Thursday, July 13, 2017


The crusade for firm, smooth and uniform skin doesn't stop at the neck. While my legs aren't bad, my arms are more of a testimony of decades of SPF renouncement. My legs, most notably my knees are starting to witness a crease and wrinkle here and there. Then at hot yoga, the comparison of my knees ( though not bad ) to the twenty something in tree pose to my left made me ruminate, what if I were to treat my body more like I treat my face ? 
The puckering , creases , freckles, dark spots and some actinic keratosis are the results of age and sun-damage. And unfortunately "the skin on the body is more resistant to firming than the skin on the face", says Manhattan derm Dennis Gross, MD. Gross who utilizes a combo of laser therapy and in-office peels says, " there's nothing great yet for laxity on the body, as far as devices go. There's a real demand for it, but no company has really cracked the code and brought anything to market." So what if one vowed to not neglect our 4 precious stems, but keep them out of the sun and treat them with attentive TLC as one treats their face ? Dr. Gross does recommend searching for body products with the same active and anti-aging ingredients in skin care, since " you're seeing the exact same changes on the body-loss of collagen and natural hyaluronic acid as you do on the face...". Dermatologists recommend mixing retinol with body moisturizer and applying that before bed. Or try regular use of a high percentage of alpha hydroxy acid on the entire body. 
Regular exfoliation is key as well: manual and chemical, " especially in summertime ", says Gross, " when the body reacts to ultraviolet light by creating more dead skin as a barrier." The same at home peels kits may be used on arms and legs. And for the ultimate ready for the beach bod try a pre-shower dry brush buff. Which according to Los Angeles dermatologist Annie Chiu, " will increase circulation and temporarily plumps the skin for an even less dimply appearance." So newly committed to care for my gams like I do my face I tried Replenix Retinol Pads on my arms followed by 
                Repenix's All-Trans-Retinol Smoothing Body Lotion on my whole body before bed. In the morning I gave myself a good dry brush, smoothed Nectifirm on my thighs ( and my stomach for posterity sake ) followed by a slathering of sunscreen-everywhere. I swear as I headed down to pick up my son from Junior Guards camp at the beach my thighs looked smoother in my almost too short shorts and my arms brighter. 

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