Monday, February 20, 2017

Too Sweaty ? No Sweat !

Sweating is normal. Sweating is natural. Sweating is healthy. It is an important function of our bodies, because it helps maintain body temperature by cooling us down. When we are hot we sweat, that sweat evaporates and cools us down. Sweating is like our body's own AC. When we are nervous we tend to sweat, you've probably noticed a connection between emotions and sweat glands. This is because sweat glands are controlled by the hypothalamus and tend to be primarily activated by emotional stimuli and stressors.
Normally bodies produce up to 1 liter of sweat per day, which evaporates so quickly we really don't notice. The body produces more sweat in warmer weather and during exercise. If a person exercises extremely hard in the heat they could produce up to 10 liters. Here are 10 interesting sweat filled facts:
1. Humans have up to 5 million sweat glands
2. Horses, camels and humans are the sweatiest beings
3. Men sweat more than women
4. Ancient Egyptians used aluminum crystals as antiperspirants 
5. The more fit you are, the more you sweat
6. Armpit sweat is only about 1% of normal body sweat
7. We tend to sweat more in the afternoon because our metabolism increases throughout the day
8. We sweat more during summer 
9. More sweat occurs in our armpits when standing up than we lying down
10. Overweight people sweat less than lean people due to the lower density of sweat glands caused by more subcutaneous fat: fat under the skin

In extreme sweating, or primary hyperhidrosis, sweat glands are in overdrive

" People with hyperhidrosis have hyperactive sweat glands, so those sweat glands are in the 'on' position continuously, resulting in excessive sweating," says Raleigh, NC plastic surgeon Cynthia Diehl, MD. " Normally the body sends signals to sweat in order to cool off. Hyperactive sweat glands are not responding to those normal signals, leading to constant sweating."

We actually have 2 different types of sweat glands- eccrine and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are designed to purely cool off the body, while apocrine glands secrete stress sweat. Apocrine glands are on feet, groins and armpits and unlike eccrine glands secrete sweat with an added protein molecule. And believe it or not sweat doesn't smell. It only starts to stink when bacteria under arms eats that protein. Our bodies produce mostly this type when we are stressed. 

Our PiperWai deodorant creates a balanced pH environment where stinky bacteria cannot survive and therefore helps render sweat odorless. It doesn't cover up the odor it neutralizes the odor. Why, because PiperWai uses a medicinal grade activated charcoal that is ULTRA absorbent. The charcoal absorbs odor, moisture and toxins. So whether you are a normal "Sweaterer" or a "Super Sweaterer" , in lieu of clinical strength antiperspirants or antiperspirants and deodorants chock full of strange chemicals, give PiperWai a try. "No detox period necessary."
Cheers, Miss Violet

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