Monday, February 27, 2017

The Fountain of Youth

While Ponce de Leon did not find the fountain of youth, experts are deeming Vitamin C as our own version. Myriads of studies show that this magical antioxidant is one of the best anti-aging products on the market. And not only effective as an anti-ager, C is effective in minimizing dark spots, stimulating collagen output, diminishing fine lines and giving skin an overall radiance.
 " Vitamin C is the single most powerful, multi-functional topical ingredient you can use," says Benjamin Fuchs, a pharmacist and cosmetic chemist. " It can actually penetrate, be absorbed, and be utilized in fibroblasts of the skin." Want a bang for your buck, try serums which are generally formulated with the highest concentrates of ascorbic acid AKA: vitamin C. A good % to start with is 15: the gold standard. " That is the ideal level-not only do you get the anti-aging benefit, but you also get a healthy glow," says cosmetic chemist Ni'kita Wilson.
Even better is when a C serum is a cocktail of vitamin C and age-defying ingredients. Example, Ferulic acid is a protectant from the sun ( a major cause of premature aging ) and Niacinamide and vitamin E , AKA tocopherol, are anti-inflammatory. Another added ingredient is often copper peptides, which firms skin and increases and improves density and elasticity. 
What's the  best way to use vitamin C according to Miss Violet ? Use your C followed by sunscreen in the morning ; C used before sunscreen actually boosts sunscreen's efficacy. After cleansing apply a few drops of C to the face and neck, then apply sunscreen. No need to wait between applications, C is absorbed immediately. A tip : to increase C's efficiency use Retin-A at night. The retinoids will help speed up exfoliation and cell turnover, allowing vitamin C to work even better.

Cheers, Miss Violet. 

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