Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Retinol : The Fountain of Youth ?

Retinol : The Fountain of Youth ?

Proven to speed up cellular turnover that rids existing skin damage and interrupts environmental and general free-radical damage Retinol is making a comeback. "Retinol is effective because when it's absorbed into your skin, it gets broken down an converted into retinoic acid, which essentially effects the chemistry of skin cells and makes them behave 'younger'", explains Amandine Isnard, head of product development at a large skin care research company. "There are a huge number of benefits associated with retinol, including thickening the deeper layers of the skin by stimulating collagen production, reducing the production of sebum, exfoliation, minimizing pigmentation and repairing cellular damage." Retinol inhibits collagen breakdown by hindering the rise of the enzyme collagenase. And when collagen is boosted, VOILA smoother, brighter and less pigmented skin can be expected. It also has the capacity to get down and dirty with pores by unclogging them and helping with acne.
Six Reasons to Use Retinol:

1. Most obviously it works !

2. It talks to your skin. "Retinol up-regulates the genes that make collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin and turns on the fibroblasts (the skin cells that make collagen). It down-regulates the genes that make collagenase and it does so immediately", says Miami dermatologist Dr. Bauman, MD.

3. It's easy, easy, easy to add to your sin care regimen. Start with a pea-size amount over moisturizer every third night for 2 weeks, then increase to every other night for 2 weeks and then nightly. If that is still too difficult to acclimate to, then mix it with your moisturizer.

4. Follow the above protocol and you won't be RED !

5. There is an over abundance of choices on the market

6. Your skin will look better than ever. "I can't express how many good things it does for your skin-you'll want more of it", says Santa Monica dermatologist Dr.Shamban, MD.

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