Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chuck The Day Creams For The Night Creams ?

The main difference between day and night products is that daytime products are lighter and usually contain a SPF of 15 or more. The lighter consistency makes it much easier to layer under makeup. " Nightime is when skin does its heavy lifting, " says Patti Pao, founder/CEO of a popular skin care line. " Skin does the bulk of its restoring and repairing while we sleep, so night creams are focused on moisture and recovery, which is why they are often richer and heavier than day creams." Night creams typically contain a heavier concentration of ingredients such as peptides, hydrating elements, AHA's and retinol. " The active ingredients in day creams are different than those in night creams, but that doesn't mean they aren't significant for achieving optimal skin health, " says New York dermatologist Dendy Engleman MD. " Some ingredients, like SPF and antioxidants, are better received by skin in the morning versus at night due to the body's circadian rhythms, so using them at night provides little to no benefit." AND, because skin will most likely be subject to direct UV rays ( yes even while driving ) during the day regular use of a SPF of 30 is recommended. This could mean the difference of having a bright and youthful complexion or a hyperpigmented and aging one. The bottom line : day and night creams just serve different purposes, so don't CHUCK your day creams.

Cheers, Miss Violet

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