Monday, December 12, 2016

All about pores

1.Are Pores Shrinkable ?
Cursedly NO ! BUT, try Retinoids or Retinols to boost skin cell turnover and purge those pesky blackheads.
2.Do Pores "OPEN" and "CLOSE" ?
Myth A #1. There are not millions of little pore muscles that open and close.
3. Do Pores Get Larger With Aging ?
YES ! Use salicylic acids, retinols and retinoids to help boost the dermal collagen around pores.
4. Are Blackheads A Tell-Tale Sign of Clogged Pores ?
Negatory ! They aren't always blackheads, but may be a mix of sebum and skin cells that cannot be removed by any amount of squeezing. So stop SQUEEZING !

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