger".

Are Blackheads A Tell-Tale Sign of Clogged Pores ?

Negative. According to Dr. Day they aren't always blackheads or clogged pores, but a mix of sebum and skin cells that cannot be removed by a proper good SQUEEZE. Though they may be controlled by glycolic and salicylic acid.
Cheers, Miss Violet

Friday, December 2, 2016

Nose Problems Solved !

1. Blackheads : Why Oh Why do they exist ? Usually due to an overproduction of sebum (oil caused by hormones), built up dead skin cells and bacteria.
How to Fix "Em : Exfoliate, use spot treatments with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and Vitamin A. Try cleansers that target blackheads.

2. Broken Capillaries : Why ? According to New York dermatologist Jessica Krant, MD, although they are called "broken capillaries", they are actually intact, but dilated. "Anything that makes the nose red for a prolonged period of time , like hormonal fluctuations, allergies or rosacea can lead to the expansion of these microscopic vessels, but they are completely harmless and generally easy to cover with makeup. "Broken capillaries are caused by aging, the environment, genetics or too much sun.
How to Fix 'em : if laser treatments are out of the question try makeup to camouflage broken capillaries.
3. Oily Patches : Why do we have 'em ? There are a lot of sebaceous glands on our noses, so that area tends to suffer from the midday grease. Also oily skin is related to hormones and genetics. 
Fix it by washing skin with warm, not hot water (hot can stimulate excess oil). Try cleansers with glycolic and salicylic acids and mattifying agents that prevent oiliness.

4. Wrinkles and Crinkles : these small lines occur on the upper part where the nose and eyes meet. The results of aging, facial expressions or overactice muscles.
Fix it with Retin-A products that will help smooth them out or ZAP those bunny lines with a wee bit of Botox from your local Derm, R.N. or Plastic Surgeon. Not ready for Botox use a topical that reduces width and depth of expression lines.